The most popular photo editor apps for Android

The most popular photo editor apps for Android are chosen from many photo editors online; you only need to use the most appropriate for you.

There are three main types of photo editor apps for Android. The first type is an equivalent of the well-known Adobe Lightroom for desktop. The next type is an editor like Snapseed. It does the basics in a spectacular manner. The third type belongs to the editors designed for social photo media filter. The apps don’t offer many features, but the effects are fun.

There are lots of photo editors of these types; it is hard to find the most appropriate one. Unfortunately, it is hard to find a photo editor as powerful as Photoshop, Lightroom, or Gimp. For a serious photo editing, you need a computer and one of the photo editors above.

Adobe apps

Adobe is always ready to provide great editing tools. Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, and Lightroom. Each photo editor has lots of features to help the user do his task. You can remove the red-eye, edit files taken by a camera or smartphone. Lightroom is often updated with new features. To use all features, you need a subscription to Creative Cloud. If you already use Adobe Creative Cloud, you will get the new features already included with your subscription.

Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary has a large set of features. It is popular and for its one-touch enhance mode. You also have a large scale of manual adjustments that allows adjusting the brightness, color, saturation, and contrast. Aviary comes with filters, cosmetic tools (red-eye fixing), stickers, teeth whitener, and blemish remover

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire is an increasing photo editor for Android. It has the basics, including editing tools and filters. It has a large scale of filters; black and white, Fancy (a filter than change the photo into watercolor), and HDR.  Bonfire also has blemish removal and skin smoothing features.

Cupslice Photo Editor

This editor relies on filters that deliver spectacular photos. Cupslice offers many stickers, and the users need to work hard to keep up with the latest trends. Users can customize the filters; they can use basic editing tools, such as frames, hue, saturation adjustments, crop, collages, black and white, contrast, and brightness settings.

Cupslice is not the most complex photo editor but is free to use, despite a few bugs appearing from time to time.

Fotor Photo Editor

For many users, Fotor is a must-have choice. Fotor photo editor has more editing features than most editing apps. It includes the possibility to enhance photos with an easy-to-use tool. Other tools include rotating, crop, contrast, exposure, shadow, saturation, vignette, temperature, RGB, tint. Fotor offers up to 100 filters, making you use it more and more, despite the more expensive photo editors offers.

LightX Photo Editor

It is an upcoming photo editor. LightX offers a few great features, such as color splash effects, background changer tool, color balance, curve, and levels. It offers the possibility to merge photos. Features such as shape manipulation, stickers, photo collages, and blur work fine, and even the photo editor is still in beta. There are a few bugs, appearing from time to time.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor

It is a new photo editor on Android, and it is professional. Like Fotor, PhotoDirector focuses on manual enhancements and less on the filters. The user has access to sliders, white balance, RGB color channels, and many other features to edit the photos properly. PhotoDirector provides sliders for brightness, tone, darkness, contrast, and exposure. PhotoDirector is more performant than the editors mentioned above, appropriate for those who need other than filters.

Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro is an editor for users loving filters, stickers, effects. It boasts up to 40 filters, effects, and the possibility to add stickers, text, and frames. A spectacular feature is the possibility to finger paint on the photo to realize something unique. Photo Effects Pro offers a selection of editing tools.

Photo Effects is free.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

It is a popular app. It boasts up to 640 filters, effects and frames. Photo Lab is one of the largest collections available. The user can edit photos, create montages, use effects to create unique photos. You can use a free version and then purchase the pro version.

Photo Mate R3

Photo Mate R3 is the successor to Photo Mate R2. It has one of the best photo editors on the market. It evolves and gets better than its predecessor. The suite of editing tools is powerful, having all the basics. Photo Mate R3 comes with a collection of lenses, to fix the lens issues. This collection fixes the lens problems, such as distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting. It works fine on Android.

Pics Art

PicsArt is online for a very long time, with 250 million downloads. The application is updated to offer the users a modern photo editor. It contains stuff such as light editing tools, filters, stickers, collages, and text. It boasts a large community of creative people to share stuff and up to 100 editing tools. The app allows creating animated gifs and draws stuff, PicsArt presents other photo tools. It is a strong option and its features are strong and doesn’t need any mobile photo editing skills.


Pixlr by AutoDesk is also known as Pixlr Express. Its editor is powerful. It is used often by designers, bloggers, social media marketers. The one-touch enhance tools from the entire market and includes lots of other useful features. Pixlr has overlays – filters and cosmetic editing tools. We talk about teeth whiteners and blemish removers. It has features for everybody, appropriate for Android devices.


TouchRetouch is a unique photo editor. It does not do the usual stuff, such as remove red-eye or m=smooth the skin. It removes power lines from a shot, undesired small objects, or even people. Don’t expect miracles, allows editing photos in a decent way. It runs for a small price.


Vimage is a new photo editor, with some good features. It allows taking photos with no moving elements but allows us to add moving elements. Brightness, crop, blur, rotate, saturation is easy to apply. You can add any remade animations.  This allows creating unique animated images.

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