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There are many high-quality free photo editors online; you only need serious research to find the best photo editors online. Among so many good solutions, you will have a hard time choosing the right online photo editor. Here is a short guide to help you find the right solution for you.

Even if you are a great photographer or how good is the shot, you always need to retouch or improve something. This is the photo editing role. The quality is essential, and you don’t need to spend a lot to have a photo editor able to fulfill your expectations.


When you look at the free photo editor choice, GIMP is the star. The photo editor very close to Photoshop and is free.  GIMP has many high-quality functions, an interface easy to configure, and a toolset that helps to create artwork. Everything you can do in Photoshop you also can do in GIMP.  

The photo editor is an open-source, giving you the chance to add your features or filters. An expert can quickly use GIMP, but the new users can find the interface non-intuitive.

GIMP Photo Editor is perfect for experts and users in need of a free powerful art tool.

You can forget the well-known, high-price photo editors, such as Lightroom or Photoshop. You will find here a great choice of lesser-known free photo editors.  The choice is very difficult; you need to know the features of each online photo editor.

Photoscape X

If you need a great photo editor to manage your photo archive and edit images, Photoscape is the best choice. The interface is confusing, but the image viewer, the filter selection, the effects, and the scree-capture tool are great.

Photoscape is suitable for experimentations and batch processing.


A new user can have the chance to edit photos to make them look live analog shots. The cut-out feature gives good results. Photoscape offers up to 240 frames and borders, figures as well. 1000 patters give the opportunity to be more creative.

A free photo editor for Windows with a great interface and good performances. It never hogs system resources. Fotor offers a great set of effects and smart filters. You will benefit from design functionalities, such as social media images, banners, posters, business cards, that make it useful for digital marketers and bloggers.

Fotor lacks art features, such as paintbrush. It doesn’t fit for high effects, is ok only for general photo editing, with no advanced functions. Fotor is recommended to beginners, digital marketers, social media, and hobbyists.


You need only to sign up and setup Pixlr to have the possibility to make quick changes. Pixlr is available via any popular browsers, the Android and iPhone platforms. The Adobe Photoshop editor offers many one-clicks functions in an easy-to-use set. Pixlr contains a tutorial to help the user to access the features that are more complicated and than become a familiar tool. Pixlr also provides some graphics and a great selection of stock images. There are a few features behind the paywall. If you go pro, you will take advantage of these advanced features. Pixlr is recommended for best mobile photo editor and beginners.


The photo editor is intuitive, simple, and with a large scale of features. Its elements boost the image quality and offer a collage feature, simple but effective. Befunky contains design elements to give the user the chance to create brochures, slides for PowerPoint presentations, invitations, and postcards with simple steps.

Befunky is also recommended for printable assets, presentations, and social media posts.  It lacks some features, but it is fast and easy to use. People searching a tool to crank out simple presentation is a short time frame can efficiently use Befunky. Bloggers and social media posts creators find it useful.


The photo editor PicMonkey is easier to use than the photo editors on our list. It is straightforward, and its user interface is intuitive and friendly. An 8 years old child can learn the main functions and create spectacular images in a few moments. It presents the features logically and makes easy a collage creation. It is not a simple photo editor. PicMonkey provides useful templates to speed the workflow. Headers and Banners are simple to create, to embellish websites, blogs, or marketing materials.

PicMonkey has a disadvantage: it can process only one file at a time but is still a great photo editor. The user can find many useful features behind the paywall. It offers a 7-day free trial to test the additional features. Another disadvantage: the user must specify a payment option. PicMonkey is a good photo editor for bloggers and web designers.

Google Photos

Picassa is replaced by Google Photos, intuitive, simple, allowing the photo editing easy. The user can browse the photo library easily, but the feature set is limited. It has the main functions to edit photos, such as auto contrast, redeye, crop.  You don’t need to say that you cannot create anything spectacular. You can make interactive stories, animations, photo arrangements, apply filters, and themes.

You can access Google Photos via a Google account. You also can share on Blogger and YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, or any other social network. Google Photos is best for hobbyists.

Photoshop Express

This photo editor is excellent. It is based online. Adobe Photoshop Express is well-designed (like Adobe) and has the most popular feature a user expects to find. Regardless of their experience, bloggers or marketers can access easily the features they need. They don’t need any supplementary plugins.

A disadvantage of Photoshop Express is that it supports only JPG files and there are not sharing features. Every user finds PNG formats easier to edit.


It provides an easy-to-use interface, being a great choice for people looking for a photo editor with a simple interface. Its zoom feature is perfect, and many other one-click tools offer the chance to create spectacular images in no time. Almost everyone can master Ribbet in no time using a friendly interface. Ribbet also contains a large scale of tools allowing adding up to 75 different fonts or create stickers. There are sharing options and cloud storage to save photos.

Picture Editor

Free Online Picture Editor

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