Best photo editor for selfie to make your portrait awesome

To have a perfect picture, you need a great photo editor for selfie. Everyone likes selfies, but some are not as attractive as you expected. You need to find a way to take nice photos, yet effortless. The days when you raised the phone at arm’s length and pouting so slightly created the perfect selfie Read More

What is photo editing? Why is it important?

In layman’s terms, photo editing is the process of altering a photo. This can be done manually and automatically by a software application. Some photos are taken after applying an edit during the shoot, thanks to the advancement in software technology. Photo editing is called by different names like post-processing, image manipulation, and photo enhancement. Read More

Must have features of a picture editor

When we speak about photography, picture editing becomes an integral necessity. Editing a picture after being taken is what we call post-processing. This is when the quality of the clicked picture begins to take shape. If you decide to post a picture without editing it, it is probably not going to be at its best. Read More

Tips to improve your photo editing skills

Before learning how to improve your editing skills, you can know the image workflow. You need to separate the originals in a safe place. To prevent you from damaging the original photo. You also need to know the photo editors. Its features and shortcuts. Don’t neglect the Save As a function, that allows saving a Read More

Best Photo Editing Applications for Designers

Usually, we must wait to be at the computer to edit the photos. Then you can adjust colors, apply filters, remove objects. Now we have smartphones with powerful camera easy to use. You also can find dozens of photo editing applications online, giving you the chance to edit photos directly from the iPhone. Here is Read More

4 most powerful features in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has been one of the best picture editing tools that are available. Starting from a college student to a professional photographer enjoy the benefits of this application. So, what is that the professionals use that most people miss out on? There is a reason why they are called professionals. And they seem to Read More