Straighten your photos with Canva

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Improve your photos with our rotation tool to keep your designs flawless and repair the photographer’s mishandling. You can easily straighten your photos with Canva. Filter, resize, and edit your photos quickly and for free. Unlimited use. No watermarks, plugins, or applications.

Whether you’re making a photo montage or a pretty magazine page, every aspect of your design matters, every detail counts to get the perfect result. Pay close attention to the margins and kerning of your design, and make sure your photos are straight. Straighten your photos with Canva. It simplifies the rotation of your pictures so that your horizontal surfaces and lines are straight and aligned. Even if you take photos like a paparazzi on the alert or a sassy fashion photographer,  we will help you get framed photos and stylish designs! Do you want to create a model in nomadic mode? Our free iOS and Android apps take care of it. Our apps are free and available from the App Store and Google Play.

Straighten your photos with Canva
Edit photos easily

Canva’s photo editor is so easy to use. The simple tools and the clear interface are within everyone’s reach: you will have no difficulty transforming your photos according to your preferences. Just drag and drop your photo into the editor to start. It is a simple task to straighten your photos with Canva. 

Filter and adjust

Enhance your photo with just one click, thanks to our full range of filters. Our filters are customizable. So, you can change the brightness, contrast, and saturation to get the look you are looking for. Forget lousy lighting and other common issues: Canva’s photo editor helps you fix these faults in no time.

Crop and resize

With our easy-to-use drag-and-drop controls, you can crop and resize your photo in just seconds. You can also choose the dimensions of the pixels or change the aspect ratio according to your preferences. It takes a few clicks to make it.

Straighten your photos with Canva

Straighten your photos with Canva in minutes

Put your photos back on the right path with our photo rotation tool
Don’t leave your photos crooked like a portrait sadly hanging on a nail! If you tilted the camera a little too much while taking the shot or if you scanned the picture at an angle, use our rotation tool to straighten any photo. With Canva, nothing is complicated: watch the effects of rotation animate each part of your design to make sure that each image is straight and impeccably aligned. Don’t hesitate to straighten your photos with Canva, you will never regret.
01-Canva image straightening tool
Learn more about our photo recovery tool. Image cropping tool: crop your photos for optimal framing and remarkable composition.

The era of scissors, framing, and master keys are now over. Canva lets you be creative with digital cropping! Each photo of your design can be cropped, resized, and positioned in just a few clicks. Crop your photos to arrange your creations or try creating new looks by cropping images from our extensive photo library. And don’t bother trying to crop a photo to fit a grid or frame, we’ll take care of it for you!
02-Canva image cropping tool
Learn more about our image cropping tool. Add text to photos: add a story to each image.

Nothing is more comfortable than adding a caption to your photo to add relevant information or transform your cute little cat into a lolcat. After positioning your photo, choose the text tool to browse an extensive collection of text elements and templates with perfectly matched fonts and elegant typography. You can even personalize your message by choosing your font, style, and color. The possibilities are limitless!
04-Add Text
Learn how to add text to your pictures. Tool for creating text bubbles: make your photos speak! Let the world discover your adventures and those of your friends in the form of a comic strip! Add text bubbles to any design and fill them with punchy dialog. Browse our image library to find text bubbles in a variety of colors and styles that you can transfer directly into your templates, then click to start writing. Whether you’re making a comic from your photos or revealing the deepest thoughts of your houseplants, adding text bubbles is done in an instant.
05-Image editing with text bubbles
Learn more about our text bubble creation tool. Gently blend the colors of your photos with our transparency tool. Give your design a little depth by adding transparency! Adjust the opacity of each design element by clicking on the down arrow and adjusting the transparency slider. Reduce the transparency individually to give your images a soft and blurred appearance. Do you want to bring fantasy? Overlay transparent images with colorful shapes and backgrounds for significant effects and quality design, or combine transparency with photo filters to create lots of new looks.
06-Canva transparency tool
Learn more about our transparency tool. Photo enhancement tool: save your “missed” shots. Import your photos into Canva to make them even more vibrant than they would be on film with our set of photo enhancement tools. Does your photo look dull? Do the colors seem faded? Try to increase the saturation. Is your photo a bit dark and cloudy? Adjust the brightness and contrast until the subject is perfectly visible. You can see all the improvements made in the model window as you go along, and we keep your original files so that you can touch them up and improve them again and again.
Learn more about our photo editor. Blur a photo: add an artistic touch to your images with the blur cursor. The world is a little more beautiful when you round its angles. Give your designs an atmospheric effect by applying a touch of blur to your photos. There are tons of creative possibilities! Add some blur to your photos to make them look like a fantastic photo booth, or blur an image widely for use as a background for other design elements. Drag the blur slider the other way, and you get a precision tool, perfect for adding definition to your shots or fixing a blurry photo.
08-Canva blur slider
Learn more about our blur cursor. Vignette effect: give your images a certain old look. old look. Use the vignette effect with our photo filters to give your shots a retro chic look.
Straighten your photos with Canva

Canva’s photo editor is completely free: there are no catches. Unlike other photo editors on the market, we do not leave any watermarks on your photos after you have edited them.You will have everything you need to straighten your photos with Canva and obtain spectacular results. 

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