Photo editing on a smartphone: Android and IOS

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Without realizing it, you started to replace the camera more and more with your mobile phone, until you dropped the first one and start photo editing on a smartphone. For your images and videos to remain attractive and even look better than ever, we have prepared a list of the applications you need.

  • What you need to know about photo editing on a smartphone
  • How do you bring to life memories with the right photo editing applications
  • Tips for clips and photos that will amaze you after photo editing on a smartphone

Your demands are increasing when it comes to photos and videos made with your mobile. You want the best quality, whether you plan to make waves on social networks or just to keep pleasant moments. The photo and video editing software that is installed on your computer would put your patience to the test by their complexity.

Photo editing on a smartphone

More over, they are not exactly suited to keep up with your dynamic pace. If you are not satisfied with the photo-video editing software pre-installed on your smartphone, you can try one of the hundreds of alternatives available online.

Here’s what you need to know about video-photo editing, but also what are the best mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

What you need to know about photo editing on a smartphone

Photo processing is almost as old as photography itself. But modern media has taken it to a level that was hard to imagine in the past. With just a few screen touches, you can cut, crop or rotate your favorite images to give them a new look. The processing of your photos does not have to be complex or exaggerated. If you want a quick impact on social media, you have to choose between countless filters and adjustment options, such as: color adjustment, clarity adjustment, brightness setting, transforming photos into monochrome images, filter application.

photo editing on a smartphone

How do you bring to life memories with the right photo editing applications?

Even if you have a state-of-the-art phone or are looking for online promotions for a serious upgrade, you will always find something to correct in your photos. However, you often call for subtle changes to your photos or fine adjustments. You need small tricks that everyone does for more and safer likes. Whether you want time-resistant images or spontaneous selfies with your loved ones, there is already an application that suits your style.

Android applications

Photo Lab meets your needs if Instagram is not enough for you. With over 650 filters available, the free application will test your ability to make quick decisions. You won’t have much time to think. On Instagram, the likes quickly gather if you are speculating the right time.

Photo Director gives you access to complex adjustments, such as brightness channels, color temperature or contrast intensity. If you have enough patience, you will get a much better result than using the classic filters. In the free application, the image will have a particular depth, which the fixed pattern of a filter thought generally could not offer.

Airbrush takes art selfies. If your Android phone doesn’t provide you with the best resources for the front-facing camera, you might be looking for a new and powerful smartphone. Until then, the free application is ready to offer you colorful and dynamic filters. It also offers fun functions, such as teeth whitening or enlarging the eyes.

Applications for iOS

VSCO allows you to refresh the photos from your iOS phone with vintage perfume. You do not have to be a nostalgic person to fully appreciate this free application, which is also very fun. In VSCO you have a lot of cool filters, inspired by the universe of Kodak and Fuji photos shot on film.

TouchRetouch brings an unexpected solution to a problem you encounter all the time. With a complex and well-developed algorithm, the application that costs about $ 2.5 . It removes unwanted elements from your photos. Using it, you can escape in a second from a building that ruins the beauty of a landscape or an annoyingly modern car parked near a medieval castle.

Snapseed is a free application for Apple products. It is designed so that it works just as well not just on the iPhone, but also on the iPad. It offers a lot of complex settings. The standard model of the application is Tune Image. Professionals who will have the patience to transfer RAW photos to their smartphone or tablet will enjoy the Develop mode.

Vizmato allows you to add complex image filters to your footage. It will remind you of the powerful effect of the most successful pictures on Instagram. With the help of the free application, you can perfect your creation with musical themes, additional visual effects and even texts applied to images.

photo editing software

Tips for clips and photos that will amaze you too

Tips for clips and photos that will amaze you too

  • Before filming a clip you would like to mount using a mobile phone application, make a scenario for it to unfold. Make a script and follow the order of the set scenes. You can let your mind fly and improvise if that is easier.
  • Some well-chosen mobile accessories (a case and a foiled glass, for example) will protect your phone against shocks, giving you the freedom to film or photograph without risk in open space and even in rugged areas.
  • The more carefully you choose the decor and the dress, the easier your video will attract the attention from the first seconds.
  • Good lighting is another important element without which your video or photo will not be complete. Use a powerful light source to highlight the eyes and enhance the clarity of the image.
  • Because your image will be seen on a small screen, be careful not to occupy the whole frame.

Therefore, your mobile phone can replace more than your old camera or camcorder. With the right applications, you will be able to replace the laptop. You will feel the release of the lack of complicated software.

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