Canva a photo enhancement tool

Why do good photos end up crooked? Photos may be biased for a variety of reasons. You may have scanned an old photo that was not properly aligned on the glass, or your father may have taken photos from a tourist perspective. Whatever the reason, we can help. With our ultra-simple rotation tool and our precious benchmarks and rules, you can make sure your photos are aligned with everything else (photos, text and design elements).

Add text to photos: add a story to each image with Canva, a photo enhancement tool

Nothing is easier than adding a caption to your photo, in order to add important information or transform your cute little cat into a lolcat. After positioning your photo, choose the text tool to browse a large collection of text elements and templates with perfectly matched fonts and elegant typography.

You can even personalize your message by choosing your own font, style and color. The possibilities are limitless !

Rotate your photos so they are straight and in place

Straightening photos is a breeze. Download the photo you want to straighten and drag it into your design. Select the photo then click on the rotation slider located just below your photo while dragging it. Drag it until your photo is straight. We will tell you the degree of rotation you have performed. Do you want a precise rotation? Your photo will be gently repositioned with each forty-five degree rotation, giving you beautiful marked angles.

Take out the ruler to measure the horizon with Canva, a photo enhancement tool

Do you want to be specific? Perform a search for “ruler” in our image library and insert in your design a graduated and extensible ruler. Use the ruler to align your photo with other design elements, or to draw reference lines in other photos. Then drag the rotation slider of the photo to straighten until it is in place and straight. When you are finished, you can delete the rule; it will then be available in the image library when you need it again.

Give style to your compositions with inclinations and angles

Once you have mastered photo straightening, there are many other ways to use the rotate tool. Of course, you can use the rotation tool to rotate your photos, but you can also tilt them in a state of the art. Give your photos a cinematic Dutch tilt by just twisting them a bit. This offbeat and surprising choice will allow you to catch the eye of your spectator. Try different angles and frames to create a tilt of the image that will be original and eye-catching.

Gently blend the colors of your photos with our transparency tool

Give your design a little depth by adding transparency! Adjust the opacity of each design element by clicking on the down arrow and adjusting the transparency slider. Reduce the transparency individually to give your images a soft and blurred appearance. Do you want to bring fantasy? Overlay transparent images with colorful shapes and backgrounds for great effects and quality design, or combine transparency with photo filters to create lots of new looks.

Canva a photo enhancement tool

Rotate then upload and your photos will be perfect forever!

After you’ve straightened a photo, you can always go back and distort your photo in another way. If you want to make your recovery last over time, you just need to straighten your photo and upload your design. Start by creating a new project with specific dimensions that roughly correspond to the size of the photo to be straightened. Then insert your photo and use the rotation tool to straighten it. Resize your photo so that it extends beyond the edges of each side of the page then upload your design in PDF format. You now have a new version of your photo, straightened and cropped, which you can use everywhere!

Vignette effect: give your images a vintage look with Canva, a photo enhancement tool

Besides the superb taste of the time, the old photos on film have a warm and sentimental appearance which is difficult to reproduce. Recreate the dark halo of vintage cameras by applying a vignette effect to your photos. A small sticker can do so much: give your photos a melancholy look with a sticker in gray tones or improve your creations by drawing attention to the center of the photo.

Canva a photo enhancement tool

Canva, a photo enhancement tool to save your "missed" shots

Import your photos into Canva to make them even more vibrant than they would be on film with our set of photo enhancement tools. Does your photo look dull? Do the colors seem faded? Try to increase the saturation. Is your photo a bit dark and cloudy? Adjust the brightness and contrast until the subject is perfectly visible.

Canva a photo enhancement tool

Free icons: complete your designs with the clean lines of our icons

Is there anything more recognizable than a bright yellow smiley? In addition to an extensive photo library, we also supply many vector images and illustrations to add to your designs. Associate eye-catching icons and symbols with all your designs to give them a flawless and trendy style. Combine icons with our original fonts to create signage, letterhead, logos, business cards and more!


  • You can use the photo editor directly from your browser window. There is nothing to upload except your edited photo once you are satisfied with its appearance.
  • Canva’s photo editor is completely free. You can use it as often as you like.
  • How to create a photo montage: Use our Canva design tool! It is the simplest design tool you have ever used: choose from the thousands of templates available to you and easily add your own photos using drag and drop. Best of all, it is completely free!
  • With Canva’s fabulous suite of image editing tools, it is easy to turn your ideas into great designs. Just search for the best images, photos, and fonts, then use Canva’s drag-and-drop tool to edit your photos and create a new design.
  • Whether your future design project is a creative montage, a social media image or even a web mockup, Canva’s tools allow anyone to create beautiful designs.

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