Lightroom – Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing App You Should Know!

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Many a time people ask me which photo editing app do I prefer for on the go purpose and Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing App. Now there are many photo editing apps available in the app market. From beginners level to advanced professional level, you will get every option. 

If I have to choose an app keeping the cost factor aside, I would always choose Adobe Lightroom – One of the most popular apps amongst the Adobe suite. It indeed costs a hefty amount of money but trusts me, none of the Adobe products compromises with quality when it comes to customer services.

About the App

Adobe Lightroom is a family of image organization and image manipulation software developed by Adobe Systems available for macOS, Android, Windows, iOS, and tvOS. Existing since 2006, It includes numerous Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing App regarding image processing and manipulations, some of them are:-

  • Importing/saving
  • Viewing
  • Organizing
  • Tagging
  • Editing
  • Sharing

All of these functions can be implemented on a large number of digital images. One thing which is the differentiating factor between lightroom and photoshop is in Lightroom the photo edits are non-destructive: the edited photos are saved separately from the original photo whereas it does not allow doctoring, altering, and rendering 3D objects or texts.

Without wasting time lets get into the top tips and tricks of Adobe Lightroom:-

Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing App

#1 Resetting

You must have observed that in the right bottom corner of the color settings, there is a reset button. Now obviously you can use that, and it takes you right back to the stage when you imported the image.

But sometimes maybe you made tons of adjustments. Maybe you were playing with that curve line, and you were sliding things left and right, having a grand old time, and you don’t really want to hit reset and just wipe that baby clean. You just want to reset a couple of things. 

So instead of having slide the sliders back to zero, and just try to, oh it went too far, oo, a little bit, oo, type 0, boom! For the sake of speed, all you have to do is just double click on the actual effect.

Suppose you want to put highlights to 0, just double click on the place where it is written “Highlight” and it will be reset to 0. You are good to go!

#2 Lights Out

We are talking lights out!

If you want to hit L on your keyboard, that’s going to isolate the photo you are working on. It is going to dim the background so that you can get a clear perspective, uninterrupted, no distractions, of the image photo editing

Hit L again, and it will black everything entirely in the background so that you can just see there, and see the photo there and nothing else. 

#3 Level Out

If you want to make your horizon straight, yes, you can hit R on your keyboard and then kind of rock that photo left or right using your cursor on the side. But is it exactly precise? I mean, it is pretty good, but how do we get more precise?

Well, you can go over and click on Angle. So once you click on that little level, what you can do is come over to that photo, click and drag to match the straightness of your horizon, and it’s going to fix that for you. It’s just a little more precise when you are trying to nail that straight horizon!

#4 B & A

You must be wondering what B & A means, well it’s before and after.

This is a very popular shortcut, but something that lot of people don’t use enough. You can use the comparison view after you have edited a photo to check the before and after so that you can see how far you have come during an edit. That is accessed by clicking the Y button at the bottom left corner. That’s going to bring a side by side comparison of your photos. I don’t use that one as much.

Instead, just hit the slash button on your keyboard just above the enter button. While editing I can tweak different things, add presets, and many more, and all I have to do to see the original to what it is now is hit “\”.

Tips and Tricks of Photo Editing App

#5 Clipping

Hit the letter J on your keyboard! You might notice nothing at the start and that’s a good thing if you notice nothing. But check this out on your computer, once you have hit J on your keyboard, go up to the exposure slider tab and just like crank it, slowly crank it. You will notice that as you are cranking it, some red clippings and highlights are starting to show you where it is clipping. 

These kinds of things cannot be always by our eyes. So let the computer and technology figure out where it is going wrong.

#6 Size Up!

Super easy, you are just going to go to the panel on the right, take your mouse and drag towards the left. Lightroom kind of comes standard with that panel really, really narrow, which literally gives you a false sense of how much you are sliding all of those contrast sliders.

So just slide it out and you will get away more precise. Getting away a better accurate representation of how far you are moving those sliders. So just drag the panel and make it bigger!!


I hope you will greatly benefit from all these tips and tricks of photo editing app. If you already knew these, that’s great. And if you didn’t, well now you know it!

Let us know in the comments which were the trick that amazed you.

Happy Editing!

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