Best Graphic Designing Software 2021

Since time immemorial, humans had a liking for visual information. Be it the ancient manuscripts or the latest youtube videos. Our brain tends to take interest whenever we see images or videos. So it’s important for us to know about the best graphic designing software.

In recent times with the boom in marketing, you must capture people’s attention towards your business, and what better way than to visually attract them. Graphics has entered almost all domains starting from ed tech to simple shops and malls.

The main reason many businesses are spending more money in this graphic area is that the speed of absorption of our brains is faster through images than normal texts and also it is catchier to the eye, and we all know that what looks smells good.

Similarly, graphic designing is becoming a hotshot profession this day, with many people trying their hands in it. As a result, many new graphic designing software’s are entering the market, and the least we can say about them is that they all look promising.

Now trying out all the graphic designing software is a tedious job and is not recommended. Graphic designers generally stick with 2-3 software that they use simultaneously, but choosing 2 or 3 from so many of them is also tough. That is why we bring you a list of some best performing graphic designing software’s:

1. Adobe photoshop

Without any debate, adobe photoshop has to be in the first entry in the list. This software is like a bible for graphic designers and is used by millions of artists worldwide. One of its best features is that it gives you a very wide range of actions like creating banners, websites, posters, or logos. This best graphic design software can do anything you want for you. From small editing to sophisticated and complex designs, Adobe Photoshop has tools for everyone.

Added features like defining your canvas’s size, Extracting the background elements from pictures, creating custom brushes, and much more. This app is globally famous and has all the features to be so.

Platforms supported: windows and mac.

2. Affinity designer

The affinity designer is a more economical alternative than software like photoshop.  But the lower price comes with some limitations. The number of features this software offers is a little less, and due to this, affinity designer is very much suitable for people who are just setting their foot in this industry. Affinity Designer allows you to work on both vectors and raster workspaces, and you can easily switch between them. This software is suitable on any device, and one can create unlimited artboards within the software.

The affinity designer provides a graphic design app for the iPad, which is loaded with the same features offered on the desktop versions. Advanced color controls are also where you can work in RGB or LAB color spaces, offering up to 32-bits per channel.

As the features are limited and simple to use, the accuracy and precision that can be achieved using this software are also great and good to use.

Platform: Windows, iPad, and Mac

3. Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a highly customizable software with multiple preset layouts along with many other customizability options. Users can also leverage the drag and drop feature to move panels anywhere on the screen, making the use much easy.

 It also has an in-panel editing feature that allows designers to edit multiple artboards simultaneously to make the designs more efficient. It is very adaptable with numerous devices having different configurations like Mac and Windows. Its user interface is highly accessible and very much customizable. It also offers custom viewing mode and features that allow you to save space to help you work on any machine.

4. Adobe Indesign

Here comes another software from the powerhouse adobe, which should be a must in the list of people who are in the publication business. It lets you make beautiful brochures, sheets and you can easily convert them into pdf also.

Unlike Photoshop, adobe InDesign requires a low learning curve. That means users who are new in this field can quickly adapt how to combine text and graphics in an easy way to achieve the best results. The ‘Adjust Layout’ feature allows a person to make changes in the template’s text, and the design gets adjusted automatically according to the template.

However. adobe’s AI-powered Sensei technology ensures smooth and automatic arrangement and resizing of images. Designers can leverage InCopy to work with other remote team members or friends by sharing text, colors, and graphics.

5. sketch

The sketch is a graphic design software specially designed for mac that focuses primarily on digital design. These digital designs can be used to create apps, websites, and different interfaces. Unlike Photoshop, Sketch isn’t used for photo editing. Using Sketch, one can create a prototype by making groups with other designers on the platform itself and can thus be used by companies in graphic designing. The program also has a great layout feature in which the component resizes itself automatically based on the content. There are many plugins in the software that let you do vector editing and other design work with great precision and accuracy. Digital icons can also be created through this software. Sketch, on the downside, is not a great software when it comes to printing designs or illustrations. 

6. Xara designer pro x

Xara Designer is a fantastic software if you are looking to make both bitmaps and vectors. The software can do multiple tasks like desktop publishing, illustration, photo editing, graphic design, all in one place. Thus we can surely say that it comes with awesome features and great functionality. This graphic design software allows you to work with hundreds of template layouts, design elements, and over a million archive photos to make your work easy and save some precious time. While drawing any shape, lines, or curves using vectors, there is no loss in quality when you scale it up because of its great sizing features. One can also create custom design elements that help to take those designs one step further. Added features like gradients, outlines, and transparency in the software will give your artwork a special touch.

7. Inkscape

graphic designing software

If you are new in this designing line and don’t have enough funds to purchase the above software and want something for free vector, then inkspace is the software that you need. The user experience of this software is quite impressive and very simple also. Designers who are familiar with Adobe tools like photoshop can easily operate Inkscape as their UI is somehow the same.

Inscape has a robust community of developers who are continuously on the track of development, and as a result, updates of this software comes regularly, and every time the features keep improving. Its latest update comes with mesh gradients, improved spray, a checkerboard background to view transparency easily, and measurement tools that can help you to adjust and resize your designs. It is one of the rare alternatives to Adobe Illustrator that is available for free and is also a great alternative.

Another great feature is that users can benefit from the open-source code to change the code lines and enhance or personalize the software as per their requirement.

In Conclusion

The above list has some of the best graphic designing software’s in the market and includes both free and paid tools. These tools are taken keeping in mind the requirement of various kinds of people who enter this domain and are not limited to any one type of platform. If you wish to enter the graphic designing market, it is essential to choose the right tool because it is the sail of your ship and can take you to great places if you handle it properly.

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