Photoshop Photo Editing Steps to Follow

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Photoshop photo editing steps:

photo editing steps can make the most ordinary images look extraordinary. If you have images for different occasions or any special event that makes unforgettable memories, then image editing can make them more memorable.

Photoshop is one of the most updated and used photo editing software available in the market. But that is also one of the confusing software because of a large number of photo editing tools. The post-processing stage, such as editing before the final image, is an integral part of digital photography. Even when you have taken pictures that basically looks perfect to you, there is always room for small photo editing magic to bring it to the next level. We have written this article to help readers with the information, enabling you to easy editing using adobe photoshop.

Do require editing such as filter and more using adobe photoshop

Using the layer available on photoshop, You can add more layers to make other adjustments to photos, such as vibration, saturation, etc. You can work on as many layers as you like. The final photo will be the result of all joint layers.

With the help of Photoshop, you can work on editing background image. Every change, you do modify the original photo pixel. You must know that depending on the changes you make in the picture, and you might not be able to cancel it. Prepare and editing through Layers will allow you to edit your photos in a way that can be undone at any time. This means you can return to the original anytime. This is the best way to edit photos.

The layer adds a lot of flexibility to workflow because you can:

  • reset them (by clicking and dragging them)
  • Rename by clicking the name of the layer
  • Check once with the original image
  • Delete the one which is not required
photo editing steps

Sharpen Your image using adobe photoshop:

If you want to sharpen your image but are not clear about the whole procedure. Below we are mentioning the step by step procedure to sharpen the image using adobe photoshop:

Reduce Noise in your image 

Click on the filter on the menu bar> Noise> Reduce Noise.

Create a new layer from the same image 

Click select on the menu bar> Edit in fast mask mode> use the brush tool to paint more. 

Open filter>sharpen>select sharpening tools to apply the sharpening filter.

Repeat if necessary.

Remove Unwanted spots

Make sure your camera and its lenses remain clean to avoid unwanted spots from your image. If you have already taken the image from the dirty lens, we are here to provide you the way to remove it by using adobe photoshop. Spot Healing Brush Tool, healing brush tool, patch tool, and clone stamp are set of tools that can help you to remove unwanted spots. Here explaining each of them in details: 

Spot Healing Brush Tool:

  • Select Spot Healing Brush Tool from the Toolbox.
  • Click on the size of the brush that you want using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select Type: Content-conscious match or proximity.
  • Click on the point you want to fix.

Healing brush tool:

  • Select the brush healing icon from the toolbox 
  • Click on the size of the brush that you want using the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  • Select the sample as your source.
  • Option + click on the net point you want to use as your source.
  • Click or drag the cursor along with the place you want to fix.

Patch tool:

  • Select the patch tool from the toolbox 
  • Select source (under the taskbar).
  • Use the cursor to circle spot or stain to make choices.
  • Drag the selection to a clean place closest in the color and appearance to the place you are trying to fix.

How to use a clone stamp:

  • Select the Clone Stamp icon in the toolbox.
  • Adjust the size of the brush you want.
  • Alt + Click to “Cloning,” a clean place you want to use for stains.
  • Adjust Opacity if needed.
  • Click or drag the cursor around the stain or place to “paint” on it with a pixel cloned from your sampling point.


In conclusion, photoshop is a sophisticated photo editor that has many options. It is impossible to explain everything in one article. I hope these tips will help you learn about photo editing. After you are familiar with important tools, you can start experimenting and becoming more creative. You need to be calm and patient at your initial stage. It took time to master your skills. But soon, you will find yourself having fun editing in Photoshop. For more such useful blogs, bookmark our page.

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