Wedding Photography Tips

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If you are a beginner who is looking for comprehensive wedding photography tips then Voilla you have landed just right! Lengthy books and personal consultations can cost you hefty price and your valuable time. Look through these short and useful tips which can uplift your wedding photography. Become a pro at wedding photography by these never failing tips!

Why do you need wedding photography tips?

A wedding photography can be a tedious job! It combines all genres of photography into one and makes you either a jack of all trade or makes you go crazy! Be prepared to take portraits, still life, and action and sometimes even landscapes or underwater images. After reading these wedding photography tips you are sure to become a pro shooter! Do checkout our new blogs for photography Tips and Tricks.

  1. Put Together a List of picture pose you want to shoot

    Every photographer knows a couple of non-fail shots in wedding photography. Ask your clients if you could suggest the poses and let them have a piece of your brain. Your ultimate poses can save a lot of time and hassle. You know how to capture those shots from the very perfect angle and you can also implement a few changes to make it the couples very own customized pose. If your couple wants to have pictures with guests, family or relatives you should know a couple of poses for that too so you can create a detailed photo in the best way!

  2. Find a Family Photo Coordinator for the wedding

    Although you decided on the poses that you want to capture in the family photo, you know the family photo can still be very stressful amongst the entire shoot. With people running around like virtual maniacs and you not being acquainted to anyone, you my dear have officially landed in a chaotic mess. Hence, ask the couple to befriend you with a responsible person from each side of the family who can help you organize the merry crowd for a pleasant and peaceful shot. This can be a great arrangement, as the couple can enjoy their wedding and the assigned person being more familiar to the crowd than you can help you out.

  3. Search the Location Beforehand

    If the wedding destination is uncharted territories to you then you may as well wander them beforehand just to get a feel of it. Often newlyweds select the most beautiful destinations to marry but lights and background fails to justify the locations beauty. You should take your time to investigate the different areas of the location as this will ensure that you have a calm mind and plenty of time while shooting as you are familiar with the location already. This is very important wedding photography tip to ensure your client gets the best outcomes. 

  4.  Know Your Gear Inside Out

    Make sure you check all you camera settings, study and test the available modes to get the perfect picture shot. Make sure all your functions and options are working properly before the wedding itself, so any problem can be fixed.

  5. Always Have a Back-Up Camera, in-case the other fails you!

    Having a cheaper camera model or renting one extra camera may probably seem like burning a hole in your pocket until one day when one camera fails and you have that extra buddy lying for your rescue already.  

  6. Change Lenses while shooting the wedding

    The biggest part of any wedding photography is that to capture the natural emotions of the bride and her groom. Alas, that is not possible if the camera is inevitably in the bride and grooms face! They are going to have the creepy smile on their face which screams “I am uncomfortable”. At such situations, camera lens come to the rescue, if you have a longer lens then you can shoot the wedding from a far of distance and capture the real emotions.

  7. Hire an Assistant

    A vast difference between professional and amateur photographers is that, a professional may keep or basically afford paying an assistant to arrange for the lights, shoot things that you might have missed or even take test shots. If it is not possible for you to hire an assistant then you may ask your colleague for some help with your client and help them with their client.

  8. Familiarize with the couple

    The key to the best wedding photos is to get friendly with the couple so they can adjust with you and be comfortable. This helps both you and the couple. While you can ask them to pose in your style, they can openly discuss what they want the shoot to look like and where they feel things are lacking.

  9. Set Expectations
    You need to know what your client couple exactly want out of the wedding shoot. Show them some examples from your portfolio, you may also refer to social media and try to figure out the best possible theme for the wedding shoot. You may specifically ask what moments they want to be perfectly captured without a doubt or the picture quality that they expect. Whether they want a printed album or digital one, Take your time and make a list of their expectations which will help you set your goals.

  10.  Prepare Documents

    Being a freelance photographer does not mean that you will work without documents. Prepare a proper contract, specify the amount, the needs and wants, you may also specify what wedding services are included and what are the parties expecting the photos to look like. Having a contract helps in case a dispute arises later on, which can be helped by a lawyer.

  11.  Know the Wedding Ceremony Program

    Different cultures call for different wedding styles and different needs. Make sure you do not miss out on important symbols an rituals that are usually different from the weddings you have attended so far. Ask precisely what type of wedding you have been hired for and ask them to highlight the main events and their timing plans to work accordingly.

  12.  Schedule the Day

    Make a list of all important events and time of the day, which should not be missed at any cost. Moments that have epic significance and sweet memories attached should never be missed. They might probably like pictures of their first dance or the bouquet toss, and you need to be ready to take the right toss.

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