Best cool funny photo effects for free

Taking pictures looks easy for everyone, but having high images is different; you need to use the best cool funny photo effects. It is undoubtedly that a spectacular picture has a significant impact on social networks. Photography is an art, and up to 500 million people enjoy them every day; their success is based on the use of photo editors online.  Adding a filter after shooting a photo is not the best way to make the image stand out from the crowd. There are fun filters for pictures to give a spectacular effect to your photos. You can use simple tips to provide special effects online to your images.

Spice your photos! Let your creative spirit to transform your images to warm, cute, or spectacular works of art. Your candid photo can be transformed into glamor shots using the best cool funny photo effects.

Photo special effects online

When you design for web apps, or for iOS or Android devices, you can create unforgettable images to make your signature famous. You need to do sample maneuvers, and with a few clicks, you can experiment fun filters for photos. In the beginning, you need to start with soft photo filters. Experiment with the best cool funny photo effects, balance the colors, shadows, and lights. You may create your filters or use the free photo filters to obtain your perfect image.

Black and white filter

The black and white effect gives your photos an old film effect applying the black and white screen. You can choose the perfect combination using the intensity feature.   The black and white effect infuses the image with the smoky style of old. From the filter, use the saturation slider to drain the color from the picture. You can adjust the contrast and brightness to give your photo stark lines and powerful silhouette.

white / black effect

Vintage effect

This effect suits designers loving retro style. Vintage effects allow us to transform a simple photo with a few clicks into an old-style picture. Remember to adjust the intensity to fit your preferences, modifying the color fading and the degree of color cast. You can find a free photo editor online, such as BeFunky, Adobe Lightroom, or Photoshop Express, to transform a genuine photo into a retro style image.

Watercolor stunning effects

Famous designers use watercolor effects in their work to make their work looks great. You don’t need to paint; you only need to take a photo and apply a watercolor effect. Photoshop offers a great feature to transform it into a sizeable watercolor image.

People live to make their photos look like a watercolor painting. Some photo editing app offers a watercolor filter that doesn’t give an exact watercolor effect. Here are a few steps to make a perfect watercolor effect in Photoshop.

  1. Duplicate the background level
  2. Apply the watercolor filter (choose the category Artistic, then click on watercolor). You now have the primary color effect. Now you can add a realistic effect to your image.
  3. Add an outline. From Filter -> Stylize -> Find Edges. You will obtain a colored outline.
  4. Make your picture black and white.
  5. Use the layer blending modes to hide the white and show only the black. Change from the way Normal to Multiply. Now hide the outline and protect the left layer.
  6. Add the watercolor effect.
  7. Use a brush to make the picture look like a charming watercolor effect.

You can see that it takes more than a few clicks to have a lovely watercolor effect. Unlike the other results, the watercolor feature takes a little longer to obtain the best cool funny photo effects. But it’s worth it!

Use soft photo filters

There are a number of photo special effects online to transform your photos into spectacular images. If you choose a red filter, your picture will look beautiful for lovers and special occasions. If you try the retro filter for inspiring vintage effect. Best cool funny photo effects are ready to offer lots of filters to transform a good phot into a first image, prepared to be published on Instagram or Facebook.

You also can your pictures bold with spectacular photo filters. The fun filters for photos create seductive or mysterious effects, such as a morning in New York or the northern lights, one of the spectacular phenomena of nature. There are lots of photo special effects online, from heavy vignette to black and white.

The blur slider

If you want to get rid of blemishes and unappropriated angles, and make your photos soft, use the blur effect. Select your photo and open the filter window. Click advanced options and find the photo editor sliders. The blur feature updates your image in real time. Your photo will become creamy, glamorous, and soft.

Old photo effect

Time passes irretrievably, even photographs change. You can give your images a historic look and feel like the old filter photo. It fades the colors, add textures, and adjust the saturation and contrast. It is complicated to give the perfect effect to your pictures, but using the best cool funny photo effects, the results will be surprising. Photo editors online are easy to use for people having different levels of experience.

Use photo special effects online

It is possible to change the look and feel of your pictures with tint and saturation. Colors tell everything about the look and feel of the photo. Best photo editor online offers the change of an image changing the colors and make them alive. The saturation feature will enrich your photo’s colors: the blues become bluer, and so on. You can change the entire photo color palette; for example, you can change the orangish tint to make it summery. Using photo effects, you will feel like a professional photo editor in hours. Photo editing tools are easy to use; professionals’ concepts are accessible to everyone.  Now you can share your photos on Instagram, Facebook, or another popular social media site. Some photo editors online allow sharing your enhanced photos directly in the app.


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