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Cool photo effects help a lot when you want to make your photo change dramatically, from a typical picture to a work of art, you can edit it for amazing cool photo effects. When you’re going to transform unique occasion images, family pictures, or vacation photos to make them extraordinary, use a free a paid photo editor. Cool photo effects will surprise you by the spectacular results.  If you want your photo stand out from the crowd, and fulfill their potential, to increase your business purpose, you can use the best online photo editor. The pictures representing the pieces of jewelry you present online or in your store, a great pictures gallery, will increase your sales. If you have a food catering service, some stunning pictures will attract more customers. Picture editing is not only enhancing the images. It is also possible to restore old photos or to make changes according to different cultural preferences.

Cool photo effects for real estate and special occasions

Real estate brokerage firms or real estate service firms can increase the aesthetic appeal of the properties, enhancing the photos in their listing services. Photo editing helps sell the properties faster, attracting the right clients.Special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings,  weddings involve lots of photos taking. It is possible to make the special events unforgettable, colorful, and vibrant editing the images. The images can become fun and more attractive.

What can you do with a photo editor? Cool photo effects!

  • Adjust brightness and contrast
  • Remove unwanted background
  • Change colors
  • Retouch
  • Enhance the look adding the makeup and fixing hair
  • Crop
  • Add a person to a group or remove a person from a group
  • Add background
  • Correct colors
  • Sharpen colors
  • Convert color photos to black/white or inverse

With photo editing, there is no limit to the changes to make in a simple picture.


The app can turn your photo into a picture more than your camera can capture. All photo filters and effects are amazing. The app offers up to 300 filters and effects.  There is no limit to what you can Edit! Instant and vintage effects make your photo looking like a van Gogh painting create works of art. You can use as many effects as you like and create your works of art.

 BeFunky offers everything from simple photo edits to fun additions like leaks, bokeh, or texture. You also can add text to your pictures and make collages. Befunky offers all the photo effects you dreamed of.

Have fun using cool photo effects

It is surprising to find what you can do with photo filters and cool photo effects. Every feature is simple to use; you also can share the pictures on your favorite social network. BeFunky photo editor has several filters you can use and combine in a million ways. Artsy effects make you an artist. You will discover your creative side and transform your photos into stunning works of art. It is hard to believe, but you can convert your images to works of art, even imitating van Gogh style. BeFunky Artsy effects allow doing everything you dream about in a few clicks. Oil paintings, watercolor, sketches, pop art, cartoons will make your artist side shine. 

cool photo effects

Photo to art

 You must take a great photo to transform it using Artsy effects. BeFunky develops cool photo effects from over twelve years and made them work like a miracle. The app has an entire library of Artsy effects easy to use.


The first Artsy effect is Cartoonizer. It works on the most challenging images, and this is the reason why it is so popular. Now there are many Cartoonizer effects to turn your images from photos to cartoons. Cartoonizer helps you to make a series of pictures into a comic strip.


People love many painting styles, and Artsy effects can replicate many painting styles. Oil painting makes you think of the great masters and replicate their style. Vibrant oil paintings look realistic; you can see your self using the oil painting effect. The feature “oil painting” replicates every brushstroke detail to every pop of color. This effect, “oil painting”, will make your image look like you created it with a paintbrush.

cool photo effects


If you like watercolor style, BeFunky offers a perfect feature named “watercolor.” The feature “watercolor” morphs your image into a work of art in a few clicks. In Artsy, you will find a collection of watercolor effects. Each feature highlights a different color. You will get lots of watercolor versions for your images.  


It is a 19-th century art movement characterized by thin, small, yet visible brush strokes, emphasis on the realistic depiction of light, open composition. Impressionist painters included change as a vital element of human perception and unusual visual angles. The name comes from a painting of Claude Monet, named “Impression, Sunrise”.   Painters worked to create their masterpieces outdoors (en plain air). Young painters Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Frederic Bazille discovered the beauty of landscapes. Edouard Manet, Paul Cezanne, Pissaro, Paul Signac, and Georges Seurat created valuable pieces that remain in art history.

Impressionist painters created their paintings using bold brushstrokes and sometimes palette knife swipes. If you look at a painting from a distance, the color mix, and form a scene, if you look closer, you will see the colored dots and brushstrokes, carefully painted to create an image that takes you directly outdoors, “en plain air.”

 It is hard to reproduce these numerous techniques, but BeFunky designers managed to reproduce the beautiful brushstrokes the pop-up colors to look like you painted the image.  


You don’t need anymore to spend hours to make a detailed sketch of a picture. Only use Sketcher’s effects on the job. The feature is very performant, sense the edges and essential details, and transform the image into a sketch in minutes.

cool photo effects

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