How to turn your photo to art online free

It is not difficult to turn your photo into art. You can transform your pictures in vibrant digital works of art using digital art effects. Maybe you want to know more about digital art. It is an artistic composition based on technology. Digital art was used before for visual effects for movies. It comes in different forms, often computer-generated. Digital artworks using many types of soft or digital painting techniques. To photo online editing, you need only a few steps, available in almost all popular photo editors.

  • Open your photo
  • Open the Effects menu and choose the effect you like
  • Adjust the effect controls and then preview the photo
  • Click on the Apply button the then save the file.


Maybe it is the most popular effect to turn your photo into art. BeFunky has grown meantime, but the Cartoonizer is still the most popular effect. It was designed years before and was improved many times. Now BeFunky offers a new incarnation, based on the same technology used in the film. The new Cartoonizer will become your unique favorite effect, due to its stark contrast and bold lines. If you ever wanted to cartoon your picture, with Cartoonizer, you can realize a work of art in minutes. To have a great look, you can combine two effects and have a unique look.

turn your photo to art

Artsy Effect

The underpainting is a base layer of paint created to bring difference, vibrancy. It adds tonal values to a picture. The technology brings out the texture and richness that you can’t capture when taking a photo. The filter was improved to obtain the vibrant work of art of your dreams.

turn your photo to art

Easy digital painting

Oil painting – many masterpieces are oil painted. Usually, the artists use linen canvas and use linseed oil. Famous artists, such as Botticelli and Leonardo da Vinci are renowned for their gorgeousness due to their techniques. For centuries painter mix paint to obtain unique colors and effects. The artist waits until the paint dry, then continues using their paintbrush and color palette, and so on. It takes months for paint to dry. Several masterpieces realization time takes many years.

Today people loving oil paint (not professional painters) can have photo art using digital art effects. Using the Oil Painting filter, you will obtain a piece of art in minutes. If you are a creative person, BeFunky has the filters allowing you to move from picture to oil painting in a few clicks. Find the Artsy section of the photo editor and select the photo art effect you like. Choose Oil Painting from other spectacular results, such as Gouache, Watercolor, or Impressionist. BeFunky, Painting Converter, or other free photo editors allow saving the picture to canvas painting online free.

turn your photo to art


It is an early form of art. The pigments, suspended in a water-based solution, and you can apply them to almost any type of material. The most popular watercolor digital filter creates an aesthetic of old watercolor painting. You don’t need to work hard to anticipate the behavior of water-based pigments.  Using a watercolor filter, you will transform your photo into a watercolor work of art.

It is not easy to turn your photos to art when you know how to take a picture with enough qualities to be transformed into a work of art.  Here is a list of apps to convert a photo to painting online free.


It is a popular app to transform a photo into a painting. The app offers a full collection of apps to turn your photo into art. Prisma is free on Android and iOS. It helps to grow Prisma’s popularity. To have access to the entire list of features, you need to pay $5 / month or $20 / year.   Prisma offers up to 300 painting style to use to your picture. The techniques inspired by celebrities painting methods, such as Salvador Dali, Monet, Picasso, or Van Gogh.

Prisma presents a vital feature: besides applying the filter, it also allows us to adjust the results. You can change the sharpness, the contrast, or exposure.


The app is a kind of mobile Photoshop. You have access to sliders and filters, and you can make combinations of photos and apply filters and effects. You can make only a part of your image look like a painting. PicsArt is a photo to art online free contains lots of options to turn a photo into a sketch or painting. The app has more than painting features, offering many other editing possibilities. The app takes more space on your phone than Prisma but provides a bigger apps list. PicsArt is not easy to use. There is a tutorial online to help. The app I free to use. To get more apps and content, you need to pay a subscription. PicsArt works on iOS and Android.


It is a full features app designed for digital paintings. Brushstroke offers a feature allowing you to choose the painting style and the canvas type. Another great advantage is a generous color palette. You can still use the extra features after applying the painting style. You can also add your signature to the painting. There are video styles and the option to print images from the app. The app’s price is $4. You can obtain video styles, illustration styles, and in-app purchases. A one-time purchase is not as expensive as subscription apps you intend to use the app for many years. Brushstroke in iOS only, the Android user must choose another app.

Portrait Painter

The app works best on pictures of pets and people. You can upload landscapes too, but the app focuses on portraits. Portrait Painter can customize the look with several options. You can use the original colors or a brighter color palette. It is possible to adjust the brush type and the canvas type, which gives the final picture texture.  

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