You need photo editing software, but what type?

Whether you are just shooting with your smartphone or you are a professional photographer, you need photo editing software to organize, optimize, and edit your digital photos. Camera technology is improving at a breakneck pace. Today’s smartphones are more potent than viewfinders just a few years ago.  Professional-level cameras have crossed the 100-megapixel mark. Photo editing software keeps pace with ever more powerful features.

People who shoot with an iPhone 11 Pro with three cameras or with an advanced DSLR care about the appearance of their photos. For great results, you will want to import the shots to organize, choose the best. You can print or share them online. Here we present the best choices of photo editing software for all photographers, from the beginner to the professional.

photo editing software

Novices issues – tips for photo editing software

Of course, novice shooters want different software than those who shoot with a $ 52,000 Phase One IQ4 in a studio. Nothing says pros can’t occasionally use an entry-level app, or that a professional won’t run Photoshop, the famous and powerful picture editor on the market. In general, users at each level will be more comfortable with the products intended for them.

A product with all that does not necessarily have the best implementation of most popular features, and a product with fewer controls can still be very successful. Whether you even need the functionality checked depends on your photo workflow.

Free photo editing software options

If you are, therefore, a graduate of photography tools for smartphones, you don’t need to pay for sophisticated software.  Not. Modern desktop operating systems include photo software at no additional cost. In a touch interface, it offers the right level of image correction, automatic marking, removal of imperfections, faces recognition, and even support for raw camera files.


Apple Photos also does this, although its automatic albums aren’t really editable. The two programs also synchronize with online storage services: iCloud for Apple and OneDrive for Microsoft. With both, you can search according to the types of objects detected, such as “tree” or “cat” in the application. Apple Photos can also be part of plugins like the excellent Perfectly Clear.


Ubuntu Linux users access free photo software included. They can use the sufficiently powerful Shotwell application. Other lightweight and inexpensive options include Polarr and Pixlr.

How to edit your photos online

In this overview, we have included installable computer software, but online photo-editing options can adequately serve entry-level photographers. These are mostly free and linked to online photo storage and sharing services. Flickr (with its built-in photo editor) and Google Photos are the most prominent names here. Both can spruce up your uploaded photos.

 The latest version of Lightroom also includes many photo editing features on its added website. BeFunky, Fotor, and PicMonkey are other notable names in photo editing software on the web.

photo editing software

Image editing for amateurs and professionals

For professional photographs, most of the apps are robust when it comes to the workflow: importing, organizing, editing, and outputting photos from a DSLR. These applications offer non-destructive editing. It means that the original photo files are not affected. 

Some users have a Photoshop-only subscription option. Still, at $ 9.99 a month, that doesn’t seem like an outrageous price for any  pictures professional. It includes Lightroom, online services like Adobe Stock, and several mobile applications. It certainly makes the app more affordable for professional users. Consider that a full copy of the high-end version of Photoshop costs $ 999.

Features of digital photography, advantages of photo editing software

If you are a beginner in digital photography, your first step is to make sure that you have proper photography equipment. Otherwise, you have problems before you begin. Once you have sorted out your gear, be sure to educate yourself with some quick photography tips for beginners and the photography tips beyond the basics. That done, you will be ready to take great photos that you can enhance with the software presented in this story.

Here are a few useful features of a user-friendly app, iPissy.

Photo editor

iPiccy has many powerful and easy-to-use photo editing tools directly in your browser. Automatically adjust photos with one click. It crops, rotates and resizes images in no time. Offers 100+ PRO-level photo effects and photo enhancements, face enhancements, and frames. It’s the best place for your photos!

photo editing software

Collage maker

Create beautiful photo collages with iPiccy, an innovative collage creator. Numerous models and adjustments make the creation process easy and fun! Change the collage template, background color, size, roundness of the cells, and much more to create a real masterpiece in seconds!

photo editing software

Graphic designer

It is the most comfortable online graphic design tools available. Add stickers, text, overlays, apply vector masks, and stunning text effects to create unique designs for any purpose.

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