5 principles of photography

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Photography, like any art, follows a set of basic rules in the composition of any image; knowing the 5 principles of photography and respecting them helps. It improves the quality of our posts on social networks. The direct consequence is the greater number of visitors to our profiles. There are a few things we should be careful about. If we respect them, the viewer will better receive the captured images. There is a great possibility to share/distribute the photos.

Frame and composition

In any book about photography, we will find information about “the rule of third”, “the golden rule” or the 5 principles of photography. It is a rule rarely violated by the greatest photographers or painters. It is important to imagine that the photo is divided into nine equal segments by two vertical and two horizontal lines. The subject in the image must be in one of the two thirds and never in the middle. Smartphones benefit from this imaging software. It can help us to compose the frame and keep the horizon line in a horizontal position. It is an easy way to follow the 5 principles of photography. Remember the proportions of photography rules.

5 principles of [hotography


It is the angle from which we take a photo. Before capturing the image or subject, we need to think about where we take the picture. Our position has a major impact on the composition of the photo. Therefore, it can affect the image or message we want to convey. It is good to try not only to take a photo from the eye level and consider other angles, such as: shooting from the bottom up, from the top-down, from the side, from the ground level. It should be noted that the expression of a subject in the photo is different depending on how we frame it and the place we take the photo.

The background

Another important element in the composition in the background. Most of the time when we decide to take a photo, our attention is focused on the subject and the way we want to frame it. The background is very important in the composition. If we do not pay attention to this detail, there is a chance that in our photo will appear elements that distract attention from our subject. Some details can minimize the importance of the image or its message. We always must keep in mind the 5 principles of photography. I can give a concrete example: a few days ago an elderly gentleman was taking a picture of another old gentleman on an alley in the park. Nothing wrong with choosing perspectives, framing. In the background, it was a public toilet with the door open.

5 principles of photogtaphy

The light

Avoid using the flash directly in front of the subject. The direct flashlight will flatten the subject and darken the background. The picture will have no depth. Try, to use natural light. It is good to position ourselves with the subject near a light source and try several angles. Also, avoid shooting someone while having a strong light source in the back.


When taking a photo, we must be careful to avoid amputation. The subject should appear entire with the neck or wrists: knee, wrist, elbow, etc. It is a brutal cut that makes our image unsightly. In portrait photography, it is good to fill the frame as much as possible, so that no other elements may distract the attention. In a portrait photo, the focus should be on the subject’s eyes. Variety in photography is also important.

Passion for art

For people who discover the art of photography, this becomes overwhelming. Once trapped in the cradle of this art, you refuse to abandon it. Expressed in so many different ways, viewed by different people, it also offers varied meanings. For the success of a photo shoot, you need a combination of factors: from technique to light, from the atmosphere to the relaxation and comfort of the model.

The art of photography will never grow old. Although the technology changes from the camera o the film, to the digital, whatever happens in the future, photography will always play an important role in everyday life.

Photography is the spell, it is love, memory … photography is a miracle that unites you even if the distance is too large. It helps you to put your thoughts in order when you see someone’s picture dear, you remember that person with great love and the intensity of the heartbeat increases.

5 principles of photography

Photography - treasure store

Photography is a tangible memory in images. It represents beautiful moments that we want to keep, we want to immortalize them to have those unforgettable moments in memory. When we want an event to remain memorable we were looking for a camera, regardless of whether we want to keep them for ourselves or to share them with those who were not with us in those moments. Harmony in photography is essential.

Photography helps us relive moments from the past for them to capture a clear outline. Most often photography is associated with pleasant memories and beautiful, picturesque images.

Memory in images

When we feel good, when we are happy, we want to always remember the smile on our lips at that time. A photo captures a moment and prolongs it, and time freezes. We all want at least once in our lives to make this happen. In the photo, we want to see an ideal: a beautiful landscape, the splendor, and magnificence of nature. When we go on vacation and meet special places we take many pictures. A great landscape or just the natural environment which impressed us will remain unforgettable. Photos are fragments of life and they have their life. You look at a picture and therefore you look at life. From here you realize that a photo is worth a thousand words …

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