The best apps to edit the Instagram photos

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How to improve the appearance of your Instagram profile? Following the publication where we shared the best apps to edit the Instagram photo, your stories, we received a lot of feedback asking us what our recommendations in terms of photo editing applications were.

You are aware that with all the changes taking place on Instagram, mainly in terms of Likes, content is king and must be of quality. However, we do know that users appreciate content that is engaging and out of the ordinary. It is why today, we are sharing eight best apps to edit the Instagram photos, to create good visual content. Here are the best apps to edit the Instagram photos.

Instagram photo editing apps

More and more smartphones are coming onto the market with ever more efficient and quality cameras. It makes it easier to take quality photos. But what about publishing? Here are our TOP eight best apps to edit the Instagram photos on a professional level:


Its simplicity and functionality make it one of the most used photo editing applications today. It is a complete application usable on Android, like iOS.

Its organized menus make it a very intuitive application. Although different tools are available, the Enhanced photo remains displayed to allow you to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast, heat, shadows, atmosphere, and highlights.

Here is a Before / After example:
best apps to edit the Instagram photos

2.VSCO - one of the best apps to edit the Instagram photos

In addition to being used for photo editing, it is also useful for the filters and layouts that the application offers, giving images a more professional look, in a subtle way, – say without being able to detect the modifications.

Due to specific costs, some of the filters offered are not free, but this differs from Instagram in that they are more varied and of better quality. The number of filters available to you is higher than any other application.

This application is available for Android as for iOS.
best apps to edit the Instagram photos

3.Picmonkey - one of the best apps to edit the Instagram photos

It is the best app for selfie lovers. The interface offers multiple effects and tools. All the editing tools are free, but some of their frames, fonts, or plug-ins are only accessible via the paid version.

One option that we like a lot in this application is that it allows you to design and create your templates so that you can create content with content with common visual characteristics that help you to consolidate your brand image on your Instagram profile.

best apps to edit the Instagram photos

4.Befunky - one of the best apps to edit the Instagram photos

Are you looking for a free, intuitive, and fast photo editor? Do not search anymore!

One of the favorite features is that it offers free access to an image bank of nearly 500,000 images, which makes it much easier to create content, especially if you are sad that day. In our opinion, it is the ideal tool for creating the content of your social networks, but also for designing logos, banners, headers for your website, infographics.
best apps to edit the Instagram photos


Thanks to its unique skin-softening effect and 40 beauty filters, it is an ideal photo editor for influencers and the fashion and cosmetics sector. It has 170 filters for photography and video, including effects such as the vintage effect, animated graphics, light leaks, and textures. Also, its filters organized into 15 sections, are stunning.

best apps to edit the Instagram photos

6.Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe has always stood out for its image editing software, but if you do not feel ready enough for all its full version options, we recommend its Express version. This version offers the best functionality of the tool without you having to be a professional editor.

It is free on Apple iOS and Android, but a paid version is available if you want to access the advanced options.

best apps to edit the Instagram photos


It is a photo editor almost as powerful as Photoshop’s free version and, which a lot of people appreciate. All the features are free, although there is a paid version to access the advanced options as well.

It allows you to create layers, rotate images, change sizes, apply filters, and many other functions.
best apps to edit the Instagram photos

8.Facetune, best apps to edit the Instagram photos

We cannot finish this list of the best photo editing best apps to edit the Instagram photos without mentioning Facetune. It is an application that is not free to download but costs just under 4 euros, and only once.

You can take a standard image as a model and thus add makeup, reduce wrinkles, make your eyelashes thicker, especially when it comes to selfie editing. With this app, you do not need a personal photographer to accompany you wherever you go.
best apps to edit the Instagram photos


– You can crop edges, change the shape and size of a photo, straighten the shore or the horizon, etc.
– Lighten a picture and bring out its colors using adjustment layers.
– Easily remove unwanted items using the Spot Corrector and Piece tools.
-Convert the color photos into black and white, add a tint to obtain an odd appearance, and play with the focus using the tilt-shift filter.
-Apply a sharpening filter to bring the final touch to your photo. Then save the edited file in PSD format to keep your layers for later editing. You can share your pictures by email or online in JPG format.


In this list, we have shared with you the best apps for editing photos for Instagram according to our experience, the vast majority of which are free and have their version for iOS and Android. The best for you will be the one that best suits your goals and will also depend on the extent to which you want to complicate your life.
Why not try some of them and let us know which one is the best for you? If you know of one that we have not added, please let us know so we can try it out. Reveal the best of your photos with these basic editing techniques.

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