Five smartphone photo editing applications

If you’re not happy with the smartphone photo editing applications pre-installed on your smartphone, you can try one of the dozens of alternatives. The apps are available in the Google Play Store, App Store, or Windows Marketplace. We have selected some of the most successful.

Mobile phone photography is more popular than ever.  We have prepared a selection of the most successful smartphone photo editing applications. The apps work for Android and iOS. As the next holiday approaches, maybe it’s time to try something new. You can edit the photos you will take with your mobile phone.

A good picture makes a thousand words, and today we could even say that a good photo makes thousands of likes on social networks. To get the perfect picture, you have to put more effort. You have to shoot from multiple angles or use smartphone photo editing applications.

The latest phone models also have high-performance cameras, which help you get bright and vivid pictures. But, if you want to improve the quality of your photos to look like those taken by an experienced photographer, you have many smartphone photo editing applications  available for iOS and Android.

smartphone photo editing applications

Adobe Photoshop Express

When it comes to photo processing, Adobe is undoubtedly a resonant name, even for those who are not passionate about editing. Two years ago, few thought we would end up using Photoshop on our phone. Although it can’t be compared to Photoshop for complex PCs, Adobe Photoshop Express is a decent alternative to pre-installed applications on most smartphones.

It offers essential functions that allow you to crop images, adjust the contrast, change the brightness, and various effects. It’s a bit small, but the very name “Adobe Photoshop Express” suggests that we should not have too high expectations. We need to limit ourselves to quick and straightforward edits using the mobile device. Within the app, edited photos can be shared directly with Facebook friends. Adobe Photoshop Express can be installed for free on Android 1.5 or later devices.

smartphone photo editing applications


It is one of the most popular apps since the beginning. Which is why Facebook, in April of this year, decided to buy it for a colossal amount – about $ 1 billion. I would say well over the real value of the software. In terms of numbers, Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram is the online transaction of the year. It is  one of the more important in the history of online, after Google – YouTube ($1.65 billion). But what does Instagram do? You probably already know. It allows the application of special filters that give an artistic note even to mediocre photos.

PicsPlayPro - FX Photo Editor

PicsPlayPro addresses to hardcore users of photo editing applications. It provides over 200 presets with all kinds of effects. Thhe app includes HDR (High Dynamic Range). A unique feature is the Time Matrix. It makes the image appear coming from a user-specified period. If you try 1950, for example, the effect will be something like “retro”.

However, PicsPlay Pro is not limited to this children’s game. It also integrates advanced tools such as white balance adjustment, histogram viewing, or color curves. The application is in the Google Play store. If you want the free version (without advanced tools),  choose PicsPlay.
smartphone photo editing applications

PicsPlayPro - FX Photo Editor

The developers of this application are none other than Autodesk. They are recognized for professional graphic design software (AutoCAD).  We are not dealing with such a thing. Pixlr-O-Matic falls into the category of “express” photo editing applications. In other words, it means applying the desired effect in a single command. Predefined results exceed the number 100, so you have a choice. What about the over 200 overlays that amplify or give a careful note to the selected image. To use Pixlr-O-Matic, you need a smartphone with Android 2.1 or later. It works on iPhone or iPad with iOS 5. The application is free.

Super Photo - one of great smartphone photo editing applications

The easier it is to use, the more effects it provides. The free version gives us 188 special effects, while the “Full” version shocks us with an impressive number of photo presets: almost 1000! The simplistic interface challenges us to choose where we want to upload the photo (from the existing gallery, on Facebook or a new photo to take at that time) and how to apply the effect (on the whole image or “split”- one impact on the main subject, another on the background).

Super Photo requires a device running Android 2.2 or later. Like the rest of the featured apps (except PicsPlay Pro – for which there is a free alternative – PicsPlay), it costs nothing. We mention that there is also the paid “Full” version. You have probably already planned a summer vacation for this year and cannot wait to throw your clothes in your luggage and set off. Whether you arrive in one of the most visited holiday destinations in 2020, on a pristine beach, or the tops of the mountains, the memories you will take back home will be invaluable. And because a photo is worth a thousand words, you must make sure that the pictures taken on vacation will be sensational!
smartphone photo editing applications


Thanks to the technology available today, the camera of a smartphone are no better than that of a DSLR camera. But the light, focus, and other technical details of an exceptional photo cannot always be set to the second when the perfect time for a picture appears. The amateur photographer, armed only with a mobile phone, needs an editing application that will beautify any imperfections and raise the quality of a photograph to the rank of art.

During your vacation, make sure you bought your tickets online for transportation, that you took your luggage, but also that you downloaded one of the applications presented here, so that your pictures tell the story of the perfect holiday!

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