The best photo editor 2019

The use of a photo editor will make your pictures look great. Many excellent photo editors are free, so we only need to know how they work and use them. There are many free photo editors online; you can make your picture look beautiful without any expense. There are lots of premium photo editors, such as Photoshop, but you don’t need to ignore the free photo editors that give good results.

We picked up a range of photo editors available for all levels of experience. You can find online photo editors for everyone. You can choose from Photoshop that deserves his price to simple photo editors. With a few clicks, you can find what you need.

Some free photo editors offer a limited selection of tools. If you can pay a subscription, you’ll have more features to embellish your pictures. Below are the best photo Editors of 2019.


The photo editor GIMP is the best alternative to Photoshop. It is also the best free editor for experienced photographs. A great advantage is that the software comes packed with advanced options. You will not see ads or have limitations. It is not easy to learn how to use GIMP, but a little effort will give excellent results.

The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is considered the best photo editor in the category “free.” The great advantage is the fact that new features are added every day. GIMP is breathtaking. It offers masks, layers, and curves. Gimp also offers a clone stamp, creates custom brushes, offers healing tools, apply tools to isolate areas, apply perspective changes.

The application is an open-source photo editor. The community of GIMP developers and users created an extensive collection of plugins. It helps to extend the utility further. The official glossary gives you the chance to download more plugins. Another great advantage consists in the possibility to download Photoshop plugins.

GIMP opens any images. It is easily expandable and comes with tools and features. The interface is customizable. The software is loaded with tutorials. The community helps new users.

It is a free feature-packed photo editor. The application is an excellent alternative to very complex image editors. It looks simple, but the app contains some advanced features. Supports many plugins and allows curves and levels. Unfortunately, is not as powerful as Photoshop or Gimp.

It has layers. allows editing only specific areas of an image. You can build a model using different sections of a picture. allows adjusting the hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, curves, and levels. You have an array of effects such as sharpen, blur, distort, remove red-eye effect, and emboss. has a gradient tool, a text editor clone stamp, and a zoom function. can be improved using downloadable extensions. For photographers with great experience, is a tool that allows the creation of high images.

Adobe Photoshop users will be familiar with the user interface. The interface is intuitive enough for beginners. The standard tools are shown as icons on the left. Filters and adjustments are presented in drop-down menus. When the images look good, you can become creative with Instagram-style effects. Sepia and vignette tools will give a retro aspect. allows user plugins to add more functions and filters. The liquify extension is perfect for fine-tuning portrait images. The extension enables warping images, like Photoshop. The application records the changes in a list. You can undo and redo any changes you need. The newest version of fixed the issues that made the app crash. The crash can happen when copying and pasting pictures from browsers.


The program is feature-packed. Pixlr is in active development. The app has some functions in beta. The beta features are only transient; Pixlr will be better in time. The application is free and allows a fast fine-tune your images. The program offers advanced tools for complex compositions. The app supports layers and advanced editing tools. Another great advantage is clear and easy to use interface.

UI icon based

The prominent features’ number doesn’t make the app challenging to use. The UI is icon-based. You will never be overwhelmed with a significant amount of options. The app reveals the functions of the icons when hovering over each one. The program has the traditional editing function, such as resizing and cropping pictures. Pixlr also provides a great selection of cutting features, such as lasso, magic, shape, and magic. You can delete or move a part of a photo. You also can move a part of a picture on another layer. The feature allows creating compositions from multiple images. 

Pixlr offers great features, allowing to tweak vibrancy, shadows, and highlights. The features are like adjusting levels in Photoshop. Pixlr provides a great selection of filters, grouped in categories such as Retro, Instage, and Colors. The user can create a dramatic or subtle effect using their slider. Tools such as the healing brush, are still in beta. More improvement will come. Drawing tools seem simple, offering three brush styles and a palette with only a few colors. If you click “advanced,” you will see a whole range of options to form your brushes. The app offers for angle, aspect, step, and spikes. The user is waiting for some presets to simulate the effects. We hope that this feature will come later. The simulation will be made for paints, pastels, and pencils.

The conclusion is favorable to Pixlr if you need a free photo editor, rich in features. The future looks suitable for this app, and many new features will come.


The app looks more frivolous and fun than many other applications. The free version offers the possibility to tweak the pictures ready for sharing on social media. You need a higher resolution to export the photos in the right conditions. The high precision is given only by the paid premium account. The minus is the high price of the premium account. The advantages are the accessible user interface and the lots of frivolous filters. To recreate the beauty of

The free photo editors make many efforts to recreate the beauty of Photoshop. It is good to see many free photo editors focus on improving their features.

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