Best free online photo collage makers

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Who never wanted to combine photos? A photo collage is a work of art, made by combining photos. You don’t need any more cutting and pasting images, using digital images, and you will create a collage easily. Collages are trendy on Instagram and Facebook. You can show multiple pictures in only one copy. It is more exciting and meaningful. There are two distinctive types of collage: shape-based collage and layout-based collage. We compiled a list of best free online photo collage creator web-based (no downloads necessary). Some apps need registration to create a picture.

Collage making is an art. You compose different colors and shapes, cutting, gluing, moving things around, and gluing as many as you like. In the digital world, you can create collages in a few minutes. All you need is a collage making an application. A collage empowers you to create breathtaking online photo collages.


PCMag rated PicMonkey as a top 100 websites. It is among the best photo editors you can use online. PicMonkey provides tons of free collages layouts and swatches to allow you to create that suit your needs and taste. To create your collage, you can use Dropbox, Flickr, Facebook, or images from your computer. PicMonkey provides its photos. Fee users can embellish their pictures with features such as corner rounding, spacing, and resizing.


The app is easy to use. Photovisi offers tons of free templates from different categories, such as fun, love, and weddings. It is possible to change the background color, add images or text, change the picture size or order. You can share toe collage of Facebook, Twitter, or download it. The registration is not mandatory.


The app offers a versatile photo collage designer that can create collages easily. The user interface is stunning, and the features awesome. There lots of templates, plus customization features, such as patterns, adding texts or shapes. You can add filter ans effects, such as sharpen, blur, filters, touch up, and crop.


The app allows making an excellent shape collage in a few minutes. Grab your photos from the web, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Google Drive, or Twitter. Unfortunately, you can’t upload pictures from your computer. Pick your favorite shape from the enormous collection of forms and save it. You can share or download the image.


The software allows you to edit, animate, collage, share your pictures online. The application is like Provisi because you can add elements, templates, and texts. It is possible to upload images from the computer using a drag and drop function. You also can pick pictures from your favorite photo-sharing services, such as Facebook, Photobucket, or Flickr.


It is another great photo editor. The app is free and user-friendly. As web-app, it is straightforward to apply right from the first use. Fotor offers four different types of collage: photo stitching, shape collage, and free collage. It is simple to create a perfect picture with borders and various textures to choose from.

collage - Fotor provides amazing photo effects


This app is a slideshow maker, picture editor, and collage maker. There are two ways to create a collage. Choose one of the Kizoa templates or make your collage from scratch. The app has many free templates allowing you to make a collage in a few minutes. You also can learn how to make your collage by going through a Kizoa tutorial step-by-step.

It is a generous application. It provides the user with more than 100 templates, shapes from different categories, such as romantic, travel, family, or animals. You need to choose the collage shape you like and add photos from the Facebook account of your computer to create a photo collage in minutes. Your picture can be shared all over the internet; you need to pay if you want to download the collage.


This app helps to create a collage quickly and easily. Everyone can use the app; you only need to select the background, the image resolution, upload the pictures and text, and you are ready. 


At this application, you can edit a photo, make a collage, add effects to your webcam photo, and more. The collage generator is stunning, creating a Facebook timeline cover, and more. The app offers tons of collage styles and features that are unique. The ability to upload photos from a webcam. piZap allows adding stickers, text, and a MEME. piZap is free to use in-app purchases. It is difficult to handle for undecided users. It features 1250 collage layouts, 1420 stickers, and 37 vibrant and colorful filters, 70 fonts to use. The app also offers boards, backgrounds, and frames. You can share on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Photo Collage

The app you can upload photos to create photo animations, collages, and photo slideshows. Before creating a picture, you need to add your photos to an album. You also need to add background images on canvas and save everything on your online account or your computer. 


It is an online photo editor that allows storing all your photos in the cloud. You can upload pictures from Facebook, Flickr, Facebook. Your computer or other websites. Ribbet has advanced features such as text, effects, stickers, frames, touch-up, and lots of photo editing tools. You can share and download the collages for free. You can use only 12 pictures for non-premium users.


It is a simple photo, collage creator. It makes it easy to create a collage with Picisto. You need to choose a layout, add text, and upload photos. You also need to add shapes and share the collage with your friends. You don’t need to hope to create an excellent or professional looking collage. If you are looking for a faster collage maker, you should download a free collage maker soft maker on your computer. A photo collage makes more editing features, high-quality collages, and excellent user experience.

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