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Alternatives to Photoshop can be a surprise for some professionals and novice. People believe that there is nothing in the photo editing domain other than Photoshop.  Here we will present a few alternatives to Photoshop that deserve your attention. Why search for alternatives to Photoshop? One reason is that some people cannot afford to pay a subscription. Therefore, you do not need thousands of features coming with Photoshop.

 Photoshop is a powerful brand. Just like Google, it is now a verb. For example, people say “we photoshop pictures” instead of “we edit pictures.”  Photoshop fame may make people believe that there are no alternatives to Photoshop. Many novices and professional photo editors cannot think that there are photo editors as powerful as Photoshop. Alternatives to Photoshop can produce professional results. Here are a few alternatives to Photoshop, for the most part, free to use.


The app is for iPad and iPhone. Procreate does not have a free version or a free trial. It has Apple Pencil support but lacks some powerful features. Instead, it is hard to find better performance than Procreate. The developers that designed procreate started in 2010 as a basic drawing app. Procreate changed over the years into a professional instrument. The app obtained an Apple Design Award in 2013.

Procreate offers the features any artist will love. Subsequently, you can find inks and brushes, true-to-life pencils, unique digital tools. In the first place, the app helps you to add flair to your picture. By the way, it has support for first- and second-generation Apple Pencils. Last year, Procreate provides a new Text tool. In 2019 Procreate marked the release of a new iPhone version named Procreate Pocket. Of course, you cannot find all Photoshop features, but you will have the chance to use the most usual features. 

Alternatives to Photoshop


The app emulates traditional techniques for painting. The app is available only as a free trial (demo version). There are no free versions. Rebelle is well known because it mimics real paint. The app has limited brush presets, and it does not work on mobile devices. 

Rebelle offers a true-to-life painting experience. The app is affordable, replicates traditional painting techniques. Consequently, it replicates painting techniques, mainly watercolor. The authenticity is fantastic! The app mimics the real words paint behaves. You can reproduce a drop of color blown. You can choose the blow length, the amount of water you use, and the drip size. Furthermore, the Tilt option lets your colors run in the selected direction. 

You can create your brush, using the built-in Brush Creator. Escae Motions keeps the focus on Rebelle on media.


The app is intuitive and realistic. There is no free version. You can use it for the beginning of a demo version. The watercolors are delicate, and the oils are thick. You can purchase the mobile version separately. ArtRage ensures every artist focuses on his creativity; the oils are realistic, watercolor, pencils, canvas textures, and other painting tools are customizable.

The app has a minimalistic and easy to use interface. The tools are visible when you draw, the less -frequently tools are in pods, to avoid taking up space. You can resize a brush. The app is intuitive and affordable. For Android and iOS, the app price is $4.

You can create works of art and promotional images. You can also create beauty, warmth, and something inviting. ArtRage is a fantastic program to paint. The sketchpad offers a set of pencils, a sheet of paper with wax crayons. The program is for Windows and macOS. It brings realism and paints texture, colors, and fun of creating any form of art.

Subsequently, you can create art with no worries about materials’ cost or modify the brush characteristics. You can use advanced features to obtain the results you expect. It is easy to work with simple tools.

Alternatives to Photoshop


The software is well known for traditional media, which has not changed in the tool. The Watercolor tool still gives you perfect control over your art, and the oils allow you to blend and blend as realistically as ever. Always, now it comes with a very natural pencil, flexible brush editing, and faster performance!

Traditional canvas textures

The program brushes interact with the canvas as you draw. Customize your paper to get precisely the effect you want, whether it is a smooth digital background, fine sketch paper, raw canvas, or a custom pattern of your creation. Overlay the pencils of your canvas with the pencil, follow the watercolors scattered around the cracks and crevices, squeak with oils, and create the texture effects with your personalized digital brushes.

Ideal Software for Traditional Artists

Whether you can’t afford the materials, have run out of space in your sketchbook, break all your pencil leads, keep smudging your inks.  You don’t want to wait while the paint dries, the cats keep eating your pastels, or you are allergic to solvents, you can transfer your traditional skills over to digital and  work with the same familiar tools.

If you would like to learn in a fresh painting medium, then the program is also a low cost. It is a low-pressure way to familiarize yourself with paint and pencils or create quick studies before attempting a complicated project.

The software is designed for digital artists too!

If you are not in the natural environment, but looking for something closer to Photoshop, the program has a lot to offer. The latest edition allows you to design custom brushes, composition tools, masking, adjustable selection tools, pattern and gradient fill, filters, airbrush, customizable style properties, automatic line smoothing, highly controlled color picking smarter flood filling.

Flexible graphic design tools

Plan your composition using grids, guides, and perspective and easily mask areas and draw custom shapes using templates. Use the perspective transformation option to map your drawings to a one-point or two-point view on a perfect scale and shoot more easily with line tilt and symmetry features.

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