Best Photo Enhancing Software

Are you a professional photographer? And looking for Best Photo Enhancing Software?

Let me ask you a simple question. 

What is the smallest unit of a digital image? It’s a pixel, right? A 24 Megapixel camera creates an image that is made up of 24 million pixels. Simple stuff!

Now, suppose I give you a picture made up of 5 pixels and tell you to increase its resolution to let’s say 10 pixels. Now you may easily fill 5 pixels. But what about the remaining 5 pixels? How will you fill those? You will have to guess looking at the existing pixels.

All these software and platforms for image upscaling are technologies for guessing those missing pixels. Some like to use fancy words like AI and Machine Learning but to put it simply, it’s just technology to fill the missing pixels.

It can be a simple approach, for instance, averaging the pixels close by or a very complex approach with hard math. In this article, we are going to look at the best photo enhancing software that upscales low-resolution images to a better quality image.

Let’s get into it!


It is a pretty straight forward website that has its software and you can edit images online as well. All you gotta do is drag and drop your low-resolution image, select the type of output you want. The options include Artwork, Photo, Face, and High Grade ( Recommended ).

It increases the resolution by two, four, or eight times as per your choice.

It has an upload limit of 1200 X 1200 pixels and 5 MB file size. You can buy the premium version where you have to pay 15$ for 99 images per month. There is a plan at 40$ for 999 images per month. For a free plan, it is like 19 images per month.

Best Photo Enhancing Software


You need to create an account in this as well as the above to get a free picture editor and process images.

The interface of this website is very beautiful with vibrant blue color. As you click on the upload, it gives you some additional options. you get two alternatives. The first one is Upscaling and the second one is Enhancement. 

For Upscaling it has two options – “Photos and art” and “Illustrations”. For Enhancement, you can either add textures or improved color. It also has advanced settings where you can select up to how many times you want to increase the resolution and the format of saving.

Start processing and it gives you satisfying results.


Now, this one’s name is pretty straight forward. We are going to make JPGs big and hence the name. What I like about this website is that it has a higher limit compared to the others.  You can upload up to 10 MB and 3000X3000 resolutions.

Two things that matter the most when you are comparing websites like these are processed quality and the processing time. This has an added feature called noise reduction. 

When you upgrade to the paid version the resolution can be increased to 8 times and the processing becomes faster.

Best Photo Enhancing Software


Now what’s special about this website amongst all of them is that it is completely free. There is a business solution section but when you scroll down you get “ WHY IT IS FREE!”.

They have no limitations on the number of images or file size and image resolutions. Very simple platform with an easy-to-use interface. Trust me, it has the best interface! 

You are going to love it!

But in the end, quality has the top priority.


This website has a too old school interface.  It doesn’t give me much inspiration but still, it’s worth trying if you have a low-end computer.

The quality matters rather than the presentation.

They also have a professional service where this would be done manually by hand. Of course, you need to pay for it.

This website is a perfect example of the proverb “ Don’t judge a book by its cover “. The quality of the image produced is unpredictable from the interface. You won’t regret it. The upscaling and enhancement gives you a smooth finishing result.

Best Photo Enhancing Software


This software from TopazLabs is pretty expensive. There is a trial version available. The paid version costs a one-time payment of 99$. If you are lucky enough, you can get it at a discounted price of 74.99$.

Gives you a lot of promises. It is a very well made and organized website. It gives you some tutorials at first. You can enhance manually or using auto.

Before processing, it gives you a preview to get an idea of the finishing product. If I am talking about quality, it is very disappointing to pay 99$. It gives you a clean image, but when you look at the details, you will observe several horizontal lines. 

It is unacceptable!


Now, I don’t have to talk about what Photoshop is. It is one of the amazing software of the Adobe suite. 

The settings you have to choose is Image → Image Size. Change the image size and make sure Resampling is checked with “ Preserved Details 2.0”. It is the latest technology for upscaling. If you are interested you can reduce noise.

Comparing quality, it gives you a fair enough result. 


If I am comparing the quality considering the cost, and have a competition amongst all of the above-mentioned websites/software, here is their respective position:-


Congratulations to IMGLARGER!

Let us know if you are satisfied with the reviews and which one works for you the best.

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