Video editing app free for Android or iPhone

If you need a computer in the past to edit videos, and this process was often quite complicated. Now it’s much easier because you can do it directly from your iPhone or iPad, using video editing app free.

Of course, every editing depends on your needs and how much control you want to have over the entire process. That’s why we chose some of the best video editing apps free, compatible with both iPhone and iPad. The choice depends on  your needs and budget.

Looking for a video or tablet video editing app free? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We will talk about the best video editing apps free. If your goal is to improve the quality of your videos, remove unnecessary scenes or add background music, you don’t have to look for professional video editing solutions.

You can use video editing apps free, which are even free of charge. You can find these apps in the Google Play store for Android or in the App Store for iPhone. These are very simple applications, and do not require much knowledge.

Video editing applications for Android phone or iMovie iPhone

iMovie don’t needs too many presentations: it is an Apple video editing application. You can download it for free on an iPhone or iPad device. The app allows you to edit videos freely and also offers some predefined themes included in the app.

Cyberlink ActionDirectory

If you are using an Android phone and looking for a good app to edit videos, you should try Cyberlink ActionDirector. The app is very easy to use and has many interesting features. It allows you to cut and merge the video, apply artistic effects, insert soundtracks, titles, transition effects, and more.

The application is free but adds watermark to the generated videos and does not support Full HD resolution at 1080p. To remove watermarks and activate Full HD media, you need to purchase the full version which costs $ 4.59 or you can view ads (in this case the watermark will be removed in one project).


KineMaster is one of the best video editing application for Android. It can be downloaded and used for free, but add a watermark to the videos it generates. The app also includes a store that allows you to buy effects, stickers and styles for titles.

To remove the watermark and use all the additional features, you must pay a subscription of 3.56 euros per month or 28.46 euros per year.

video editing app free

Quik – GoPro Editor

If your goal is to create short videos and then post them on social media, you should try the Quik app. This is a free Android and iOS app made by GoPro, with this app you can create short videos with special effects, background music and transition effects.

video editing app free

Clips – iPhone

If you are using an iPhone or iPad and want to create short videos for social media, you should try the Apple Clips app. It is completely free and extremely easy to use. The application is like iMovie, but is based on short videos for social networks, and offers many special effects.

Vee for Video

Full control over the clip, easy to use. One thing a lot of people like to do is slow down or speed up video clips. Vee for Video does this, and besides, it lets you edit other videos. Just tap on a clip and see all the options, select the type of edit you want to apply, and you’re done.

One of the things that makes Vee for Video an easy-to-use tool is the drag and drop interface. If you want to rearrange your clips, pick one with your finger and move it as you wish, left or right. Also, by clicking between the clips, you find passages.

Vee for Video also has features such as exposure and focus. By simply clicking anywhere in the clip you can change these things. You can even split the video in two, using two fingers on the screen. Small details like this make Vee for Video a very useful and user-friendly application, which is a part of the application suite on your iPad or iPhone.

Pinnacle Studio Pro

The best video editing option available on iOS. If you modify a lot of video content and you want to have complete control over each aspect, Pinnacle Studio Pro is the closest desktop performance app. Although it takes a while to learn, once you have a good grasp on how it works, you become a master video editor on iOS.

Not only  you can edit almost any aspect of your video, but you can also use multilayer animations, titles and transitions as a dedicated audio mixer. If you use Pinnacle Studio on your PC, you can export projects started on iPhone or iPad and you can continue exactly where you left off. This is probably the strength and main feature of the application.

If you are willing to learn everything Pinnacle Studio Pro has to offer, you will discover that it is one of the most capable video editing applications for iPhone or iPad.

video editing app free

Other video editing applications for your phone

Video editing applications for Android or iPhone are many and we cannot talk about all the applications in this category. But if you are looking for alternatives to the applications mentioned above you can try other ones from the list below.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip (Android / iOS) – this is the mobile version of Adobe Premiere, the famous Adobe video editing software. The application is free, very easy to use and includes many interesting features.
  • InShot (Android / iOS) – free application to create video and photo montages with writing and special effects.
  • Cyberlink PowerDirector (Android) – another Cyberlink branded video editor. The app is easy to use and worth a try. To remove the watermark generated on your videos and unlock all effects, you need to pay $ 5.99.
  • Magisto (Android / iOS) – this is a very nice application that allows you to create montages with photos and videos. The application is very simple to use, but very limited in the free version (the paid version costs 19.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros per year).

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