The best 12 video editing software

Today it is easier than ever to be a creator of video content. You have a whole host of intuitive tools, which you can use for free, plus a lot of professional video cameras, which allow you to shoot more PRO than a job cameraman. About the best free video editing software, we talk right now!

1. VSDC Free Video Editor

Many content creators consider VSDC Free Video Editor to be one of the best free video processing software. Freedom of movement, within this video editing program, is based on the multitude of options and tools available. The base is surprisingly large, considering that VSDC is a software that you can use for free.
The less enjoyable part is that it may seem difficult to use, especially for those who do not have much experience in video editing.

So patience is a virtue in the learning process of this program, but if you get to understand how VSDC Free Video Editor works, you will be surprised at what it can offer.

This free video editing program also works without adware. Press NO, whenever you are asked to install other advertising programs, during its installation.

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2. VDM (VirtualDubMood)

VirtualDubMod is an open source video editing software. For a free video processing software, VDM is as versatile as it is. It allows you to cut certain pieces of the videos you make, just extract the audio part of a video clip, play as you want with the video resolutions. You can apply filters / effects for your productions.

The less beautiful part about VDM (VirtualDubMod) is that this free video editing software has not been updated for a long time. So, you only have to be satisfied with some basic editing elements, which you can find, besides, in most all the free software of this ranking.

3. Avidemux

If you need a video editing software to learn basic things – cutting, merging, filtering, video coding – Avidemux is one of the best programs for your needs. It is a super-flexible tool, compatible with a lot of video formats: AVI, MPEG, MP4, DVD, ASF.

Even those who have not edited videos so far, will find it extremely easy to use this free video processing software. Avidemux comes packaged with a series of filters that you can customize as you wish. This video editing software has more codecs included. You don’t have to waste your time searching the net.

4. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is an intuitive editing software. It allows a lot of simple actions to perform, such as: cutting certain chunks in one clip, joining separate parts through transition effects, recording voice in video files. This  option will be extremely useful if you want to record tutorials. The free video editing software comes with a simple to use interface, is compatible with (almost) all audio / video formats. It  also allows captures from camcorders and webcams, which are then instantly uploaded to the project.

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5. AVS Video Editor

If you want to get serious about the job, but don’t want to waste your money on expensive video editing software, AVS Video Editor is what you were looking for. Unfortunately, it is free only  for a period of 30 days. In this first month, you will enjoy an unlimited number of hits. It is an extremely complex tool that allows you  amazing editing freedom.

With AVS Video Editor, you can make tutorials exactly the way you want. It covers the full range of tools and basic options of a free video editing program. It is compatible with most video input / output formats: HD VIdeo (inc. Blu-Ray video, AVCHD, MPEG-2 HD and WMH HD), AVI (DivX, Xvid etc), DV AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPG, DVD and so on.

6. ffDiaporama

If you want to add music to the background of the videos you are editing, ffDiaporama is exactly the software you need. It is a video editing program that you will find extremely easy to use, but very complex, in terms of the number of options available. ffDiaporama is a free video editing software that allows you to create amazing projects. It is full of video effects, which you can add with just a few clicks.

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7. WonderShare Video Editor

Here is another example of extremely intuitive video editing. Wondershare Video Editor is compatible with many video formats. It allows users to access  its main functions, through a user-friendly interface.

This video editing software includes transition filters, “picture in picture” animations, as well as functions for pasting and trimming certain frames in the clip. Videos edited with Wondershare Video Editor are available for both Android and iOS. Unfortunately, this tool is free for a period of 30 days.

8. Free Video Dub

This video editing program allows you to quickly remove unwanted frames from a video. This software saves only the parts you want to keep, to the original quality of the shooting. Working with the Free Video Dub is as simple as possible: upload the video file into the software, select the beginning and end of the part you want to remove from the clip, delete it, and then click “Save Video”.

It may seem like a rudimentary version of much more Avidemux and VDM complexes, but it’s the perfect video editing program for those who just want to “cut” parts of the clips without too much headaches.

9. Free Video Joiner

Even if it is not a software for editing in the true sense of the word, this program allows you to merge two or more clips, in the same file. Moreover, the video files you want to paste can have different resolutions and even formats.

If we have still discussed the formats, find out that the Free Video Joiner video editing software is compatible with AVI (Divx, XviD, MPEG4), WMV, MPEG (MPEG1 and MPEG2), MP4, MOV, DVD, VCD. It is an easy-to-use video editing tool for those who want to do simple operations, not toast projects.

10. Wax

It is a free video editing software, which allows to add 3D effects in clips: dynamic texts, simulation of weather phenomena (wind, rain, snow), morphing and warping operations, chroma key effects etc. Wax is also a plugin for professional video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas.

Unlike other programs we talked about today, Wax is not a video editing software that can easily accommodate beginners. Its complexity requires a certain level of knowledge, and the tutorials on the net can familiarize you, step by step, with everything that this software has to offer.

11. GLMixer

It is also an open source video editing software. GLMixer allows you to mix multiple video clips in real time, in the same workspace. Unfortunately, because it focuses more on video quality, this editing software doesn’t score as well on the audio side.

Therefore, we recommend that you run a separate audio software in parallel, because during the video editing process, you can’t synchronize it.. It is a free video editing program that works in real time. Therefore, you must have a very good video card to support this step (on older devices, the frame rate per second can be well below 25 fps).

12. Video Editor Lite Machete

This video editing program allows you to cut, mix, move and copy videos, quickly and easily. Here’s a simple example: Machete Video Editor Lite lets you remove creatives from a movie you recorded from your TV.

With just one click, you can quickly save video frames in BMP, PNG, JPEG formats. Unlike other video editing software, which we talked about in this article, Machete Video Editor Lite only supports AVI (DivX and XviD) and WMV files.

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