Make a 3D photo on Facebook

Facebook announced in February 2018 that it offers the possibility to upload 3D postings on the platform, some photos that you can move using the mouse (or finger, if you look at the phone); it is not difficult to make 3D photos. Currently, Facebook allows you to upload two types of 3D posts: 3D Photo and 3D Post. What’s the difference between the two? Here you can find how to make 3D photo on Facebook.

How to activate 3D Photo on Facebook

Step one would be to enter the Facebook page 360 ​​and give the page alike. After you like the page, the 3D Photo should be active. If you have an iPhone 7+ or newer, be sure you have the latest version of the Facebook app, then open the app and try creating a new post. You should also have the 3D Photo feature in the list of content types that you can upload to Facebook.

When you click to make 3D Photo, Facebook automatically selects photos that are compatible with this type of content from your phone. We talk about the photos you took using the Portrait setting of the camera.

How to activate 3D Post on Facebook

In principle, the 3D post feature should already be active on your account or the Facebook page you manage. You just must keep in mind that when you have a file with 3D content, you can upload it to Facebook via Drag & Drop.

make 3D photo

Let's see how we can make 3D photo on Facebook

If you are like me and are not good at editing or creating 3D content, there is a tool for those like us. The tool is free to use: Vectary. It is, in fact, a platform that allows you to create and export 3D content and is very easy to use. For the 3D posting, I simply wrote the text, then exported it.

A background comes directly from Facebook, which lets you select what kind of background you want when you upload your 3D content there.

In addition to the ability to make text content, Vectary allows you to upload logos or use predefined objects in their platform. This means that it would be easy for people who manage Facebook pages to start taking advantage of this type of content. And if you need more 3D objects, you can also look at Poly, a Google-made platform where 3D content creators upload their renderings. You can download and use them easily.

If the 3D file has more than 3MB, you will not be able to upload it to the platform.

3D pictures

You can take 3D pictures on Facebook! At least that’s how it looks at first glance. It is a choice that allows you to upload 3D pictures on the wall of your Facebook profile. Specifically, the 3D application integrated by Facebook captures and changes the distance between a subject in the foreground and objects in the background, giving you a three-dimensional appearance when you move or scroll on your timeline.

The images are not native 3D, made with 3D cameras and do not require special equipment. The 3D effect images from Facebook made using images captured in portrait mode and then changed in the AI ​​algorithmic system, ultimately creating the depth sensation of the image, respectively 3D effect.

3D photos can capture the effects for both phones and computers through the various mouse movements for desktop to desktop and other phones in mobile devices.

How can you imagine 3D on Facebook?

For an effective post you can imagine 3D on your Facebook wall you need to start by creating a post. Click on the 3 points in the upper-left corner to display a menu and you will find the “3D Photo” option. From here everything will be simple. Next, Facebook will show you a preview of what it looks like before you post. The rest of the steps are exactly like a classic post. Easy, isn’t it?

make 3D photo

Your 3D images are on Facebook

At the same time, you can view 3D imagery with VR using Oculus Go, Firefox or Oculus Rift.

What phones do you want to put a 3D image on Facebook?

Good to know is that not all phones can post 3D images on Facebook, but only certain iPhones that support the dual camera. Specifically, Apple devices that can create and post 3D images on Facebook are iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, and XS Max.

For some reason, Facebook does not list on its website instructions for access to 3D Photo, but that does not mean that there is no “trick” in the middle. The company appears to have limited user access only to fans of a page it owns called Facebook 360. Thus, the steps to get access to 3D Photo are as follows:

make 3D photo

Facebook 3D Photo - Tutorial

  • Sign in to Facebook and search for the Facebook page 360 ​​(or access this link).
  • Click on the “LIKE” button to follow the Facebook 360 page.
  • Manually close the application on the phone from the task manager (double click on the Home button or raise the bottom bar halfway to X / XS). Start the application again.
After you complete this process, the 3D Photo feature will appear in the list of possible content to publish when you want to set a new “status”. You need to take 3D Photo photos using the portrait function in the “Camera” application in iOS. Also, make a well-lit frame, to better separate the subject from the background. Facebook has not yet released details on launching 3D Photo on Android devices, and whether it will support iPhone XR, which, although it does not have two cameras, can take single-shot portrait shots using software processing.

Tips for How to Take 3D Photos from your Phone

  • Ensure your photos have a real sense of depth and a perspective. A photo of a book on a table will not come alive in 3D. An image of someone walking on a street may. Why? A street goes off into the distance. The camera will capture as depth.
  • Take pictures with action in it. Certain types of movement will convey depth.
  • Optimize for Facebook’s aspect ratio. 4:3 means your images can take up more space on the News Feed. People can see your work fine!

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