Precious Tips to Help You Get Better at Online Photo Editor

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We present you a few tips to speed up your online photo process, get better ai online photo editor. The shooting journey will remain the same, but you can speed your editing process.

Learn how to download images efficiently

If you can’t correctly manage the downloaded files, your editing will be confusing and time-consuming. Don’t use the digital camera; it is better to download the pictures from your card onto your computer. It is time to leave the images you don’t need anymore. If you import the photos from a card using Lightroom, you can use the previews to select and leave up the unnecessary images.

Don’t waste your time selecting the pictures from preview icons. It is faster to download them and give them out during the selection process.

It is possible to  organize your images, keeping them in separate folders, with name and date. You can find them easily. Successfully downloading the pictures to a specific place will allow you were speeding your editing.  You can create a folder named Photos on your hard drive and different fields to photograph in.

Use Lightroom instead of Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express has enough features to allow you to post-process your photos. It has strong functions in power and tools but is misses some organization and file structuring. The well known photo editor makes possible the use of Photoshop and Adobe Bridge together, but it is more complicated to use two programs instead of only one program, Lightroom.

It allows you to organize your photos into a library. The app lets you organize your photos in batches or individually — no need to have switching programs, no trickery, no extra costs. You will keep the photo edits. Be careful, apps such as Photoshop, don’t store the edits. The most popular online photo editor, Lightroom,  offers the necessary tools for basic editing and enhancements.

Have a workflow for editing

The key to a successful workflow is photo editing online is the way you deal with your images. You will not waste your time since the beginning of the process. We are talking about the workflow you must follow. These are the steps:

  • Download
  • Import
  • Edit
  • Re-edit
  • Retouch
  • Export
  • Deliver
  • Add to a portfolio.

When you upload your images to your smartphone, you can do as much work as you can. You can add keywords, metadata, and presets. The apps usually provide techniques and tricks to do your job. From there, you only need to edit and retouch the photos, then exporting.

A good workflow makes the process streamlined. Make a checklist; it helps.


Transform your editing into an assembly line

An assembly line starts with keywording the photos. You can create a batch for tags as the camera used, location, date, or lens. Then you can examine the images to make the first selection. Make a second selection to keep the best photos. During each selection, you need to become more and more critical. In the end, you can make a collection of your best images.

Use the auto-advance method

The auto-advance method helps you to cut down the editing time. It works fine when you have a hundred images. The process pops-up the next image when you select an action. You can quickly eliminate the photos that are not perfect. If you don’t have Auto-Advance, you need to press ‘B’ and then’>’ to move forward. Maybe you will believe than pressing a button is not timesaving. But when you need to push the button too many times, it becomes time consuming and tedious. To activate it, go to Photo > Auto-Advance.

Start batch editing

If you took lots of pictures of the same subject, you could build a series. It is possible editing the images one by one, with care for each one, it is a massive waste of time.  You can  simplify the process. Edit and enhance the first picture and save the settings. You can apply the settings to the next image and the future. All your photos will receive the same treatment, meaning you will see the same time. To save the edits, right-click on the picture and go to Develop Settings > Paste Settings

Don’t spend your time editing only one image

If you took lots of pictures with a similar subject, you need to find the best one to work on. You also can form a group of the high-quality images you want to keep. Presets are an exceptional editing technique. Not all the presets work. Presets are settings that a user or a professional photographer made, sharing them for a small surcharge or for free. When installed, presets an array of different tones, colors, or any adjustments you need in editing images.

Many presets are white and black conversions. When you take o photo in color and apply the preset white and black, you will not always obtain the contrasted image you need. The problem is huge. It happens because you used a white and black preset on an image in color. The result has not the contrasts you need. You need some other presets for this reason, and you need a new preset that will save time.

Organize your images in smart collections

Apps such as Lightroom , almost perfect online photo editor, allow organizing your pictures in collections. They are like a group of folders, the folder structure on your computer. You can create folders and collections easily. Collections allow finding the images you need with only o few info.

Use a laptop for editing

If you are far away from home and need to edit the photos you recently have taken, you need a laptop. When traveling, the laptop will save hours. If you have only a PC at home, renting a laptop will be a beneficial method to save your time. You also can use a smartphone, and many online photo editors can do the job.

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