Top Cool Photoshop Effects That You Must Try

In this blog, we are going to look at 9 of the very Cool Photoshop Effects. These photo effects are an incredible tool, making it fast and easy to add vibrancy and personality to your professional creative projects.

These photoshop picture editor would add greater flavor and intensity to your pictures. It looks amazing when the end product comes out. It attracts your viewers and when you can see progress in your works, you naturally have that “feel good” feeling inside you.

Considering the huge increase in social media, it is safe to assume that the number of photos clicked every day is also increasing. You surely want your pic to stand out amongst the others. 

These top 9 effects would help you achieve that.

Let’s get into it!

#1 Art Photo Template

At number 1, is the stylish art photo template by Zeppelin_Graphics that transforms your photos into beautiful works of art ready for use in any of your Projects.

It is perfect for creating posters or stylish new Facebook cover photos. This effect will help you finish the job faster!

With 7 main effects, it is as simple as some as a few mouse clicks! All you need to do is to edit image and then play with the layers available to get the desired effect!

It has a variety of effects most of which are like paints sprinkled over or sprayed over the image which gives it an artistic and classy look at the same time.

#2 Burning Fire Photo Effect

The Burning Fire Photo Effect by Giallo. 

It is a fiery photo effect that takes your images to a whole new level. It makes any picture you choose striking, vivid, and bold! This effect would work well for the cover artwork of a booklet or a DVD cover. Perhaps, your new song cover poster. 

When you see this effect only one word comes out of your mouth – “ DAMNN! “.

With the complete control of the photoshop file, this photo effect is completely customizable to suit your needs, regardless of what you use it for.

Simply drag your desired photo and watch it spark! 

#3 Vintage Photo Effect

Vintage Photo Effect by CollectiveOffSet. 

It is a stylish high-resolution Photoshop template that sends your photos back in time, giving them a beautiful and effective Vintage look right to make a family photo album.

If you want to surprise your grandma by making her feel nostalgic, this is the one for you.

Incredibly easy to use, just add your images using the smart object layer, and then toggle the layers to select which vintage photomask you like the look of best!

Top Cool Photoshop Effects

#4 Realistic Shadow Mockup Collection

Realistic Mockup Shadow Collection by EightonesixStudios adds some depth and texture to your photos to this dreamy shadow photo effect.

It is perfect for product shots and flat lays to create a natural and whimsical textural effect. With 20 shadow overlay templates to choose from, simply drop in your image for realistic and beautiful results.

If you are someone taking shots of your newly generated startup products on a flat layout, go for it for a more realistic view!

#5 Retro Photo Mask

Retro Photo Mask by CollectiveOffSet.

Taken from old film negatives, bromides, and photography papers, this collection of 20 retro photo mask effects offers a fantastic way to present your photos on both screens or print-based designs and presentations.

If you want to picture yourself on that old-timey film look, try it using this. You won’t regret it.

Use the Photoshop template to quickly create the effects using your photos, or paste each transparent PNG file into the application of your choice.

Top Cool Photoshop Effects

#6 Artistic Smoke Photo Effect

Artistic Smoke Photo Effect by Giallo.

It is a textural smoky effect, perfect for adding intrigue and mystery to any creative project. Give that “Sherlock look” a try!

With complete control of the Photoshop file, this photo effect is easy to use and completely customizable to suit your needs. Simply drop your photos and watch them smolder!

#7 The Ultimate Watercolor Creator

The Ultimate Watercolor Creator by Cruzine.

This beautiful and unique watercolor creator lets you create an original watercolor painting in minutes. With multiple paper textures, edit effects, and customizable brush marks, it is simple but efficient to use!

Just add your image, and your new watercolor artwork is ready to go!

Top Cool Photoshop Effects

#8 Text Portrait Mockup other Cool Photoshop Effects

Text Portrait Mockup by Kahuna_Design.

Transform your photos into unique graphics with the stylish and sleek Text Portrait Photo Effect! 

Are you working on a new poster or t-shirt print? These effects will you finish the job faster!

It is as simple as a few mouse clicks! All you need to do is paste in your image and toggle amongst the layers available to get a polished final result!

#9 Hipster Photo Template 

Hipster Photo Template by Zeppelin_Graphics.

It is one of the amazing templates which transform your photos into vibrant retro designs, perfect for use on posters, booklets, and pamphlets.

With fully layered, color-coordinated Photoshop files, these photo effect works like a charm. It has a huge catalog of logos, effects, textural overlays, and background options, letting you produce you an enormous amount of striking final designs!

Top Cool Photoshop Effects


So, that rounds up the Cool Photoshop Effects. Did any of those photo effects stand out to you or do you have any photoshop alternative? Let us know your pick of the bunch in the comments below. 

Do you know any better ones?

Please let us know!

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