Top Mobile Editing Apps You Need!

If you are a person who likes to keep their social media profile updated, these Top Mobile Editing Apps won’t let you down!

These are the apps that I use to take my photo game up to the next level. We will talk about the features that I use the most often. This is going to be a mix of paid, and free apps but all of those which I am going to show are worth purchasing and won’t waste your time.

Let’s get started!

#1 Touch Retouch

The easiest and fastest way that I have found to touch up photos, to remove unwanted objects, and to clone stamp is by using the app called TouchRetouch.

It will seem way overhyped until you use it. It’s suspiciously accurate including a line detection fix mode for power lines, cables, and all sorts of straight-line things.

It is available for both iOS and Android for the US $1.99.

Top Mobile Editing Apps


It may be the favorite photo editing app for iPhone right now.

If you have a phone specially for Portrait mode, FOCOS turns it into a 3D computational photo editing machine. You can also take in-app pictures and focus on whatever portion of the image you want just by a tap and surprisingly also using a brush-like tool.

We can control the look of the Bokeh in the background, and make it look like certain lenses they have modeled or just design it completely of our own.

This app is priced at $12 for lifetime access or $1/ month.

#3 Adobe Lightroom

It is the go-to edit app for every single photo edit you to do.

If you are already familiar with that Adobe World and part of their subscriptions, cloud syncing of your photos and presets across the device is incredible especially putting your mobile photos into your desktop edit workflow.

You have got all the standards that Adobe is known for. You have a color mix feature where you can dial in the hue, saturation, and luminance for any specific color.

It consists of many more stunning professional features.

Top Mobile Editing Apps

#4 Adobe Photoshop Mix

Now if you are staying up on Instagram trends, there is a huge movement right now towards compositing, people creating elaborate scenes from multiple photos. What they are creating is like Instagram masterpieces!

What Photoshop mix allows you to do is easily add multiple layers, edit them, manipulate them, and allows you to create these composite photos.

All you have to do is select the layers and edit them accordingly.

Can you create those masterpieces?

Get started!

#5 Lens Distortion

This app has some beautiful photo overlays to represent lens flares, the sun, the weather elements. 

The free version gives you plenty of filters across several categories to bring that added interest and that added spice to your photos.

An image where you are standing by a seaside can be turned into a scene with drizzling raindrops with a pleasant breeze.

It’s a pretty basic app and easy to use.

They do have a paid version which gives you a handful of some more amazing overlays.

Top Mobile Editing Apps

#6 Word Swag

We are going to pivot just a little bit here and look specifically at Instagram stories.

Now, if you are looking up to your Instagram Story game, a really quick and awesome way to do that is with nice typography.

In my opinion, this app’s font selection is second to none in the App Store.

Select an image, crop it to the size which suits you the best. Put on a text from the options available. From there, not only you can pick a style, but each style has seemingly endless renditions of it.

It costs $5 to unlock all the features and is worth your time and money.

#7 Unfold

Staying in the land of Instagram stories, and creating this beautiful advertisement grade Instagram stories, Unfold is gaining a ton of popularity right now. Currently its the most popular app for Instagram

The app itself is free and provides one minimal style template pack for free, which does include enough variety just to make the free version worth it but then they give you previews of other packs and you can buy them for a dollar or two.

They are also directly linked to Unsplash where you can get free royalty-free stock images.

Top Mobile Editing Apps

#8 Snapseed 

This app developed by Google is no doubt one of the high-quality photo editor app available in the market.

Therefore, it helps you achieve the picture which you wanted to capture but couldn’t.

One thing which makes it different is that it is available at 40+ languages. Select the one you are most comfortable with and proceed.

It holds around 29 different tools and filters which lets you easily turn your captured photos into masterpieces to be cherished.

#9 Pixlr

At a time where art and creative works are in jeopardy, this free design app at your disposal is invaluable. 

This app is especially useful for taking online classes while using tools and technology. It is free of cost for all educators and students.

Their main motive is to develop creative skills for the new generation. It has a very familiar and engaging interface which helps to learn it faster as well.

Top Mobile Editing Apps


All of these Top Mobile Editing Apps mentioned above allow you to explore new sides of creativity and exuberance. There hardly are any drawbacks. Therefore try all of this and you won’t regret it.

Let us know in the comments which suit you the best!

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