Guide to Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

Everyone wants their photographs to look extraordinary and beautifully perfect at some point or other. Pictures captured on a camera may look fine because of their originality, but editing pours life. In a photograph, if you want your photo to make a difference in this world of creative minds, then it needs to stand out among others.

Suppose you are a photographer or an artist and build your brand or work hard on multimedia projects. In that case, photographs are an excellent idea to connect with your viewer so that your brand can be unique on its own and simultaneously beat your competitors.

There are several ways to make something extraordinary and creative, such as photo manipulations, picture art, and image composites by various artists or professional photographers. Some can create vast landscapes using ordinary pictures, while others create detailed imagery with the right stocks.

If you are a learner, I will guide you with some helpful manipulation tips in Adobe Photoshop.

Turn your Ideas into Photo Manipulation

The process of building a photo art project will differ from one artist to another artist. You can skip a few steps only if you are confident enough about those steps which you missed. But here are some essential points to consider:

Break Ideas with Words: Starting with an idea assessment will be significant because art is like a school assessment. To deliver an idea effectively, you have to do a sufficient amount of research into the logo, colors, and the surroundings needed to get a better result.

You can do this quickly by writing down a list of words on a sheet of paper, on your mobile, or anywhere you want so that you can describe how you want your art to look.

A list of information about the particular topic will give your viewers a rough visualization of your creation. Starting every project with basic steps helps you to avoid unimportant details and give you the desired result.


Thumbnail sketches can be as straightforward which are quickly drawn, such as lines or shapes, so people of any artistic level can make them.

Photo manipulation is, basically, a photo puzzle. Thumbnail drawings are essential as it helps to give you a better understanding of the basic outline of your composition. Once you ace it up, you can start looking for photographs that will help you achieve your idea.

A good thumbnail points out your project from the other brands, creating a massive chance for the audience to be engrossed in your sketches. If you click on a picture whose thumbnail stands out positively from the others, in the same way, it can attract the audiences to click on your thumbnail drawings for its uniqueness.

photo manipulation in adobe photoshop

Selection of Photos for Photo Manipulation

After having a concrete plan, you should start taking pictures. But finding stock phots can take a considerable amount of time as finding the right stocks is essential.

Photographs with the right stocks will inevitably differ in quality and shape and theme, and surroundings.

How to Search for Stocks

Many things can occur during an image manipulation project. Someone might remove the stock you like, or sometimes, it might be tough to find one that fits your composition.

So here are a few steps to find the right picture on these stock sites:

  • Save your ideas and word assessment close.
  • Try out a few keywords to get better photo results. For instance, “girl,” “woman,” and “children” show up very differently on stock websites.
  • Only bookmark the stocks you know will work for that idea.
  • Get used tor with how stock photographers label or tag their photographs.
  • Bookmark a few extra pictures that you can exchange easily if needed.
  • Download the photographs you will like without thinking.
  • And keep an open mind, don’t be brutal with your choices!

Take Your Pictures

Taking your pictures is highly recommended, and it’s very praise-worthy. It would help if you tried having your self-portrait project, which will surely help you build your confidence. Gradually but surely, your photography and art skills will improve with time because you will be able to style yourself the way I need for each theme and composition.

Taking your photographs gives you much more control over the resultant look. And nowadays, you can even get away with just utilizing a smartphone with excellent lighting for a quick photoshoot.

Photo Manipulation Tools You Need to Know

There are some essential tools in the Adobe Photoshop app that will help you in your photo manipulation.

The tools are:

  • Selection Tools
  • Layer Masks
  • Clipping Masks
  • The Brush or Eraser Tool
  • Adjustment Layers
  • Layer Blending Modes

These tools will help you achieve what you want. For example, Layer Masks are very crucial for removing backgrounds in photographs non-destructively. And getting to know these tools is as simple as typing them into Google to see various forms of them in action.

On the other hand, Adjustment Layers, for example, can mean brightness, ContrastSaturation, adjustment, colors, levels, and many more. And different Layer Blend Modes alter the way layers are applied in a theme or composition.

Advanced Tools

when you feel confident enough with the basics, you can go on experimenting with more advanced tools. Some tools you may be overlooking might deal with picture retouching methods, 3D, or even animation.

Here are just a few of the best-advanced tools below:

  • 3D Tools
  • Filter Gallery
  • Timeline Panel
  • Liquify Tool

The Liquify Tool, for example, can easily alter the appearance of a person’s face in a photograph by warping each detail with unique, intelligent tools.

Color Correction is Important

One of the essential techniques you’ll need to know for image manipulations is color correction.

Color correction is a process where you can take an ordinary photo and use different types of tools to change the colors. Maybe you want to turn a red apple into a green one, and you can do that simply with something like the Saturation and warmth Adjustment Layer.

Please move the slider towards the Hue until the apple turns green. Also, use the Layer Mask to differentiate the changing of colors. It’s pretty simple. Imagine what wonders you can do with such a technique as a hue adjustment layer. You can use it to change the color of a dress, hair, and so much more.

And many apps can change colors and edit pictures in Adobe Photoshop. I advise you to learn them all and implement them when you need them. Unfortunately, not every image will work with an adjustment layer, so knowing which tool is best for your project is essential.


Photo manipulation is an essential part of photo editing and should not be neglected at any cost. You can always make beautiful and outstanding designs with your great imagination because every human being is creative in its way. From cropping a picture to adjusting the contrast, every single step is crucial in photo editing.

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