Clicking beautiful pictures of your properties is the first thing to do to sell them. With beautifully balanced pictures showing rooms in their most attractive lighting, your clients can think of themselves living there, day-to-day. Dirty, flat images with dull lighting can form the first obstacle that many clients never make it through. So pictures are the very first priority to win the customer’s trust. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to take high-quality images – thanks to apps like Photoshop and Lightroom, as these apps can make average photos come to life with their edit.

Here are editing tips on how to edit photos for real estate:

1) Colour correction

As one of the simplest and quickest photo editing methods, there’s no excuse for overlooking color correction. Both Photoshop, Lightroom, and all the best photo editors will let you bring your pictures to life with the help of color correction. To give the photos a realistic yet dazzling look, you should adjust the flat colors, hue, and saturation to modify the colors in your real estate photos until they seem true to life.

2) Straighten the lines

When you’re clicking pictures of properties, you should try to get lines straight – screw-up views can subtly sabotage people’s faith in a property. However, if you’ve damaged the images, you straighten a squint picture using Photoshop to create the property photos. The Free Transform tool in Photoshop will allow you to straighten out your shots by selecting the whole picture and drag the cursor to the end.

3) Light Adjustment

Getting perfect lighting in your real estate images is very important as your buyers will be put off properties with dull lighting. Shooting interiors with bogus lighting and mirror can lead to annoying dark spots due to over-exposure. You can edit all these shots in Lightroom by adjusting saturation and highlights, creating perfectly balanced pictures.

how to edit photos

4) Clean your images up by cloning

You can’t always clear out a room before you start shooting it, especially if someone is still living in it. Possible buyers need to see an open space onto which they can imagine themselves living their life and growing old, so making the rooms perfectly balanced through Photoshop magic is an excellent skill to have. The clone tool in Photoshop can decorate objects, cleaning up your photos in seconds.

 5) Crisp up your pictures

Balancing the clarity of your photos can sharpen them up, bringing blurry images into professional incisiveness. It’s easy to do in Lightroom by taking the clarity bar up by pushing the cursor to the right. However, excessive editing can give the image an artificial sharpness that will damage the picture resolution.

 6) Mastering HDR

HDR (high dynamic range) is a practical effect well known to photographers as it can give a rich color to your images and eventually bring them to life. Many cameras consist of the HDR mode nowadays but shoot several pictures of the same object with a different focus and club them together to balance highlights and saturation.

 7) Sky replacement

While shooting outdoor shots of your properties, try to pick a sunny day, as the sunlight and a blue sky give you the best pictures of your property. But weather is unpredictable, and that’s where Photoshop comes in to make your photographs beautiful, even on a rainy day. Bring up the warmth and add different colors to your sky to give your customers a view of a bright sunny day under a beautiful blue sky.

8) Image Processing

These days, potential buyers want to see properties from different angles before they confirm buying the property, and they have more considerable digital expectations. This means real estate innovators are taking more pictures than ever, often ending up with entire hard drives and large uploads. Photoshop can make your images better by processing automated exports of photos into batches, letting you resize and alter the file type in numerous pictures at once. This saves a lot of time which enables you to focus on the customer.

9.Get the Exposure right

Turn to Exposure in the Edits menu when the shadows dim so much that you can’t make out all of a home’s features; otherwise, getting buyers to look at your listing will be hard. Exposure allows you to adjust your picture’s brightness, sharpness, warmth, contrast, structure, highlights, and shadows, levels to let your picture’s bright colors shine through.

10. Editing Exteriors in Adobe Lightroom

Once you have your images shot on RAW, you need to go over them for re-editing, so these are ready for customer use. Adobe Lightroom is the most trusted software for editing and allows us to know how to edit photos for real estate. It lets you make changes and apply color presents to your pictures.

Set the whites and blacks

Press and hold the Alt button on Windows while pushing the Whites slider to the right to expand the brightest whites. You will have to continue dragging even if the screen turns black unless you see lots of whites. Press and hold the similar key for the Blacks slider while pulling it, which results in a white screen. You have to continue pushing the slider to the left until the black areas in the picture start to show up. This adds excellent Exposure to the image.

Move the clarity

Add a little bit of accuracy to the image by pushing the clarity slider. This gives a slight blow to the different tone ranges without affecting the saturation and highlights.

Adjust the temperature

After having significant Exposure to your pictures, take a look at the temperature of your images. Drag the temperature slider to the left to add a calm tone to the idea. It’s essential to check the temperature to have a perfectly balanced real estate image.

De-saturate the correct colors

Scroll down to the HSL or B&W tab and click on the saturation bar. To choose a particular color that you want to over-saturate or de-saturate without destroying the rest of the photo, click on the little clicker box, select the place you wish to de-saturate, and pull the mouse down.

Control the details 

Modify the amount of sharpening by pushing the sliders around. Add a pinch of radius just to put in some specifications on the image. With masking, press the Alt or the Option key and hold it while pushing the slider to the right. This gives your image a little sharpening at the ends.

 Noise reduction

If you’ve increased the shadows, you may need to up the highlights a little bit. This washes away the grain that your picture has from sharpening.


Advertising property is all about presenting an extraordinary vision to your customers so that they can imagine themselves growing old and living their dreams. Images are essential to the projection of one’s sight, and Photoshop, Lightroom, and other free picture editing apps have great features that can bring your photos to life. Keep editing random pictures in Photoshop, and you’ll be surprised at what you can create. Thus I have clearly described in the above article how to edit photos for real estate.

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