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Canva is an effective software design tool in the field of Graphic Design, where you can find numerous services and better ones, try their in app purchases. Canva has proved to be a great use for beginners, professionals, and organizations to create their own eye-catching high-quality graphic designs with the resolutions in proper intact. In this Canva review article, you will read about what each of these tools offers and their pros and cons.

This design solution is fully packed with a multitude of potent functionalities and services that range from a simple drag and drop tool to more than a million text fonts, template images, and high-quality graphics that you can work with.

Canva is a trustworthy and user-friendly platform that helps you transfigure a simple and boring idea into a jaw-dropping design which you can either display online or take a print out. So, the Canva is the absolute professional tool to design pictures for anything and everything in the world of Graphic design.

It is a freemium app that anyone can use to make eye catching designs in a very lesser time, and especially, if you are running late at the need of the hour, then Canva is your live saver..

Canva is a very easy-to-access tool. It is an incredibly user-friendly graphic design tool that has made it hustle free for marketers, businesses, bloggers, and other individual professionals to design such amazing works even without a proper graphic design experience, be it for a blog, a professional website,etc. Bloggers have taken a toll in using Canva as their main design app to curate their Social Media Profiles.

You can find several graphic design tools available online such as Photoshop, Pixlr, etc. Despite all these, Canva has a certain degree of preference over others given its incredible easy to use and time saving features and the vast collection of templates.

Canva has over a million royalty-free images that you will find online. However, Canva also has a separate collection of pictures for its premium family. There is a whole bunch of premium pictures in stock that are available for us users. These photos are segmented under 100s of categories, so the users can go ahead and pick a category according to their choice based on tag or description and then find a picture as demand, which shows that Canva is a lot different from others.

With this Graphic Design Weapon, you get a profusion of other user-friendly apps along with millions of templates of fonts and picture to curate your design as you want and do as many changes you want to do. Moreover, the subscription packages are very affordable, so as a result, the new or long term users both will definitely love this tool. Irrespective of your demands, the Canva pro has the needful tools that can help you design graphics for projects, big and small. You won’t need any hectic or essential graphic design knowledge or experience for the tool, just drag and drop, and you are sorted.You can try Canva free trial period for 30 days. If you like the accessibility, intuitiveness, and features of this tool, you can further go ahead and step a foot in the Canva Premium family. Obviously, the paid version has far detailed features, waiting for you to try out.As Canva is a freemium tool, so many of you might have already perceived it as a complex tool with limited features. However, this tool offers its users with many special features that you might not find in any other graphic design tool.

Canva is a all rounder tool that has a great usage in helping graphic designers, create magnificent designs for their digital platforms such as personal websites, social media platforms, or even blogsites. The tool has an easy-to-access platform that comes loaded with various tools to make designing easier for you. Some of the in-built tools that you get with Canva are: Editing tools, Thousands of Templates, Image cropping tools. And all these services in just minimum taps.

Also, many other tools come in handy when the users wish to get their work done in such minimum time. Let’s have a look at some of the Canva’s best features :

#Image cropping feature,

#Adding text to pictures

#Adding speech or thought bubbles

#Image editing, transparency, and enhancing

#Thousands of templates for all possible types of marketing collateral, ranging from social Media posts to business cards

#Grids system to ensure straight, balanced designs

#Photo and image frames

#Stickers and badges for websites and Web wireframe

#Photo enhancer and Photo blur

#Photo frames and Photo vignette

#Add texture

#More than 8,000 templates and Free icons


Brand Kit tool in graphic design

With Canva, you can bring the vision of your brand to life by adding by playing with the color wheel, fonts, and other features. So, Canva helps you add or rebuild your brand kit and thereby create a consistent look throughout all your designs with ease. Irrespective of the level of your work, with Canva, you always get an option to stay ahead in your brand vision all the time.

Magic Resize Tool in graphic design

Do you want to post your picture on other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook? If you do, then Canva Magic Resize tool is your go to thing! Canva comes with this one-click feature which takes away the hassle of cropping or resizing your design repetitively.

 Canva Animator

After adding the feature of animation to the design, you give a whole new look to the design. So, whether you wish to attract your clients with an awesome presentation or you want your design to stand out among the crowd, then Canva animator is the one for you.

 Team Templates & Folders

With the help of Canva, the entire hassle of teamwork is reduced to nothing. Canva comes with a common home for your designs which helps you express your vision and explore more while keeping the brand terms and conditions intact. So, maintain that consistency all over your brand and save your precious time with the given templates and the design folders that comes along with this tool.

Now let’s talk about the Pros of Canva :

# The tools offer a lot of multipurpose features in the free version.

# The tool has variety of free templates for you to choose from and customize however you want.

# With the help of Canva, it is very easy to keep the colors and the fonts consistent across all the designs to give your work a purpose of stability.

# You get several free pictures, vectors, and graphics that you can use whenever you want to create your particular template or design.

# The Canva retains the standard of excellence in online graphics creation for beginners with very basic to intermediate skills.

And the Cons of this tool :

# With Canva, it is easy to keep the colors and the fonts consistent all over the designs.

# You get many free images, vectors, and graphics that you can use whenever you want to create any particular look or design.

# The Canva retains the standard of excellence in online graphics creation for beginners with very basic to intermediate skills.

If you have read it till here, then I can give a conclusion of Canva that it is an incredibly easily accessible tool that has a trustworthy online design tool. Given the number of loyal original users and the positive Canva pro review points, it wouldn’t be wrong to justify the satisfaction level of this tool.

The drag and drop feature of the tool helps one make designs simply and quickly. So, for those users who are not very artistically inclined, this tool finds great use. You can browse through the thousands of templates and layouts, and you’ll find that even the free options have high-quality images and modern looks that would work very well for all industries.

The pricing plans are mostly affordable and priced fairly, given the vast usage they offer. Moreover, in our opinion, users can get what they want from the tool without having to spend even a single penny.

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