How to make an Aesthetic Instagram Feed

Has it ever happened to you that you opened someone’s Instagram profile and you got astonished after looking at their Instagram feed? Well, I myself have gone through this several times. It’s the aesthetic that catches your eye and you can’t stop your fingers from scrolling and scrolling down their feed and filling your brain with all the amazing ideas to implement. Sometimes its so catchy that you spend hours and hours on their Instagram without knowing. Hence, if you also want your followers or other people to stay on your profile while appreciating your aesthetic feed then you might want to stay here till the end to know the tips and tricks.

Importance of an Instagram Feed

But first of all, we need to know if Instagram Feed plays an important role or not? The answer is YES!

Of course, you would want your Instagram profile to look unique and appealing to the followers so that they would want to come back here again and again. Applying a cohesive theme or aesthetics to your Instagram pictures posts does more than just make your feed look pretty (although this is a bonus too!)A beautiful, well-thought-processed theme can do a lot of additional work for you in your social media marketing strategy.

Having a tailored Instagram theme or aesthetic means you’ve used one or more elements of the same visuals over all of your Instagram feed – and it’s pretty obvious when you will look at your 9 grid. Basically, there is that one signature style that will be highlighted in each of your Instagram photos. Ranging from color, cropping borders, similar photo styles, to even patterns in the feed!

And if you use this features rightfully, I’m sure people will bang the FOLLOW button as soon as they stumble across your profile.

Now let’s see what are these tips and tricks to create your own Aesthetic Instagram Feed:


Whenever you are uploading a picture on your instagram, make sure that the picture is in the ratio of 4:5. Further, maintain this consistency of the ratio. Here’s why? If you maintain the ratio then it will help the feed look more balanced. And it will also look appealing to the eyes.

Balanced feed plays a major role for giving a symmetric vibe to your feed as people seek for stability and a balanced feed can offer that. Also, the 4:5 ratio maintains the write amount of spaces in your picture to be visible when you look on it as a 9 grid.


If you are a person who likes to play with some borders and additional background, then you can curate your feed into the pattern of alternating borders with a background of any color, whichever suits with your aesthetic. Instagram has already this feature of automatic frames around full length photos, which makes Instagram feed ideas like this one, a lot harder to create.

Don’t worry! There are many apps like Snapseed, Inshot, Preview that you can use to create the borders and edit your pictures into it.


Neat and clean backgrounds have a greater impact and are great for emphasizing details without distraction. You can see other Bloggers and Influencers who use a very specific background in contrast to their subject. This really helps them to get a bright and contrasting picture for a better detail.

The clean white background immediately draws the viewer’s eye to the scrumptious dishes with minimal distraction. This aesthetics will go perfectly for your feed if your focus is on your products, services, or dishes (yum!) with a lot of contrasting colors and detail.


Its very important to maintain a consistent pattern in which you have planned to tailor your feed. The consistency here works very well and helps with the updated Instagram Algorithm. You can set a pattern of posts, it can be a pattern of your color palette, it can be a pattern of your styled pictures or it can be a pattern of your timings, that is at which time of the day you are posting your posts daily or atleast 6 days in a week.

Its like a streak. If you break this consistency, your feed will look irregular and the aesthetics might get hampered.


Create your own magical filter or preset. Make a unique preset for your pictures, which you will apply on your pictures to make your posts look related to each other in the feed. It’s important for your posts to look like a thread but only in the matter of the color scheme. And maintain that particular color scheme throughtout your feed.

You can create your preset on Lightroom, VSCO, PicsArt or any other possible app. And just copy paste the preset on all of your pictures that you are going to post. It gives a very good finishing and aesthetic vibes to your Instagram Feed. Also if goes well, you can start selling your Presets too! Exciting right? For me, it is!


The most important thing is never stop exploring. Don’t ever stop looking out there, to your inspirations and idols. What are they doing and how are they doing it? You like someone’s work, keep a keen eye on their work and take inspiration from their work process.

This habit really gives you a lot of ideas and knowledge about the insights. The more you will look into the work and explore, the more creative you will get with your ideas and can escape the monotonous routine.

For example if your signature style or niche matches with the person who’s work inspires you then, keep checking onto their work.


Now you have to keep in mind is how you are posting your pictures or ads. It’s very helpful and important to have a schedule for your Instagram feed, it provides stability to your profile and notifies your followers to instantly check your posts without a proper notifying story.

You can get a lot of apps like ‘Preview’ and organizers out their, to organize your posts and schedule it according to the Instagram Algorithm, as at which time of the day most of your followers are active.

Now if your feed plan is ready, execution is next. Please don’t waste time posting manually but schedule the posts iinstead. It’s easier and better that way. This saved effort you can utilize in designing the post content rather than staring at the clock to post at that perfect time to gain visibility.

If you have come till here, You are all set to step a foot into the pro clubs of these must-follow Instagram profiles. Now I am sure, you know how to create an aesthetic Instagram feed.

Use these tips ASAP, and you will get the results you deserve.

Also, want to know a pro tip for beginners? Post everyday. Never miss out on any day without posting, and keep on adding the spark to your feed. Keep exploring and experimenting with your ideas, that’s way you will find your niche and eventually get better at it.

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