Ashampoo Photo Optimiser 8 – Review 2020

Ashampoo Photo Optimiser 8 is a photo editing software specialized in providing a great set of photo editing features while still remaining very quick and easy to use, at the same time. Its excellent auto-optimization tools available in the latest version provides great value to both beginners and image editing pros alike. This makes it unique and stands out in the market.

Version 8 sees many small improvisations over the previous version. Both the photo editing functionality itself has been upgraded alongside improvements in how the application performs overall. These both make for a welcome upgrade which runs more smoothly and feels nicer to work with as compared to the previous versions.

With a very real need for easy to use, quick, intuitive, and yet still powerful image editing software growing all of the time. I am looking forward to seeing what Ashampoo Photo Optimiser 8 can do, Let’s go try it out!

ashampoo photo optimizer

User Interface

The user interface is an extremely important consideration while choosing a photo editing tool. This essentially is the measure of how quick and easy you can find the features you need. And make any necessary adjustments to your photos. The more intuitive it is, the less time you take to get comfortable.

After testing the application over several days people reviewed that they actually quite felt comfortable by the way the interface Ashampoo has built. 

The main toolbox of tools can be found on the right side of the screen with a tool menu just above used for categorizing these extremely useful tools and making the one you need easy to find.

The tools are categorized in such a way that you can find your required tools within seconds.

After selecting the required category, clicking on any of the tools/effects will cause that tool to automatically create a preview of what it does to the currently selected image. It is not in all cases but in most of them. 

The caused effect is not permanent at this stage and can easily be removed by clicking on the same tool/feature heading again. Or permanently applied to the image by clicking “apply” which is next to each tool.

Once an effect has been applied to an image for preview (before being permanently applied) Photo Optimizer offers an appealing “slider” tool to slide over the before and after of the image and affected version with the provisional optimization. Simply slide the slider across to see more or less of the preview. If you have gone through editing app reviews, you must have observed such differentiation.

Moving down to the bottom part of the screen we find another toolbar just below the main image panel itself. This “quick access” toolbar can be customized to hold your most commonly accessed tools and functionality but by default will house the undo, undo all, rotate and optimize all feature shortcuts.

Finally, whilst hidden away by default. We can see all photos in the currently selected folder in a gallery view by clicking on the expand button found at the bottom right of the main image panel.

Once clicked this will auto-expand the image gallery preview of all images in the current folder (this can also be seen by shrinking the main image panel manually should you wish to keep this gallery view permanently in sight).

Features – Key Highlights

  • It is well designed, clean, simple, and easy to use interface
  • Has Fast photo optimization, thanks to excellent auto-optimization tools
  • It is Easy to navigate photos and the ability to make auto-backups of originals
  • Its Great selection of image editing tools makes it easier for beginners to do efficient work.
  • Ability to watermark or easily add text to images
  • Great portrait optimization tools (remove red-eye, whiten teeth, etc.)
  • Great set of filters and effects (Grayscale, Oil paint, Blue-shift optimization, etc.)
  • Easy to use batch processing tools (these are very good)
  • Improved 64bit and RAM support for a more stable user experience
  • Very cost-effective compared to alternative image editing suites
ashampoo photo optimizer

Overview and Conclusion

Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 8 helps to bring professional-level photo editing for beginners to professionals. Thanks to its intelligent yet easy to use automatic optimization tools. 

Ease of use is clearly a big selling point here and Ashampoo has done a great job in making a very powerful editing suite with an easy to navigate interface.

Whilst I think it would be fair to say this application is aimed more towards amateur photographers than professionals. It would also be fair to say that the results produced during testing were very impressive. An easy to use tool with a streamlined interface does not necessarily mean a product that is lacking substance! Trust me, it is great!

Sure, having said all of this, this tool won’t compete with the likes of Adobe Photoshop on features any time soon. As it is different from the old-school techniques of photo editing

But then again, the vast majority of photographers don’t necessarily want their photo editing tools to mirror Photoshop. Many photographers would much rather have a time and cost-effective tool which will just get the job done, to a high standard, and with the minimum of time and fuss. That’s all a modern-day photo editor would want, right? 

It is to this majority that Photo Optimizer 8 has clearly been aimed. And in turn, delivers fantastic value with its simple one-off licensing cost of just $39.99.

Comment down your opinion on this app.

Happy Editing!

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