Best photo editors for iPhone 2020

If you want to edit your photos from iPhone, the choice is difficult. You will find a lot of applications, famous or not, that promise efficient functions. Which photo editing applications on the iPhone should I choose? You can chose a free versions or a paid versions. There are applications only for the iPhone and apps only for Android. But there are applications valid for both. The question stays. Which photo editor is best for what you want to do?

In this blog, you will be able to find some of the best photo editors for the iPhone. All you must do is to read the information about each of them. You can easily choose the application that suits your requirements.


It is a universal application. Countless users are happy with the results. Both beginners and professional photographers use the app, one of the best photo editors for iPhone. Why not admit it? We have at hand an application with numerous functions at a professional level, and we do not have to pay to use it.

The most potent features supply precise control over exposure and colors.
– Rotate, cut, straighten, and correct perspective.
– A list of functions that perform intricate functions but are easy to use
– Color, exposure, and sharpening control
– Double exposure, borders, and text addition
– Selective adjustments, healing tools, and brushes
– Portraits improvement, vignette, and a better quality of the lenses
– Filters for black and white, texture and vintage
The portrait feature improves flawless pictures. This tool makes the skin smooth, and the eyes are sparkling. 

A spectacular function is one that changes the expression of the face into a portrait. The device changes the mood.

If you are new to the smartphone photography domain, Snapseed will help you get amazing photos. You can use tutorials that will help you quickly learn how to use the application’s functions. It is easy to learn how to use one of the photo editors for iPhone. Another advantage is that the app is free. There is no need, as with many other forms, to pay to install and use the most powerful features.

photo editors for iPhone

VSCO – one of the photo editors for iPhone

The main characteristic is due to the functions that make your photos look like they made on film. Many smartphone users testify that VSCO is one of the best iPhone photo editors. I can say that VSCO’s filters are the best. The app offers an extensive filter collection to create the look of classic films. Your photos will have a vintage look.


A unique feature that makes VSCO filters so appreciated is their finesse. The effects obtained are subtle, unlike the screens of other applications. Most have reliable results, visible at first glance. The power of the filters it is modifiable to match your choices for each photo.

Editing tools allow you to control exposure. The tools are easy to use and have unexpectedly good results. It is good to test as many filters as possible. The free version offers many high-effect filters. You can also use the filters from the paid version, regularly.

One of the best filters is C1. This filter can add blue shadows and pink glows to your photos. Emphasizes saturation and contrast. I suggest you use this filter for landscapes, fragments of nature, or pictures with specialized areas of the city.

The F2 filter helps you bring to light pictures with no enough exposure. F2 seems to wash the photo with a wave of blue light. Deep black turns gray, contrasts fade. Although you might think that F2 has the role of standardizing the color palette, this filter can form some pleasant variations. It works for pictures of flowers or cloudy beaches.

Now let’s see something about the M5 filter. It is the high filter for creating the vintage look. M5 reduces saturation; colors are more profound. It is ideal for photos taken of streets and portraits. The vintage look of your photos will pleasantly surprise you. You will have the feeling to travel back in time, in the ’50s.

From the bright tones of rust colors, the M5 filter lowers the saturation, the colors become more profound, and the vintage effect predominates.

photo editors for iPhone
Great filters
G3 is the best filter to restore the appearance of the skin. All the filters we have talked about so far have a subtle effect on the presence of the skin. But we must note the unique quality of the G3 filter. Skin tones become more natural, warmer. The shades of green and blue become deeper. B1 is one of the best filters for black and white. The filter highlights the effects of the old school of photography. B1 achieved a contrast delicate, subtle. The lights and shadows are more refined than in the original photo. B1 brings new textures, making landscapes, street photos, and portraits more spectacular, attractive. VSCO has a free version that offers ten very efficient filters. We presented the most efficient, best known. The other filters should not forget. If you want to have successful photos, you can try them. The results will pleasantly surprise you.

Afterlight 2 – one of the best photo editors for iPhone

Do not forget another iPhone application. Afterlight 2 is ideal for creating special effects. The app has many users and many powerful filters and functions. It is an app has many users and many powerful filters and features. Applications features are quite powerful for most users. Almost any iPhone has a camera that gives excellent results. It appropriate for special requirements. Afterllight 2 is convenient in price. It has powerful functions, which makes photo editing accessible even to beginners.

It does not take you long to get acquainted with Afterlight 2. You will quickly realize if it is the application you need.

We can now mention some of the advantages of the application. Afterlight 2 is easy to use and allows the creation of new filters. If you are in a time crisis, there are ready-made filters. You can also use filters from the sharing filters community. The text addition tool works great. You can select lighting and hue. In general, the application is particularly useful. The interface is clean, adjustments and edits are easy to do. Artists who use iPhone appreciate the application. It does not mean that it is not ideal for beginners. Even novices can take professional-quality photos. With a few maneuvers, an ordinary picture will be a work of art. Many functions seem to invite the user to discover their advantages and use them.
Look at the image of the room lit from nowhere. The setting is probably the key to the success of this photo taken after Afterlight 2. But the quality of the application that made possible the lighting, clarity, and color palette are the merit of Afterlight 2 filters and functions. Everything invites you to open the window-doors and enter the room.  The image is so welcoming, bright, and harmonious that you find it hard to believe that it exists.

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