Best Android apps for portraits

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A picture is worth a thousand words- you can realize it with the best Android apps for portraits. Or hundreds of likes and comments from those you know (or not). You want to have a surprising content on your social media pages, which you like and define your personality. And to get there, you know you must post amazing photos often. But how do you get to the perfect picture? How do you retouch the few elements that should not have appeared in the frame? Simple! With a photo-editing application! Even more important is to know how to make portraits as close to reality as possible, but cutting small defects (skin spots, wrinkles, pimples, bumps).

And as the market abounds with such applications, find out below which are the best Android apps for portraits!

Portrait Pro 19 - one of best Android apps for portraits

The new version of one of the most advanced applications for editing portraits and landscapes has appeared: Portrait Pro 19. It offers a free trial period. You can download the pro version (44.99 euro).

The application has three main parts: Portrait Pro, Portrait Pro body, Landscape, and Smart Photo Editor. It is the new trend, one of best Android apps for portraits


The application is easy to use, and I can see the results quickly. What can Portrait Pro do? The app can improve skin quality. ClearSkin restores the natural appearance of the skin and ends imperfections. Stains, pimples, and wrinkles disappear like a charm. The application is easy to use, and I can see the results quickly. What can Portrait Pro do? ClearSkin restores the natural appearance of the skin and drops imperfections. Stains, pimples, and wrinkles disappear like a charm. Portrait Pro also offers a makeup kit. Eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, foundation, all in a color palette that satisfies any makeup artist. It is one of the great features of Portrait Pro, one of the best Android apps for portraits. 

best Android apps for portraits

3D relighting

Photo lighting application as artistic as in a photo studio. The app has enough functions to allow it to create a 3D effect on lighting operations. Hair coloring function is close to perfection; it is possible to choose any color. You can make as many attempts as necessary to find the right choice. The app allows you to create an infinity of colors and shades. Everything depends on your creativity. What about the accuracy of the lenses? The eyes can have the tone and radiance you want to give them.

What about the accuracy of the lenses?  And Portrait Pro does something even more miraculous. The app can change the facial expression. The subject can become smiling or frowning, as you wish. It is normal to create a relaxed and smiling face; Portrait Pro makes it easy. 

PortraitPro Body – one of the best Android apps for portraits

This app is an award-winning software in the retouching domain. The newest feature is the slider interface. It allows us to edit length portraits. Not only once the photos look slightly blurred, the contours blurred. PortraitPro Body offers a contour function. Any image will become more transparent and more attractive. The tasks created especially to correct the body shape (length, thickness) make the images closer to what the subject wants every day.

Scars, birthmarks, wrinkles, and pimples disappear with PortraitPro body functions. We will see only fine, silky skin, without defects or shadows.

When you perform the silhouette lengthening operation, the background undergoes changes that reveal the maneuver on the situation. The Warp Fixer function restores the environment.


Stop wasting time with sophisticated programs to help you edit portraits, landscapes, or complete images. With PortraitPro, you only need a few mouse movements, and you will get more than you expect.
  • Easy and fast – you will retouch the wallets in less than 10 minutes.
  • Auto Markup – No need to select manually. Body 3 will automatically find the person in the photo, and you will be able to edit even faster.
  • Intuitive interface – you have absolute control over changes, significant or subtle, according to your style
  • You can use RAW files as filters in Photoshop
  • 100% online support. The help is free, and you do not have to wait until you receive your answer.
  • Countless professional photographers and image processing experts from around the world successfully use the application.

inPixio Photo Studio 10 – one of the best Android apps for portraits

After we enthusiastically introduced you to PortraitPro, let us make room for another extremely high-performance application, InPixio Photo Studio. It is a new version of the well-known photo editor. The app is so friendly and offers so many functions that it is impossible not to use it. InPixio Photo Studio is not difficult to learn. The app has a choice to remove unwanted details and correct mistakes. It is spectacular to see how an object or another unsolicited advertisement disappears with a movement of the mouse.

You can easily cut unwanted areas from the photographed images, without the picture as the whole suffering. InPixio is an application that allows you to create photo-montages easily. The results are only related to your creativity and the beauty of the subject.

InPixio supplies different backgrounds. You can choose people from one of your photos and place them in various places in the world, without them being there.
You can post on Facebook, Twiter, or Flickr any picture you retouch with InPixio, using an improved feature. The application offers a wide range of functions, and all you must do is use them.


What is characteristic of this application is the cutting function. It allows us to cut details, unwanted objects, and even people. You have the power to create photos close to perfection. It is possible to select a part of the image and move it to another photo. You can change the background easily. Although I mention this feature again, it is so vital and spectacular that it is worth trying.

This function gives you the chance to create unique collages or photo-montages.

best Android apps for portraits
The Erase function allows you to drop any person or object in the image. You should not hesitate to use this function, because the image will pasty its quality, although part of it is missing. The Erase function has an automatic color detector. This way, you will be able to retouch any image with, particularly good results.

The Erase function drops the selected part and restores the background. Spectacular, isn’t it? When I first tried this feature, I was surprised by its accuracy. The Clone Stamp tool allows you to remove scars, skin spots, and pimples. Where can you use the Erase? When you need to cut traffic signs, traffic lights, voltage lines. Remove logos, texts, or watermarks. You do not need more than a few minutes and a few clicks to achieve what you set out to do with the Erase function.

Another improved feature is to restore old photos

The process of restoring old photos is not too complicated. You need to scan your old photo as accurately as possible. Then you must open it with InPixio. Outline the destroyed areas as carefully as possible. With the Erase function, you will drop scratches. Erase will return your old photo without stains, scratches, or other defects.

Clone tool of InPixio, the best Android apps for portraits

The authors of InPixio have updated another function: Clone. If you need to repeat a part of the image, the Clone function will play it back with maximum precision. You can repeat the operation as many times as is necessary to create special effects.

Magic with Cutter

You can do an operation to remove a part of a photo with just a few clicks. It will seem to you that you have some magic scissors with which  cut the pictures as you wish. Any background, person, or other detail will disappear in an instant. InPixio has an algorithm that makes miracles. You can erase even the smallest details, such as hair. The use these tools to create beautiful photo montages or collages is simple. You can create greeting cards, posters, business cards, adding effects, borders, and text.
Not  forget InPixio, here is another spectacular feature.

Edge Smoothing

When the contours resulting from repeated cuts are too visible, you can “soften” these contours. This operation makes the healthy transition to other backgrounds. You will have particularly good results in forming photo-montages and collages.


If we talked so much about photo-montages, here are some added details.
The steps are simple:

  1. Choose the original picture
  2. Remove the background
  3. Move the photo to another background
You can choose the background from the photos in the application collection, or you can select environments created by you. In the photo below, a real artist created a dream photomontage. It is not easy to succeed from the first time a similar photomontage, but with perseverance and talent, you will succeed.

The application has many modules, almost all improved with you more powerful versions. The functions are easy to use, and the effects are spectacular. This app obtains these fantastic results thanks to AI algorithms that detect shapes and colors.
Another remarkable improvement is the use of interactive help, but also many tutorials.

best Android apps for portraits

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