The most popular applications for Instagram

The most popular applications for Instagram make the site visited by over 1 billion monthly users – of which 500 million are in application daily. It is one of the most popular social media platforms, ranking 2nd after Facebook. And not only individuals use the platform to share content; among the top 100 brands in the world, 90% have an active presence on Instagram. These brands use Instagram to post photos and videos, increase brand awareness, and sell products and services. There is no point in denying Instagram the power to capture an audience and get them to act. Why not have the most of this social media channel? To be easier for you to “play” on Instagram, we have included some Instagram apps in this post.

The most popular applications for Instagram to enhance images - Afterlight 2

Afterlight 2 is a photo editing application that takes photo filtering to the next level. The growing library of natural filters amplifies the suite of options available on Instagram, which helps you add a plus to your images. As a bonus, the app even lets you create your filters to give your photos a stylish look. Consistent, different from anyone else, play with image hue, saturation, and textures and overlapping effects to get the look you want. This app costs $ 2.99 and is currently the # 2 app in the iTunes Photo and Video category – and for a good reason. The downside we can find is that it works for iOS only, so Android users will have to find another option.
The most popular applications for Instagram

If you are passionate about high-quality filters, real film textures, and precise editing tools, so we created the most complete and easy to use mobile photo editor. Get Afterlight now for free, and you no longer must use multiple applications in your editing workflow!


Full access to our ever-expanding library of filters – created by photographers – you will never need another app to find that perfect match for your photos.

Snapseed – is one of the most popular applications for Instagram

For Android users who cannot take advantage of Afterlight 2, you are lucky. Snapseed is a free photo editor developed by Google. But also available for iPhone and iPad. With 29 filters and tools, Snapseed allows you to customize your filters and save them for later use. You can even overlay a caption on your photos using the 38 different text styles available in the app.
Although its features are vast, some users report that they have difficulty navigating through them, so if you download Snapseed, be prepared to spend some time getting acquainted with its menus and features..
The most popular applications for Instagram


Adobe’s creative software giant is known for editing photos, so it is no surprise that their free image editing application, Aviary, is a hit for both iOS and Android users. Aviary puts professional-quality photo editing features in the hands of Instagram users everywhere. Their use has a variety of overlays, effects, frames, stickers, and more, allowing advertisers to put their contact on their photos. The coolest part of the application is its product tutorials.
It offers a collection of beautiful photos, complete with step-by-step instructions that users can follow to get the same effects.
However, some users have expressed frustration with in-app ads promoting other Adobe products.

The most popular applications for Instagram to improve your videos - InShot

InShot is a video editor compatible with iOS and Android, which allows you to add music, effects, voice functions, emoji, and text to your videos. You can also play at a lower or higher speed, combine multiple videos, and cut, split, and cut videos. The application is perfect for editing videos for Instagram, IGVT, and Stories posts, as well as videos for other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The primary application is free, and in-app purchases are available for users to buy special effects and premium features. However, some users have met technical issues when adding text and other features to their videos, so we recommend that you try the free version before paying for added features.


Created by Instagram, the Boomerang application captures micro-moments, turning them into video loops that you can share on Instagram and other platforms. The app works by taking a series of 10 photos and turning them into a single mini (and fun) video. The main disadvantage for Boomerang is that you cannot create a Boomerang video from existing videos; you need to capture the moment in the Boomerang application itself to export it as a mini video. Boomerang is free. It is nd available on iOS and Android.
The most popular applications for Instagram


Clips is a free application created by Apple, which makes videos more fun. Easily add filters, emojis, and stickers from popular movies and TV shows to your videos. Add drama, humor, wisdom, or intensity to your video with this app’s unique feature suite. As a disadvantage, Clips is only available on iOS but is free for iPhone and iPad users.

The most popular applications for Instagram for post automation - Later

Later is a planning platform created especially for Instagram, which comes with a full range of added features. You can schedule posts, but you can collect user-generated content, track hashtags, and analyze performance. Later is also an official Instagram partner and uses its API to import photos, making it an extremely secure option for companies involved in the security of their social accounts. Later is not an automatic tool. Since it is web-based, it will send a notification when it is time to post. It happens when users need to enter the app. It is an extra step that would be worth taking advantage of the rest of the features. Later it is free for individuals. It costs up to $ 49 a month for large companies.


It is one of the most popular social media management platforms and integrates with all major social networks. Like other similar applications, Hootsuite allows users to automate single image posting and send reminders for video and multi-image posting. One of our favorite features is its bulk programming tool. Upload a preformatted CSV to schedule hundreds of social media posts simultaneously, saving hours – even days – of work. If you use Hootsuite to manage your Instagram account, it is a great choice. But many users report problems when scheduling Facebook posts, so people looking for a cross-platform management tool may want to test the app before buying it. Hootsuite is also available as a web application for iOS and Android.


82% of Instagram users follow a business account. Why shouldn’t it be yours? As you maximize your Instagram presence, consider these other tips:
– Post in the middle of the week. Instagram sees a peak of online users on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
– Take advantage of the power of the video. The amount of time users spends watching videos has increased by more than 80% each year since its launch in 2013.
– Have fun. Social media is the platform where the brand personality should shine the most.
Although analysis and involvement are both critical, do not forget to have fun along the way.

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