Take and edit photos with your iPhone editing tools

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You can take detailed photos with the powerful Camera on your iPhone or iPad. Then it would help if you looked at your pictures with the editing tools you’ll find on your device.

To obtain the best version of your photos, here are the simple steps:

  • Open the Camera
  • Take the picture
  • Edit the photo


iPhone editing tools

Find the best moment to take o photo

When you want to take a photo, you already know that the perfect time can happen at any moment. It is useful to understand how to access your Camera quickly. Here are a few ways to open the Camera app.

  • Home screen: from your home screen, tap on the Camera
  • Control center: open the control center and tap on the Camera symbol
  • Lock screen: swipe to the left and access the Camera or tap on the Camera button

Freeze the moment

You can capture the perfect picture of advanced technology on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. After finding something awesome, open the Camera app, tap on the Shutter symbol. Let your fantasy work using the Camera features, such as Camera filters, Portrait mode, and Live Photos. When you want to take more than a regular photo, swipe the screen right or left, or tap on the Camera labels to choose slo-mo, photo, square, pano, or time-lapse.
iPhone editinng tools


Flash: The LED flash on the iPhone gives your extra photo light. It would help if you tapped on the flash button.
Live photos: you can capture real life in movement and sound. The feature is on by default. You can turn it off, tapping the Live photos button.
Timer: maybe you’re upset to always taking the photos and never being in them. Set your iPhone somewhere, frame your shot, and tap the timer button. Choose 10 seconds countdown, tap the Shutter button, and get into your place. Smile!
iPhone editing tools

Front-facing camera: To take a selfie using the front-facing camera, tap the front-facing camera button. Then, find the perfect angle and tap the Shutter button. With the iPhone 6 and later, you can use the Home screen as a flash for your selfies.

Burst: what to do when you try to capture the best photo, and your subject matter doesn’t stay still? You can decide to burst more.  Tap and hold the shutter button. Burst mode takes multiple images at once to give you a range of photos.

How to use iPhone editing tools in seconds

The first step is to make a copy of the image to preserve the original.

You can create a work of art right on an iPhone or iPad. After taking the picture, open it in the Photos app and tap Edit. Now you can adjust the picture’s size, light, angle, or add a filter. You also can choose Brightness or Saturation and slide to change the intensity or strength. You also can tap Cancel to revert to the original if you don’t like how the changes look.

Open the Photo editor in the Photos App

Open the picture you want to use iPhone picture editing tools, tap  Edit at the top right of the screen. There are three symbols at the bottom of the screen. If you select a Live Photo, there will be four icons.

Adjust the color and light: You can improve your photo’s exposure, brilliance, highlight, saturation, tint, warmth, and more. Use the slider to adjust to each set. It is the best way to make your pictures more spectacular. The exposure tool has an effect on the highlights than on the shadows. It means that the bright tones are affected more than the dark tones.

Apply filters: Experiment with your built-in photo filters. You can give your image a different color effect, like Vivid or Dramatic. Try classic black and white looks like Silverstone or Mono.

Crop and straighten; you must drag the corners of the grid to establish your crop, then move the wheel to straighten or tilt your image.

Auto Enhance: The Auto feature automatically adjusts the brightness level and colors. Tap the Auto icon to apply this edit. If you switch it on, the image becomes pale gray. Now you can fine-tune the edits you made using iPhone editing tools. If you want to remove the auto from your picture, tap the Auto icon to make it turn dark gray.

Brilliance: This tool is useful to bring out details and make your photo look rich and vibrant. Drag the slider right to darken highlights and brighten shadows. When you drag left, the highlights will become brighter the shadows darker.

More features

Highlights: this tool adjusts the brightness of only the bright areas in your picture. It would help if you dragged the slider left to make the highlights darker, or right to make the highlights brighter. 

Shadows: The tool adjusts the brightness of only the dark areas in your photo.  It would help if you dragged the slider left to make the shadows darker or right to make the shadows brighter.

Contrast: The tool adjusts the difference between the bright and dark tones in your picture. Drag the slider right to increase contrast, making the shadows darker and the highlights brighter. There is another solution: drag left to reduce contrast, making the highlights and shadows similar intones. Reducing contrast doesn’t produce great results. Increasing the contrast, a little can make the picture look sharper. You may try the Brilliance tool because it keeps the colors vibrant and sweet.

Black Point: the tool affects the brightness of only the darkest tones in your picture. Drag the slider to the right to most shaded areas looks black. If you drag to the left, the dark areas will appear faded.

Warmth: this tool makes the colors warmer or cooler. If you drag the slider right, the color will become warmer (more orange). If you drag to the left, the tone will be more relaxed (bluer).

Save your edited picture

When you have finished editing your image, tap Done to save the changes.

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