Everybody enjoys clicking photos and uploading them on their social media platforms. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms worldwide. You can put up pictures while reacting and comments rush in. however, you can also use the app as a photo editor tool to provide you with cool effects and beautiful edits. Some of the edits get popular, and people all over the world rope into it. However, photo editing trends quickly appear and then vanish in the blue, especially on Instagram.

Also, you might find a dozen photo editing apps cropping up every day. It becomes a challenging job for you to keep up with all the trendy effects and filters.

To help keep your feed fresh and updated, here are 8 Instagram photo editing trends that might be popular in 2021:


The black and white photo trend has taken center stage amongst all the other trends on Instagram. It has gained momentum over the last twelve months, and we place our bets on it being a massive trend in 2021.

A host of brands and creators are now using the black and white trend on their photos, creating an eye-catching phenomenon for the eye. It is a perfect blend between monochrome and full color.

If you want to grab this trend, Abode Lightroom is the best possible choice. It has about ten presets to choose from, each making the picture a bit more aesthetic.

The black-white trend is quite flexible and blends perfectly with other vintage trends like heavy grains, glitches, or blurs. They will perfectly hike up the look of your profile.


It is often seen that people pump up their photos with excessive edits and over-saturation. However, to keep your pictures at best, there is the “No-edit” trend. People are losing their heads all over this trend in 2021. Using this trend is ultimately bidding goodbye to unrealistic edits. Although tiny color tweaks, color changes can be present all over. The trick behind this trend is to keep the changes made in the photo subtle and unnoticeable. However, you can make minor changes in your photo’s contrast or brightness.

This minimal trend merges along with the rise of authentic content over recent years in your feed. It has increased the engagements and interactions over many communities. Nowadays, many brands look for open, honest, and realistic portraits to connect with people on an authentic level. It builds them a long-lasting and strong connection with their audience.


Another vintage photo trend that has wreaked havoc in Instagram is the Heavy Grain effect. These kinds of vintage camera edits are a massive trend for 2021, with their popularity rising with each passing day.

It has a gritty and grainy edit feature that works best on desaturated palettes. You can carefully pair down the vibrancy and layers of the grain to yield a beautiful photo. It makes your image look like the classic Kodak polaroids-adding a tinge of nostalgia to your feed.

 Using this trend is equally effective and easy. You need to turn on the grain settings in photo editing apps like Over, Vosco, or Lightroom.


Adding text to your Instagram posts is a great creative idea and a popular way to tell more essential stories through visual content. It’s a popular and innovative trend for 2021. Using Text overlays is a powerful engagement technique. It helps you to communicate vital information at a glance. You can go all the way from sharing product details to asking questions using text overlays.

One of the leading advantages of this edit is that there is no hindrance to your visual branding. It is a creative and aesthetic way to add texts to images.

For inspiration and easy use of text overlays, there are specific sites like Typewolf and Future Fonts. They provide you with ample references and recommendations to enrich your photo editing experience. Also, you can use Over to experiment with your fonts and duplicate text. It even provides you custom fonts to alter background colors or images.


In this year, it is being noticed that brands are often moving away from precise and picture-perfect feeds.

On the other hand, deliberate imperfections have paved their way to the spotlight. They primarily include awkward video glitches and blurred or out-of-focus photography moments. This edit is an ode to not getting the perfect shot every time there’s a camera pointing at you. The glitching effect on your photos makes them eye-catching, nostalgic, and memorable.

To use this edit, you can download editing apps like Film to apply the vintage effect to the videos. Also, there is the Tezza app with it;’s Prism feature to amplify the blurred impact. The Instagram stories are a complete source of aesthetic edits. They have come down a long way with their features. From the stories, the “chromatic pulse” filter helps you achieve the “glitchy” look.

VSCO’S M5 preset

Vosco is one of the most fantastic photo editing apps for Instagram and other social media. It is also famous for bringing out new filters and edits. Every year, there’s one edit from Vosco that takes all over Instagrams’s algorithms. This year, Vosco came out with M5 Preset that has been another huge success. It is the successor to Vosco’s M series, which adds a vintage blend of the ’70s to your photos.

These presets are desaturated and mellow. They are ideal for urban environments and portrait-type photos. They are very effective for roping in engagements from brands. All of the M series effects are available in the Vosco app and several other popular edits.


Over the years, collages have been a popular trend on Instagram. However, the most recent sub-trends include scrapbook-inspired elements. This edit works on the texture, annotations, and layers of your photo. It adds an extra, natural, and aesthetic effect to the click.

This collage effect is easy to achieve, effective, and available in tons of editing apps. They help you in recreating this excellent effect and edit your photos efficiently.

Apps like SCRL or Content Drips have a dedicated collage template category paired with Moodboard edits.  For more creative edits, you can use Unfold to create a collage connecting all the images and a carousel. In this effect, as you scroll through the image, one image continues into the next creating a mindblowing photo experience for your followers.


The newest photo edit on Instagram is the In-Feed Blocks. You should try this out if you want a new edit for your photo.

It works on your Instagram feed in such a way that it starts looking more attractive, at the same time professional and cohesive. It is a great way to bring in more followers and get more likes. This feature of the edit mainly uses harmonious color tones side by side or upon one another. You can also achieve it by maintaining a strict color scheme on all your posts. You can also upgrade your edit by finding visual ways to bind your posts in a grid. It is a readily available edit found on almost all of the favorite photo editing apps.

photo editing trends on instagram


Creating attractive, cohesive, and aesthetic Instagram profiles is critical for all the influencers to bring in more followers and engagements. It would be helpful if you never were afraid of being experimental and trying something new. You must break the stereotypes to take the platform by storm. All of the edits listed above will make you light up your  Insta feed perfectly.

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