Blogging is a crucial part of online culture and has developed over all these years into a form of art. Blogs bring in a massive profit for all the independent firms. Sometimes you work hard on your blog, improve your writing material, yet don’t get desired success. It would help if you thought of some innovative solutions to improve website traffic. In that case, editing your blog is an important aspect that you must learn and adapt. Edit on your blog is what attracts more and more viewers. Under the universal set of editing your blogs, there are several other subsets. One of the most important of all of them is adding images to your blog. Ideas help you in conveying specific subtle details; viewers often tend to miss. You must be careful about choosing and inserting images in your blog. They must be placed in suitable locations with proper descriptions. Writing blogs with great dedication is good, but the edit is the factor that ropes more viewers.

Hence, if your blog isn’t going according to your plans and yielding less profit, you might want to change its visual appeal by editing. Here we provide you with some tips to include photos in your blogs.

There are specific blogging software like, that makes Blogging easy and effective. It even makes adding images and editing a cakewalk. You can add any pictures- ranging from your wedding photos to humorous artworks, in any number to enrich your blog. For all of the above, the process remains the same.


  • As a primary step, you navigate to your blogger blog. Next, you enter your username and password to log in.
  • Once you are logged in, locate “NEW POST” under My Blogs, generally situated on the right, topmost corner of the page
  • Caption:-

It is rightly said in the proverbs; a picture speaks a thousand words. While you insert an image in your blog, you want that it to express or convey something more than just something conventional. In that case, adding a caption matching the context of your image is essential. The caption enlivens the image a bit more.

Hence, you need to type any caption or accompanying text for the photo you want to add to your blog. It is added within the body of the new post page of your blog.


The image you want to add must be stored at a specific position in your system. As a first step in adding the picture, we click on the small photo icon in the task menu of the post. It is located between the  “Link” and the  “Add video” options on the taskbar to be specific about the location. Clicking on the suitable option opens an “Add images” dialogue box.


Next up, you need to upload your image. You must save it beforehand on your laptop/desktop’s hard drive. To upload the picture, we click on the “Choose Files” button and select the suitable image. This is an easy process, precisely similar to the one for opening or viewing a photo on your Pc.


While you are editing your blog, you are total freedom to choose images from anywhere you want. You can use even revisit your old blogs to collect valuable photos. If you need to switch to your previous blogs to pick up your images, you click on the “From this Blog” tab from above.

On clicking, this will open a dialogue box with all of your previous blogs and the images attached to them. Carefully go through all of them, make your choice by clicking on the one you want, and finally press “Add selected.”


You can implement your personal favorites in the blog. To add any picture from your collection, you need to visit your google album. Hence, you got to click on the “From the Google Album Archive” tab. It will bring a set of photos from your collection or the albums. All of these photos are also linked to your Blogging software directly. Once done, click on “Add selected.”


You can always access the internet to add as many photos as you want for your blog. Each picture on the internet has a unique address, also known as the URL. You can also punch in an image from another website via its URL.

Here, you click on More from the taskbar and reach for From a URL option. You type in or paste the URL of the photo you want in your blog in the box and press “Add Selected” to end the process of adding.


In your blog, you can add photos of any kind with a vast range. It also includes the photos taken by your Webcam while video conferencing or informal online meetings with your friends. You again click on More and navigate to the “From your Webcam” option to add.


Once you are done with all the steps of adding photos, your job is half-finished. Read the entire writing material, look for typos and punctuation errors in your text. They are the additional changes of any kind you want to make in your blog.

Expert bloggers often say that proofreading, spell check is fine adjustments you need to make in your blog to increase its clarity. When finished, click on “Publish Post.”


When you have pressed ” Publish Post,” you are redirected to the front page of your post. Here you view your blog and check for any final changes you need to make based on its appearance. To get finished with those, you can go to “Edit Post” and make the required alterations.

All of the final edits make your blog ready to rope in viewers and increase traffic.


  • Writing, editing, and publishing blogs every day is quite a job. You might find it hectic on some days. To make things easy, certain websites are designed to offer free images for publishing on the internet. You can locate them on Google by running a search stated ” Free photos” or ” Free Images.”
  • Adding images to your blog might bring in a host of other problems. You may only add images for whom you have personal access. If you want to add photos you didn’t create personally, the copyright issues must be taken care of. Permission from the owner, who has the rights to the image, is a must.

If you neglect copyright issues, you may land some severe problems later.

Blogs are an essential factor for bringing in revenue from the internet. Hence, you must be very careful with your work once you seriously get along with Blogging.

A blogger needs to work hard every day and ponder upon the newest content to publish. It is quite a hectic job to manage alone. Hence, nowadays, the idea of “Multiple Blogging” is quite popular. It is a team of talented people working on a single blog. As responsibilities get divided, these Blogs are more closer to success.

Every new day, a new post of the blogger replaces its predecessor. Blogs are published in reverse chronological order. According to this order, the latest blogs are ranked at the top of your page. This is where the blogs get differentiated from a website. The websites don’t get updated daily and don’t follow the reverse chronology rule. Hence, it is pretty tricky for a Blogger to keep his page going through all hardships. However, all of the tips and tricks above may help all bloggers to taste success.

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