Free Microsoft Office Photo Editor alternatives

MS Office Photo Editor is not anymore available. Here are a few other options for easy and free photo editing. MS Office Picture Manager replaced the defunct image editing app provided with MS Office for Windows. It is an image management tool, with photo editing features. Now, Office no longer offers an image editor. Windows users must download an image editor or adapt the Word’s image editing features.

Is it possible to edit in MS Word?

 If you have your own MS Office, or you’re an Office 365 subscriber or an Office 365 subscriber, you have MS Word. It means that you have a photo editor built-in. Just click Pictures and select the picture you need to insert in your document. After your pic is in your document, click it, and then click the Picture Tools tab. You can crop, compress at different levels, select color variations, and use special effects.

MS Photo Editor Alternatives

You can ask which mobile photo editing apps can manage the edited photos. Here is a few photo editing for windows.

Google Photos

Works for iOS and Android. Google Photo apps store all your photos on Google Drive at the best quality. It is another advantage: Google Photos allows you to make cool collages, animations for your photos and movie montages.

ooogle photos


It works only on iOS. The app saves your photos to a 15GB cloud storage account. Your storage is PIN protected and encrypted. The warehouse integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox is another advantage. It is a way to store and access your photos on any device and platform. Piccam includes a cloud camera to allow you to capture photos, videos, and photos with audio. You can upload EchoPix for an hour of sounds and sights.


Works on Android and iOS. The app provides aa featured camera. It also offers sophisticated editing tools. You can collaborate in a creative community. The best feature is that EyeEm Market connects you with some companies that want to buy your work. Your monetary prizes will be respected.


Works for iOS and Android. It allows to bring your photos to three dimensions. You can transform your photos into photo books, prints, or gifts directly from Shutterfly.


It is available for Windows. Free photo editor GIMP is one of the most powerful photo editors. It has sophisticated features, such as batch processing, effects, filters, and layers. You can use it for conversion or draw and paint. GIMP is open-source. Third-party tools and plugins support it.

GIMP is anything from a simple paint app, or an expert quality photo retouching app. It also is a mass production image renderer. It is also a production image renderer. GIMP is extensible and expandable. The scripting interface allows all kinds of activities, from a simple task to the complex image manipulation procedures. GIMP runs on Mac OS X.

Capabilities and Features

GIMP is rich in features to fulfill the most complex tasks. Here are a few highlights:

  • Painting
    • Painting tools, such as Pencil, Airbrush, Clone, and Brush.
    • GIMP supports custom patterns and brushes.
    • Powerful gradient editor
    • Excellent blend tool
    • Sub-pixel sampling for anti-aliasing paint tools
  • Advanced Manipulation
    • Layers and channels
    • Editable text layers
    • Full alpha channel support
    • Multiple Undo/Redo.  Only the disk space limit this feature.
    • It provides transformation tools, such as rotate, scale, flip, and scale.
    • Gimp offers selection tools, including rounded rectangle, ellipse, rectangle, fuzzy, and free.

GIMP offers many other spectacular features!



The app runs for Windows. It is trendy because it is easy to use. is intuitive, simple, and innovative. Every feature is designed to be quickly used without any help. uses a tabbed document interface to handle multiple images. The navigation is fast and straightforward.


It is the fastest image editor. starts quickly and is responsive to the mouse click.  Layers are found only on complicated or expensive professional software. You can consider layers as a stack of transparency slides. If you view together the layers, at the same time, they form an image. Special effects are designed to enhance your pictures. offers blur, distortion, sharp, red-eye removal, embossing, and noise. You can use the 3D rotate/Zoom effect. It helps to add tilting and add perspective.  

Active Online Community

Paint-net has a vibrant and friendly online community. You have a list of plugins and tutorials to help you create impressive images.


Fotor runs for Windows. The app offers a robust toolset, such as edit photos or in batches. It also allows for creating collages. Fotor gives you every feature you need to design awesome images.

Photo Editing

Fotor online photo editor is Photoshop online. It offers a great online photo editing suite to adjust the size, color, light, contrast, and more. Fotor provides HDR effects for professional photographs.  A large scale of photo filters gives the magic touch to edit your images. You also can transform your portrait into something surprising. Amazing features give your subject a beautiful makeover. You can add highlights and increase radiance. Fotor offers thousands of professionally designed templates to meet your design needs. Preset templates will value your ideas. You can use templates ranging from social media designs, from Facebook covers, photo cards, and posters. You can create YouTube banner ads, and much more. In a few clicks, you can design the designs that meet your expectations. 


There are many other alternatives to Microsoft Office Picture Manager. We can mention Picassa, a free image editor available for Windows and Mac. Google develops Picassa.

You also can use XnView. It is also a free app that allows you to view, edit, or resize your photos.  The app runs on Windows and supports up to 500 formats.

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