New image composite editor

The new app allows you to create a spectacular image with an original image composite editor. Studio Magic offers thousands of possibilities and is so easy to use! Beginners or professionals have the chance to use the great opportunities for a new image composite editor. Why? Because composite images offer unlimited potential to the user’s creativity.

The app allows us to add sunbeams and change the image mood. Any user can add personality to a primary image adding an edgy look. You can add more features with the magic of the new image composite editor. Do not forget that the app saves time. If you learn how to use the editor features, you will have stunning results in no time. In conclusion, you will have lots of benefits. And time is money!

Advantages of the new image composite editor

You can find on the market a plethora of paid photo editors. Some are so expensive that, at the bottom line, you will have problems to earn back. Using a new image composite editor, you will create a spectacular photo with only one click. In short, it is the new image composite editor you were expecting.

Studio Magic offers five tools sets to give you the possibility to use infinite possibilities. You can add the moon, clouds, stars, or a rainbow. Subsequently, a boring photo will become intriguing, spectacular. Firstly, it is possible to compel mirror reflections or pictures of water. Secondly, be ready to use more effects available with the new image composite editor.

New image composite editor

The new image composite editor – easy to use

Studio Magic is compatible with Photoshop CS6 and Adobe CC-CC2018. The app helps you to transform a banal photo into a work of art in minutes instead of hours. Tu sum up, professionals and beginners will save time and money. In addition, the learning curve is simple. Novices will become familiar with the app features quickly and increase their efficiency.

It will help if you remember your client’s face seeing the magic of their photos. It is your reward after the effects you made to make their picture irresistible. The customers will come back to you soon after a magical experience—Studio Magic, lots of five-star reviews. Likewise, the app has a “magic” benefit to beginners and for professional photography. Further, it offers “magic” effects in minutes. That is ti say, the users spare hours of work to make the same effects from scratch.

MS Image Composite Editor (ICE)

It happens to have photos taken with some omissions or other errors. ICE creates high resolutions panoramas. It also can combine images. In other words, the app can create panoramas using videos, with stop-motion action on the background. Above all, ICE saves the pictures in various formats, such as JPG, PSD, and multi-resolution tiled format.

ICE Features

The app can add missing parts around the panoramas. It can adjust incomplete images. Ice has a new user-friendly interface. You can easily create perfect pictures. You can go back and change the latest modifications without starting from scratch. To clarify, the preview is full resolution. Therefore, you also zoom to check every detail of your new panorama.

New image composite editor

ICE new features

– Works with structured panoramas – hundred of photos taken in a table or rows and columns to make a panorama
– The stitching engine has high performance
– Works with large image sizes
– Support Photoshop layers
– Read RAW images
– Blends automatically the exposure
– You can choose between lots of projections (spherical, stereographic, cylindrical, or planar).
– Offers the possibility to choose the panorama rotation
– Supports Silverlight Zoom, JPG, PSD, PNG, and BMP formats

ICE creates panoramas easily- it is not a new image composite editor, but it works since 2015

You presume that panoramas are challenging to create. It is true. You can still develop panoramas quickly, choosing the right app. MS ICE gives you the chance to create panoramas in minutes. You need to open the images, and the software does the work. ICE offers a few configuration settings, The Cropping Area, and the Stitching Method. MS ICE allows us to choose from a large scale of formats.

ICE is a great tool to create panoramas. It offers manual options too. You can see the images separately. The results are visible in minutes. You can view, publish, and share panoramas using the Photoshop site support. There are no image size restrictions.


As MS ICE is not a new image composite editor (made in 2015), the developers made a few improvements. You can use the structures panoramas. Supports gigapixel panoramas and can read RAW images using considerable document support and Photoshop layer.

Nucly – a new image composite editor

It is a tool used for high-quality projects. Nucly gives perfect results in Photoshop. It is easy to master selections and layers in Photoshop. The software helps you to create stunning photos with no painful error corrections.

The app frees your creativity. Nucly unchains your imagination. From traditional portraits to landscapes, from fantasy to tradition, you can carry out all your ideas and make works of art.

Easypano – a new image composite editor

The easy to use software unchain your creative power. It works in three easy steps. 1.Import source images. Easypano supports all camera type images such as standard, fisheye, or wide-angle. It also supports source images in jpg, png, BMP, or camera RAW images.
2. Stitch automatically. The software recognizes a few necessary processing, such as corresponding points matching, fisheye zones detection, stitching parameter optimization, blending, and remapping. Easypano also supports to stitch many types of the panorama, such as cubic, spherical, cylindrical, little planet and gigapixel panoramas.
3. Easypano saves the picture in jpg, png, BMP, and tiff formats. It also keeps the panoramas in PSD format, easy to use by Photoshop. The format to publish the panoramas is Flash, HTML5, and SWF. You can see panoramas on PC, mobile, glasses, smartphone, win, or mac. The panoramas are compatible with user browsers.
New image composite editor
Easypano offers a publish function. You can see the panorama in 2D mode. Use a 3D immersive to post it for smartphones or tablets.

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