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Anthropics, a great photo editor collection, offer PortraitPro, PortraitPro Body, LandscapePro, and Smart Photo Editor.  Every app offers high-level features and surprising and capable software, made using Artificial Intelligence.

You will be surprised to find the spectacular features of PortraitPro. The site takes your breath away. The app makes exactly want it claims. The makeup tools can apply lipstick, brush the cheeks, add eyeshadows. If the portrait you are improving has unwanted shadows, PortraitPro can correct everything. The features can add or move the 3D light source around the photo.

PortraitPro is a secure photo editing software. These days, it is the world’s best-selling photo editing software. Artificial Intelligence is its success key. The app enhances every detail of a portrait and beautifies it.

The main features of a great photo editor

– Locates hair, skin, features, and background
– The app detects the person’s face, gender and age
– Use customizable presets to retouch the portrait.
– The retouching operation is customizable.
– The feature ClearSkin is AI-powered. The results are stunning.
– Hair coloring possibilities
– Lens corrections
– Expression correction tools

Face detection with AI for a great photo editor

The strong AI background makes useless the masks and selections. The new profound learning developments, artificial intelligence, and image recognition algorithms make retouching software correct.
a great photo editor
Realistic makeup with a great photo editor

The app comes with a large scale of digital composition. Many years in the cosmetic domain improve the skills offered by PortraitPro. A flattering makeup in different styles makes the feature especially useful. What you can do with makeup features:
– Add false eyelashes, eyeshadow, and eyeliner
– Highlight the face contour
– If the method implies, add some bronze on the cheekbones
– Add lipstick in the scale of natural textures
– Create new fashion styles
– Use blusher to straighten the glow

Skin smoothing

ClearSkin comes from new technology. It recognizes natural skin texture and replicates it to repair shadows and blemishes—no artificial airbrushed look.
The skin-smoothing must be different in a different zone of the face. It is the reason why PortraitPro uses deep learning to map a face intelligently.
The face map allows us to apply every edit correctly.

Re-lighting with a great photo editor

PortraitPro makes you feel like a photograph in a professional studio. You can add digital light adapted to your features.
The feature brightens and smoothes the skin for a fresh look. The app also highlights the bone structure and creates a unique look. You can adjust the color and direction of your light with an easy to use interface.


Eyes are the essential elements of a portrait. It is vital to get them perfect. You can give them a charming touch. It is possible to use catchlights and contact lenses to embellish the look of a person. You can also sharpen the lashes and eyes. The iris can be bright, and the pupils darken. No red-eyes and a few catches lights transform the portrait into a work of art.


You do not need a stylist. Our image will improve with hair editing. PortraitPro offers 40 base shades. You can customize the colors with o large scale of tons. It is possible to change the hair color or add a new tint thoroughly. It is possible to improve the volume for a tremendous styled look. A healthy appearance needs shine.

Smart filter

The feature allows you to switch your workflow between PortraitPro and Photoshop. It is a great feature allowing you to customize the portraits in the best conditions and using the best features.

RAW processing
For the best quality images, read the camera RAW and DNG files. Then read and write the PNG files with 16 bits per color.

Automatic batch processing

Retouching is fast in PortraitPro. Why? Because the automatic batch processing replaces the manual work. You need to select the zones you want to edit. It would help if you chose the presets and the job, and the app works for you. The app comes in three versions to suite the user needs. The dominant version named Portrait Pro Studio Max can process a photo with only a few clicks.
a great photo editor

PortraitPro Body

It is a great photo editor. It saves you time and money. The new edition helps to edit full-body portraits. The latest version supports editing full-body pictures. You can give the person the desired look. It is not necessary to make a manual choice. For fast editing, the app finds the person. You need only 10 minutes to edit a photo. The slider is intuitive, and you can apply your style: dramatic or subtle. PortraitPro Body studio works with RAW files to give you the chance to run Photoshop filters.
a great photo editor


– Body selection – image recognition made automatically allows you to start immediately
– Body contouring you can use special shape tools
– Adjust the height and build – the app offers controls for fine-tuning
– Correct posture – fixes camera distortion and unflattering postures
– Removes blemishes and smooth skin – you can use ClearSkin feature
– Face editing – smooth surface, re-light the face and adjust the expression
PortraitPro Bodysuits to the professionals working with high-quality images. The app work with RAW files. The app can play the role of a filter Photoshop.


With only a few clicks, you can correct body parts such as hips or shoulders. You can quickly slim a body. With reshaping features, the professional photo editor has an easy job. It is truly an easy and quick job.

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