Some Exciting Photo Editing Apps

Every person can’t buy expensive photo editing apps like Adobe Photoshop or video editing applications like Premiere Pro. Especially when you are a beginner it doesn’t make any sense to waste your money on applications where it has a very high learning curve, and you have to pay a hefty amount as well.

So, in this article, we will cover some of the exciting photo editing apps for both beginners and advanced levels. These apps can be benefitted by the professionals as well. 

If you are into online photo editing, there are tons of them available on the internet. Starting from an app specifically for shooting food pictures to selfie specialists, you cannot complete counting the number of them. 

Photo editing apps these days provide you professional experience at a minimal cost and in most cases free of cost. However, you have to learn the necessary skills and adapt them to make the most out of them.

If you have a creative mind ( I am sure you do! ), don’t sit idle and get your hands on these amazing and exciting apps at the same time.

Let’s get started!


This tremendous app developed by Xiamen Meitu Technology Co. Ltd. is especially known for its full-featured capability of handling any major retouches you might need in your selfies. 

It is available on both iOS and Android at free of cost. A super strength, well-rounded photo editing app ready for use just after downloading. One of the biggest virtues of this app is that it has this feature called “Magic Wand“ which allows you to retouch your photos by combining several filters at the same time with just a tap.

With a very comfortable interface, you can make adjustments to your face as you desire. Once you are done with making the necessary adjustments, you can save it on your phone memory and proceed through the standard saving options. 

Exciting Photo Editing Apps

Enlight Pixaloop

The Enlight Pixaloop is neat photography and photo editing app with pretty cool tricks and effects. This app developed by Lightricks Ltd. is one of the trending apps on social media. 

To start using effects on your photos, first, you have to add them to the editor. After that, you can select one of the available filters. This app has a unique ability to turn still images to a GIF. If you choose to animate your

photos, you have to mark certain points on each image. That way, the app can determine which areas to animate.

In just a matter of seconds, Pixaloop can bring life to any photo. Although the free version doesn’t allow you to make use of all the features, you can still make people awestruck when they look at your picture.

The premium version of this app is a bit expensive with a price bundle of $3.99 per month subscription or a single $59.99 price tag.

LightX Photo Editor

LightX Photo Editor developed by AndOr Communication Pvt Ltd. gained huge success and recognition in the iOS platform. 

There are some pretty amazing photo effects like color splash, background changer, and many more.

“LightX is all in one free picture editor to make photo collages, add photo frames to your pictures, add stickers, make cutout and photo background changer, blur photos, create cartoons and caricatures, create sweet selfies and portrait photos, change hair color, add color splash effects, merge photos for double & multiple exposure effects and apply many other tools to edit pictures. Above all, you can put text on your photos and create your own text memes as well.”

It is evident from their description that it is an all-rounder photo editing app that can do all sorts of stuff. If it is in the beta version, you may face some glitches in the app. 

It is free and the premium version is available at a very cheap cost of $0.99.

Exciting Photo Editing Apps

Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects pro developed by DHQ solutions provides you with a platform to explore different looks for the same image. It is a very easy and effectively fun way to enhance your images. 

So, if you are someone who likes to play with different kinds of filters, effects, stickers, and other stuff like that, you are definitely going to enjoy this app. You have got myriads of fun stickers, amazing art effects, superframes, and many more. 

An unusual feature of this app is you can finger paint on your photos like creating funny mustaches and all. However, the surprising fact is it is now available on the tablet devices as well giving you a better space to create your artwork.

This app is free to download and you can avail all the amazing features after downloading the app as there is no premium version. A creative app within your budget!


Pixelmator developed by Pixelmator Team is best known for its huge range of photo editing features. It covers all the basics starting from crop to saturation and all. It blends the tool in such a way that it can be used by both photographers and graphic designers. 

The thing which makes it different from the others is the ability to work on a layer-based interface. Just like Photoshop, you can add layers upon layers and add interesting elements to the artwork.

The best part? The interface is pretty basic and simple with a low learning curve. 

It also works seamlessly with the desktop version of Pixelmator. The app costs $4.99 and is worth your cost.

Exciting Photo Editing Apps


In conclusion, whatever Photo Enhancing Software you may choose, in the end, what matters is if it fulfills your purpose and you get the desired product. Therefore, it is best to try free apps and choose the one for you. Regarding the paid ones, you can go through several app reviews and would be easily able to determine the one best for you.

Happy Editing!

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