A banner is a piece of cloth or a flag that bears a logo, a symbol, or a message upon it. It is instrumental in exposing ideas, thoughts, and views. All of us have seen banners, around us, at some or other times. They are pretty old school, as they date back many days. Banners have been designed and used by people all over the world, to bring up certain ideals. Designing a banner takes a lot of creativity, a lot of thinking to put your ideas into expression. Times have changed now, but banners have stayed, although they have a different form of expression. If you ask us how to make it, we have a list of good ideas and tricks up in the stores for you. Following these ideas would take your online banner designing to another level and you will be the perfect answer to the question of how to make my banner.

The definitions have changed a bit nowadays. Making banners are no more restricted to the artists, they can be made online. Yes, you heard it right, even you can make a banner, or an image for your new website, your advertising campaign. Here are our ideas on how to make your banner, the PERFECT one.



Opening the google play store, leaves us with a pool of options and applications to help design yours efficiently. Getting all confused in searching for the best app, would be nothing unnatural. Let us come to your help here, we give you some great applications, which would help you in all ways in how to make your banner.

According to us

  1. Canva: graphic design, video collage, logo maker
  2. Creatopy.com
  3. Designmyfeed app

are some of the apps and websites we can use to get going with designing our banners.


To take your online banner design to another level, you need to decide the size in which you want your banner to appear. Choosing the banner size is quite important and an elementary step at the same time. In the applications you run for designing your banners, you need to enter your banner size in a proper way. The process is flexible though if you get your mind changed you can always use the resize option made available with a click. Once you get your banner size right, you can go on with the other steps.


To make your banners both eyecatching and attractive, proper and efficient use of colors are quite important. Adding a proper texture to your banner, choosing the best shade of ink to use are vital steps while you are designing your banner. Ideas are expressed on your banner, increase its value, but using proper shades is you really need to master to know how to make a banner. You must take care, that the colors you use stand out in the first place, but also blend in and do not get too bright for eyes.


While you are designing a banner using any graphic design application, some things really come in handy. When an artist makes a banner using his hands, somewhere he gets restricted. A point arrives where he must stop, where he can draw out his ideas no more. But there comes the catch when you design your banners online. The apps we suggested here, let you choose from a wide range of graphic elements which you can implement in your banner. There is no limiting value check on the expression of your ideas and views. You can go on introducing new elements. These applications also present you with hundreds of shapes and buttons which really increase the brand value of your banner and your advertisement campaign. these give a clear call to action on you how to make a banner.


Introducing the effective use of animations and transitions is another crucial advantage we get while designing a banner online. Implementation of animations and transitioning is a concept that is alien to the artists who design banners manually. However, these are the advantages for which, the online mode is much more effective in designing your banner, standing in the current scenario. There is no bound on imaginations, on the creation and there mustn’t be any. Mastering the use of animations and transitions in the banner you design really makes it different from the ones who know how to make a banner.

how to make a good banner


The graphic designing applications you use in designing your banners give you an enormous edge in introducing and implementing new styles and techniques. This makes banner making a fun task to do without any kind of training in the past. Once you get adept in using all the tools these applications have provided you, designing great banners and infusing all of your creativity becomes a handy and trusted job for you. How to make my own banner isn’t an unanswerable question for you. Here,  once you are done with your designs you can download your banner easily, avoiding any kind of errors.

They allow all kinds of desired formats using which you can download your banner. The banners can be exported and are available in PNG, MP4, JPG, GIF, JPG format.


The answer to the question of how to make a banner becomes quite easy once you follow the above-given steps. These applications also allow you to create your own personalized banner. You can take advantage of all the options and tools provided in the stores and go creative with your banners. Once you are done in the professional field, you can also create banners for your Facebook cover photos, Linkedin account, and Twitter account. For designing your personalized banners, you find a wide variety of preset sizes available in the workspace. Here, the banner you have designed, once complete can be dropped in a word processor and used as a customized letterhead. Once done, you print the banner, hang them in your graduation event celebration, birthday party, or baby shower.


Different business associations all over the world are still searching for how to make a good banner. You can give them the perfect answer by showcasing your skills. Designing a business banner often becomes hectic if you try to do it manually. Business banners consist of certain messages, accents, logos, or wordmarks that are crucial for the concerned business. Designing a banner online gives you free will to develop and customize logos for the business association which hires you. You can create all kinds of branded banners for your own startup, or for the firm that has hired you and get profitable.

how to make a good banner


Here we have provided you a comprehensive study on what you must follow to develop your own banner, what steps to take, and which applications to use.

Now, we give you a greater view of one of the web pages we suggested, so that the idea of how to make my banner gets all vivid in your head.


  • Designing banners on this website is relatively easy and less problematic. Even if you are a first-time user, this makes it a joyous ride for you.
    • Presenting is quite an important step while you design your banners. Creepy allows you to choose from 40+ preset sizes and styles to give you the perfect banner.
      • It opens a huge palette of colors in front of you, where you can choose from a wide range of solid and customized colors along with gradients.
      • Creepy provides you with unique and creative animations, which help you really well.

Finally, following all these steps would make your banner stand out and be attractive. It would make your online ad campaign a proper success.

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