Some Common Video Editing Mistakes

If you are new to video editing, make sure you don’t make these Common Video Editing Mistakes.

In this blog, I am going to run through the most common mistakes that most new video editors tend to make, wasting a ton of time and killing the quality of their videos.

I will also share how you can easily avoid them with a ton of video editing tips for beginners thrown in along the way.

As a beginner, video editing can be confusing and it’s easy to fall into some of the mistakes and bad habits that can cost you a lot of time but in vain. It makes the whole process much more painful than it needs to be.

So while video editing can be one of the most daunting aspects of the video creation process, with some useful tips it can be one of the most rewarding parts of the creative process.

So here are the top 10 video editing mistakes you won’t do after knowing them:- 

#1 Not Thinking of Editing While Filming

Not considering your editing project at the time of filming your content. When you are filming your content you should always ask yourself questions like, “ Am I going to be using this?”, or “ Is the length of time that I have captured of this shot is enough, or do I need more?”.

You don’t want to have extra footage for the footage’s sake, because more footage means more editing. This will slow down your editing process because you have to go through and cut down more video footage.

So be mindful of what are you filming and if it is enough.

#2 Jumping Straight Into Edit Without A Plan

What are the goals of your video? Why are you making it? What do you want to achieve?

Having a plan or some goals and everything laid out around what you want your video to do and the feeling that you want your viewers to have while they are watching your video is going to make your editing far more targeted, streamlined and much more efficient as well.

#3 Not Having An Editing Process

Leading on from that, the third one is to not have a process in place to edit your videos down. We see so many people jump into the editing applications that will dump their footage into the main timeline and just start color grading, or tweaking the audio.

You need to focus on the content first. You wanna make sure that you have got enough, and nothing wrong with the footage that you have captured so you can tell the story.

Jumping straight to the color grading or something like that is the stuff you need to do later in the process. Adding more of that stuff and doing that front is going to slow down your editing process.

#4 File Management

You want to make sure that you are organizing everything that you are using in your editing project into a logical place, and ideally, all in the one folder.

Now, spending that little bit of time upfront and making sure that everything is organized is going to make it much easier for you, while you are in the thick of image photo editing.

If you quickly need to find something, it is going to be in a logical place. What I mean here is that have separate folders for music, footage, export, project, and many more as per requirement.

It will make it a lot easier for you if you want to come back to the same project after some more time.

Common Video Editing Mistakes

#5 Learning The Shortcuts

Mistake number 5 is not taking the time to learn some of the simple keyboard shortcuts. Learning and understanding the keyboard shortcuts are going to speed up your editing ten folds.

All of the features have some predefined shortcuts. When you know them you don’t have to toggle through the menus repetitively making it more tedious for you.

#6 Using The Wrong Music

The music is the easiest way to make your viewers feel something while they are watching your content.

So the mistake here is having music in it that is the wrong fit for your video and the feeling that you want your viewers to have being mismatched with the music that you are putting in there. 

It shouldn’t be much too loud to distract the viewers and making it hard for them to consume the content.

#7 Over Editing

Making way too many cuts, removing out every little pause, or including way too many transitions and effects makes it annoying for your viewers.

If anything, stick to simple cuts, remove the mistakes, tighten up stuff if it needs it. For the most part, the more you simplify your videos, the easier they are going to be for you to edit, but also easier for your viewers to watch.

#8 Backup Your Timeline

Mistake number 8 is not saving your backup version of your timeline of your editing project as you progress your edit.

What most people do, especially beginners is they will just be working on the one timeline from start to finish. But this doesn’t give anywhere to go backward.

If something happened like the file gets corrupt, you have to again start from scratch. Save the file as a different project as a backup when you gradually proceed. This also helps you to get the previous edited stages.

Common Video Editing Mistakes


So those were the 8 Common Video Editing Mistakes that beginners make while editing their video editing. Avoiding these basic mistakes will help you organize and present your final product more attractively.

Let us know in the comment section how you benefited from this blog!

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