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Digital art is one of the most popular aspects of pop culture nowadays. It has garnered large publicity through all kinds of digital drawings and comics. It is the best place to express one’s creativity and skillsets. Many art enthusiasts aspire to create digital art to enhance their creative space. However, there are certain constraints to the process. They often face some obstacles like getting the perfect desktop to start with Digital art, or if their current desktop could support their venture in creating Digital art. Also, there is a host of digital art-creating software out there in the market. Hence, it becomes quite a job to get started to learn the art.

If all of the points above, worry you, read below for a list of tips and picks to get a solid headstart in an unknown place. 


If you already have your computer, you can use it without opting for a new one. Also, you can use a laptop to draw digital illustrations, if it has good enough built-in system requirements. Instead, if you find that your computer freezes a lot, you should consider adding up more memory or go on to replace it.

If you need to purchase a new computer, you must be quite specific to your provider that you need a device for art programs, applications, and digital drawings so they can help you find just the one that suits you.

Coming to Memory, digital drawing software can run smoothly in a 4GB memory-wise, device. Although you can draw perfectly, using your 4 GB memory would be best if you go with 8 GB memory to get the most out of your device.

Many recommend Mac computers for withdrawing, but you can easily draw experience on a Windows device. However, you are free to choose the operating system you like.

You are also open to the option of drawing using your smartphone or tablet with the help of a stylus. However, these options are often technologically limited, hence, they might keep you back once in a while or make you feel a bit less confident as they are not as detailed as their contemporaries.


The Galaxy book Flex 25 version available in Germany and the UK comes together with a six-month license to Clip Studio Paint PRO.

2. Illustration software support

Digital illustration or drawing actually refers to illustrations made using a drawing program or application. Various types of drawing software are available in the market, ranging right from free to paid programs and applications.

Some expensive software in the market has advanced features, but it doesn’t always imply that it is easier to draw with (or suffice your needs).

It’s always good to get some handy experience first. Most paid software allows you a free trial facility, so you can choose whether or not to opt for something after running it. Also, you must the budget factor in your mind.

The big fishes in drawing software

  • Abode photoshop

It is a world-famous graphics software with a long and glorious history. It is supported with many advanced features, and it has attracted many successful designers and enthusiasts. Sometimes it is simply known as Photoshop.


It is another sophisticated software frequently used for comics and illustration. The software is popular amongst many professional artists, especially comic artists. It’s sometimes abbreviated and referred to as “Clip Studio” or “CSP”.


This is an intuitive and easy drawing software. The software is supported with fewer features however operates smoothly even with low specifications.

Software is an important factor for creating your drawing. You should be careful while you choose the software according to your needs like what you want to create, it might be illustrations, comics, portraits, or something else. 

how to create digital art

3. Pen tablet connection

Drawing in your pc gets easy when you connect a pen tablet

You can get a hand upon smoother and straighter lines with the aid of a pen tablet. Hence, if you want to draw an image on your computer, you should get adapted to this tool. You will find quite a number of companies selling pen tablets for Pc but the ones manufactured by  Wacom are the most popular products. Wacom’s product has an all-around solid built. 

Before making your choice, you should run the drawing feeling and be sure of what you purchase.

You need to keep in mind the tip that gradually keeps getting short, and it requires changing after a certain period of time.

4. Monitor

You don’t need to opt for a new display if you’re comfortable with your current one.

However, if you are plan to get a new monitor, choose a relatively large one because it would reduce your tiredness. About  20 inches is a good option.

Photographer with digital photo camera sketch portrait vector illustration

5. Other requirements

Although this is not as necessary as the other items, you might need a scanner if you want to sketch on the paper. You can convert the sketch into its digital form, once you open it with the software. Also, it allows you to import hand-drawn colors with their contrasts and use them for illustration materials. If you want to obtain a copy of your illustration, you need a printer.

If you want to get started with digital drawing, the start-up costs can vary and largely depend on the components you want to buy.

When you draw traditionally, your supplies often run out of stock and you got to purchase them again. However, this is not the case in a digital environment, as here you do not have to replace your equipment, which results in less cost in the long term.

Effectively you don’t need to get started with a high-performance computer, but you can gradually shift to a suitable device that suffices your needs. Hence, all of these tips would help you as a beginner in the digital art environment.

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