Some Amazing Free Photo Editing Apps

When you are proud of your photography skills and can brag about the beautiful stories that you created through your clicked images, but have no clue where to start editing, this place is for you.
In this article, we are going to include some of the amazing free photo editing apps which have a huge potential for satisfying the users but are not well known.

Everyone has heard about the popular Adobe suite where apps with a classy interface amaze the users like Lightroom, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Express, Fix, and many many others. But there is one problem with the Adobe product. Because of its brand value, you have to pay a hefty amount to use it. 

Here we will include the apps which are either free of cost or cost a little for their stunning features. You can check our other blogs where we have included different apps for different purposes which will amaze you.

Let us get into it!

Afterlight- Photo Editor

Afterlight – Photo Editor is a photo editing app developed by Afterlight Collective Inc. which is especially known for its all-rounder editing ability and artsy outlook. It is available in both iOS and Android at free of cost. 

Its highly modern interface is amazingly attractive and greatly appealing. 

“All-in-one, feature-packed” photo editing app, as Afterlight dubs itself is fairly the summary of this app. 

  • Afterlight – Photo Editor includes all the basic features you would expect starting from saturation, brightness, double exposures, selective color, different textures, and many more things beyond expectations.
  • It has got more than 128 frames for selection with which you can stunningly beautify your image. It has tons of great filters to change the look of the photo telling an entirely different story.
  • This is not the end. You can customize each and everything on your own starting from filters to color tonality. The best of the amazing textures is the prism effect. 
  • What makes this app different is, you can work with RAW files in this app. So, professional photographers would benefit a lot from this.
Free Photo Editing Apps


Okay, so I don’t have to introduce this one separately. It is one of the most popular social media amongst the millennials. I guess you came to this blog just after scrolling through your Insta Feed. This app has an active user base of 1 billion per month.

Coming to a formal introduction, it is an app you can download in any device free of cost. Create an account and starting posting your beautiful pictures. 

But wait, did you know you can edit pictures on Insta?

The platform has all of the basic photo editing tools you might need, including filters, effects, text, stickers, overlays, and more. However, the app also provides other tools to help you grow your following.

Whichever app you use for editing the photos, in the end, you are going to upload it on Instagram.


Vimage is a comparatively new photo editing app

As they say, 

“Start breathing life into your photos with our multiple award-winning aesthetic tools! VIMAGE is a Cinemagraph creator app that lets you animate your image and add hundreds of moving photo effects, presets, filters, and overlays onto your photos and turn them into creative living pictures or GIFs. Our photo editor lets you share your art with your friends and other VIMAGE creatives. Get instant exposure with your animation, not only for photographers and experts!”

Cinemagraphs are the latest trends to tell animated stories through your mobile phones using your images. It is very similar to the LG V40s cinematographic feature. You can do basic edits like crop, brightness, and all similar kinds of stuff and apply some pre-made animations to make it more realistic and tell your story. 

PhotoMate R3

It is the successor of PhotoMate R2 developed by TS Systems, was one of the best photo editors of the list. It is still new. So you can expect it to evolve with time and get only better. 

In this version, you will get access to fairly all advanced editing tools, including all of the basics. It is best suitable for photographers out there as it supports the RAW file format. 

This app also comes with a set of lens collection which you can use to fix problems like Chromatic Abberation and other lens-based adjustments. 

Coming up to the price model, you get a free trial of one month as of now, and is available for $7.99.

Free Photo Editing Apps

PhotoDirector – Photo Editor

PhotoDirector is a new entrant in the world of photo editing apps for Android and is a pretty good one that you won’t regret using. 

The available highlighting features are-

  • Photo Animation – Turn your still images into incredible pieces of moving art.
  • Dispersion Effect – Manipulate particles to create dramatic images
  • Object cloning and removal
  • Sticker maker to create custom stickers
  • Image crop and rotate
  • Brightness, contrast, warmth, and saturation adjustments

This app is available for free as well as it comes up with a subscription model of $2.99 per month or a one-time payment of $17.99. The amount is reasonable compared to the quality. You won’t regret using it!


There are plenty of tons of photo editing apps available in the market. You have to know your purpose in using it. Google once which is the best suitable app for your purpose and you will find the one for you.

If you want to shoot your food images, there is one separate app. If you want to shoot scenery, there is a different one or some other app for your selfies and so on.

Let us know in the comments which suit you the best!

Happy editing!

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