How to choose Photo Editing Software

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That happens to us all. You read posts on someone’s blog – the content is good, but the pictures first attract your attention. You like the understanding of blogger designs, and you might not realize why your photos don’t look like this. And you are not alone; Content with related images get 94% more views than content without pictures. So here we are going to see how to choose photo editing software for blogs.

Many of us are visual students, and we all enjoy charming images on the blog. They act as a helper for posts, giving a good break when reading and increasing blog posts to share more. Okay, let me show you some useful image editing and graphic design tools that don’t need to be downloaded.

Why do you need an image editing tool?

As bloggers, you might ask why you need access to a photo editing tool. This is an affordable question, and here are some strong reasons for using graphics editing tools.

  • They help you make exciting images easily
  • Images improve the quality of your blog’s posts
  • Images can help you skip your posts quickly
  • Graphic editing tools can help you create beautiful images easily.

Pro of using photo editing tools

Increase more number of audience

By setting a good feature image, followers can visit your website to read the article by looking at the thumbnail of the post. Apart from this, they can also share your content. Finally, you can direct more traffic from social media using better images.

Make your blog more interesting.

No matter how well you write, reading more text is a tedious job. Adding an excellent visual to your blog post makes it easy for readers to read, especially for readers who only scan content instead of reading every word.

Rank your page

Search engines encourage visitors for traffic for free, but high pages in search engine results. SEO performance is one of the on-page SEO optimization processes. Adding Alt text to the image you upload will help Crawler understand your content. 

You can get a high ranking in search engines, especially in image search, and ultimately increase your visibility and traffic search engine.

Here we are enlisting the products which can be helpful for you if you are looking for some free image editing apps

1)Pick Money

Picmonkey is a popular photo editing tool available online. Free basic versions offer many editing options that can make images appear. Some of the main features of it are:

Image adjustment – Sharp image or repair exposure

Positive Effect – Add the color of your image or make your image smoother

Touch UPS Image – Teeth Bleaching, Fixation without Defects, or Red Eye Removal

Pick Money also has a “fun” filter like a mustache or spray available on the premium plan, enough to touch your photos in the original version and add text into it.

Easy to use. Just upload your image and start working. Although there are no social media templates that you can use for your image, Picmonkey makes it easy to cut your photos to a specific size.


It is the first online design tool that I discovered. Canva most popular photo editing apps that anyone can use to make blog images along with various visual content such as images, presentations, leaflets, infographics, and others. Many graphic designers also use this tool to edit images when needed continued editing. Do you wonder now whether this tool is free?

Well, Canva is a premium tool that offers free packages. You can start by designing your blog image from scratch or by selecting one of the given templates. However, when you improve their payment package, you can access useful features such as background removal tools, premium stock images, pro elements, size size, and more. If you are new to designing, there is also a design school, where you can learn graphic design basics.

They have more than 1 million images and interesting charts for you to choose or you can upload your images to use. This is a blogger playground with thousands of templates for use and things to start with free icons and fonts. While Canva is often used to create shared charts on social media, you can customize your dimensions if you don’t have your favorite size template.


Piktochart allows you to create infographics, reports, and presentations easily. Infographics are still a powerful way to provide a large amount of information for easy digestion. Visual marketing is reasonable, and piktochart can help you. Piktochart is easy to use, making graphics that look professional and can be used even by non-designers.

You can choose a template or create your own – Select the template. Piktochart does all work for you, including information on transfer and visual maps. All the tools you need are placed on the side, making it easy to adjust and change items. The most straightforward intuitive interface is about what things Piktochart, how easy it makes graphics or graphics with your data. You must choose a graph type or graph and double-click to enter your data.

Other highlights include the ability to add videos to your infographics and the ability to upload your images, such as logos for branding purposes.


Stencils are not vital image editings tools like Canva or Crello, but this is a simple tool that you can use to make good pictures for blog posts. Stencils have an excellent icon library, where you can find various icons related to many industries and modify many of them to change their color.

One of the main features available in this tool is that you can add shadows drop, outline color and background color to edit images, especially for images that are very useful for social media platforms.

Stencils are excellent apps that include free and paid packages with access to many premium icons and themes. Unlike Canva or Crello, you can only save several images when you are in a free package.

choose Photo Editing Software


You can make designs for any location from a collection of ready-made designs with more than 600 designs. You can also upload the image you like and adjust it as desired. In Pablo, you can schedule images made by Pablo to share on any social network. With extensions in Pablo, you can choose any image in the article. You don’t need to spend time searching, downloading, and uploading photos to Pablo. The image is automatically dragged to Pablo. All your special logos will be saved automatically, and you can close the Pablo text when making social images.

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