How to Edit Photos In Canva Like a Pro

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We recently talked about the Canva Photo editor. This is a free image editor to use to create and play logos from infographics, social media posts, and more. Even though Canva is what we call or look like in a “professional” photo editor, it’s straightforward to choose from. Also, this platform is equipped with all the tools you can run. This article will show you a photo editor in action, but before that, you must know that what this app is exactly about!

Why is Canva photo editor so popular?

When we first learned about Canva, we think about it as, like, most design tools for drawing images for the web. Furthermore, Canva has introduced several extraordinary tools and features that will help you create a logo and everything for social media images and online magazines.

Canva photo editor has now become a potent photo editor. Using Canva, you can upload any photos you want, apply filters, add advanced effects, cut, and more. All of this is a common feature in photo editing software. However, when you combine it with Canva design tools, you get a lot of freedom when converting photos into web elements. Using Canva, you can edit photos, add unique aspects to them, edit their background, add text and music to them, and more.

Premium accounts for canvas.

Canva offers many features in its free version; however, keep in mind that the enhanced Canva photo effect is only available for premium accounts. If you use the free version of Canva, you can apply filters and edit photos, but don’t use the effect library.

Some Features of Canva:

  • Upload and edit photos using the online platform.
  • Save photos in your online library and share them with anyone you want.
  • Apply filters and edit images.
  • Add pre-artificial and unique elements to your photos, including icons, text, music, and more.
  • Price: Free with premium packages available. 
Edit Photos In Canva

How to edit photos in the canvas

If you are looking for any photo editor app or want to learn how to edit photos using canvas, you need to register yourself for a Canvas account. Start with the free version only.

All the features mentioned below will be available to you with the free version of Canvas.

Choose the photo to edit and upload it to Canvas.

First of all, you need to upload the desire photos on canvas, and You will not have an online photo editor without the upload feature. When you enter Canva, you will see a lot of templates and options that you can use to make your own design:

Go through the canvas menu.

Canva provides you some automated options too, Instead of choosing a pre-configuration option, you can click Create Design and select Start with the image button. Canva asks you to select an image to upload from your computer.

Let us start with photo editing. 

On the left, you have a menu editor, which contains all the tools available in canvas. On the right, you can see the picture you have uploaded to the canvas. Now enjoy the whole process of editing with us.

Rotate and trim the desired photo

The basic things you can do when editing software is rotating. Using a canvas photo editor, you can do both trim and rotate by finding the appropriate options in the menu above the editor:

Edit Photos In Canva

Crop your image if required

If you click Crop, you can cut the photo section that you don’t want to show. Choosing a Flip option allows you to play photos horizontally or vertically.

Apply the filter and effect to your photo

Single menu with Crop and flip tools including effects, filters, and tweak features. Using Tweak, you can adjust the color of your photo using a simple slider:

Adjust the color of your photo

As far as filters go, Canva has 20 options, which looks good if you use another photo editing tool. You have a gray, retro scale, and many more popular choices for chosen. All you required to do is click on the filter you want to use and adjust the intensity:

Apply filters using Canva

When it comes to effects, Canvas offers you a lot of options, even in its free version, but to have a professional look, you must upgrade to a premium one. 

Add a special element to your photo

Even though Canvas shines as a photo editor, it is still a graphic design tool in the heart. When you edit photos, you still have access to a complete suite of canvas design tools. In practice, this means you can easily add items from the canvas library, enter text on your photos, change their background, and more.

Add special elements to the canvas.

All you have to choose the best element you want to add to the image, drag it to the desired location, and change the size if necessary. Adding text is very easy. You are clicking on the text tab. I Will let you know about all styles you can use, as well as many header sizes.

By combining the tools, you can change photos into elements as part of your website. If you want to comply with Canva photo editing features, you can do the same.

Edit Photos In Canva


While Canvas is not a replacement for professional software like Photoshop, this is a great tool for editing photos and web design. Templates, elements, and photo effects give you various intuitive tools to create and edit charts.

Suppose you are interested in making designs for your website and don’t want to pay for premium photo editors. In that case, Canvas is a good choice to edit your photos if you wish to do so, all you need to follow the simple steps mentioned in this article.

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