Best free photo editor online, sites where you can edit photos

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Why do you need a free photo editor online? Often you need to edit some imperfections in a photo quickly, but you don’t have photo editing software installed on your computer or smartphone. In this case, you can use a free online photo editing software that combines the simplicity and convenience. You no need having to install the software. These free photo editors online may not provide all the tools you find in software such as GIMP or Photoshop.They are useful to retouch a photo quickly and efficiently.

Here is the best photo editing sites online in 2020.

The best photo editing software online, Autodesk Pixlr

When it comes to web applications that allow editing pictures online, it is impossible not to mention Pixlr. The app looks like the best free picture editor online. It offers two services: Pixlr Editor and Pixlr Express. With Pixlr Editor, you can edit photos with necessary tools. It offers tools such as resizing, cropping, rotating, adding text, and graphics. Pixlr Express lets you create collages from photos, edit photos and apply different special effects and filters. The two services are straightforward to use. The graphical interface is easy to understand. You can try here Pixlr Editor and here Pixlr Express.

free photo editor online

Website for editing photos online, Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop Express Editor is an online (minimal) version of the popular Photoshop software. Using this program to edit photos online is very simple. It provides some tools with which you can crop photos, correct colors, contrast, write on pictures, and more. This online photo editing application is free, and you do not need to register. The interface very intuitive and easy to understand because you can preview how the image changes in real-time by selecting different tools. You can try Photoshop Express Editor here.

free photo editor online

iPiccy, a simple online photo editing software

After Picnik stopped working, most users turned to iPiccy. It is one of the best free photo editors online. It provides users with excellent and simple tools to modify, correct, and apply photo effects. The interface is very intuitive, structured on tabs. In each tab, there are different tools (on the left side of the screen) that allow you to modify the pictures. For example, rotating, resizing, trimming, color correction, removing imperfections, adding filters, and special effects, etc. The images thus modified can be saved on the computer or can be distributed on the social network. Try iPiccy here.

Polarr, photo editing software online easy to use

Polarr is another free photo editor online that focuses more on image enhancement and the application of special effects and filters.

The graphical interface is easy to understand: in the left menu, you will find filters, and on the right side various tools for adjustment and correction. You see all the changes in the picture in real-time, so you immediately understand what effect each instrument has on the image. If you want to try Polarr.

Fotor, site to edit photos online easy to use

It is one of the best online photo editing sites. The interface is straightforward to understand, with big, colorful buttons, very clearly labeled. Fotor provides many tools for photo editing, divided into different categories. You will find the primary (here you also find a tool to remove an object from a picture), special effects, beautification of the photographs. It works great especially to remove small imperfections on the skin and make up the face. It offers frames, adding adhesives, graphics, and custom writing. Also, you can find the usual photo editing tools, such as resizing, cropping, rotating, etc.

Edit photos online with Aviary

Another free site where you can edit your photos online is Aviary. The graphical interface is straightforward and intuitive, and you immediately understand what you need to do. There are many photo editing tools, including photo enhancement, correct brightness, colors, and contrast, apply effects and filters to images, add frames/borders, write on photos, and more. Classic tools such as trimming, resizing, rotating, are also available. When you have finished editing the picture, click “Save” and then “Download.”

Edit photos online with BeFunky

Another excellent and easy to use online photo editing app is BeFunky. The interface is intuitive and straightforward, with all the functions easy to find. As you access the site, at the top, you have three options: “Photo Editor,” “Collage Maker,” and “Designer.” In the “Photo Designer” section, you have the necessary editing tools. BeFunky provides cropping, resizing, color correction, adding text, graphics, and special effects. In “Collage Maker,” you can create photo collages, meaning you merge multiple photos into one image that can have different shapes. In the “Designer” section, you can create greetings, invitations, menus, brochures, flyers, and more. You can upload photos from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or Facebook.

Is BeFunky free to use?

The tools, effects, and templates made available are many, but some are for a fee, in any case, you can edit your photos without spending any money. You can save modified pictures on your computer or online, in a cloud storage account or directly on some social networking sites. Unlike other photo editing software online, BeFunky does not require any registration., one of the best online photo editing sites is one of the complete photo editing sites online. The tools available are numerous and divided into different categories that you find in the menu above. With Fun effects, you can add your picture in different scenarios, such as magazines, calendars, and many more. By choosing Face retouch, you can automatically improve your photos. Basically, the program automatically removes red eyes, small imperfections of the skin (baskets, wrinkles, etc.), whitens teeth, and gently applies makeup. In the Editor section, you can edit photos with some necessary tools, such as trimming, rotating, color correction, or adding text, stickers, frames, and some special effects.

Improve pictures

With Fixed Instant, you can improve the pictures that did not go well with one click. It corrects colors, contrast, and saturation automatically. With the Cartoon tool, you can turn your photos into animated gifs, cartoons, paintings, or drawings. With E-cards and Avatars, you can create a greeting card or an avatar from your photos. Using it is easy to understand, and no registration is required to use this service.

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