10 Best Free Instagram Photo Presets

One thing which is greatly essential for your Instagram feed is consistency. But it can be tedious to edit each one. Do you remember the exact steps of your signature look?
In this article, we present a roundup of the best free Instagram Photo Presets to help you outshine your Instagram feed.

Presets are the perfect solution to getting these consistent looks! 

What Are Instagram Presets?

A preset is nothing but a filter. Instagram has preset for changing the exposure and colour values, and enhance the quality of your image.

So are they worth it? The simple answer is yes! 

The colours in your photos don’t look as vibrant as you expected unless you have an iPhone. That’s the reason you need to make various adjustments.

Of course, you can do it manually. But that takes a lot of time. With a preset, a simple click, and the program automatically applies the changes saving you a lot of worthy time.

What makes Instagram presets so useful is that you have the option to tweak them. For instance, if the colours in the preset are too saturated, you can always tone them down.

Instagram presets produce specific ‘looks’. For instance, if you choose a vintage preset, you can expect your digital files to look like old photos every single time.

Coming up next, with the 10 best presets:- 

Instagram Photo Presets

10 Best Free Presets for Instagram

1. Presetpro

If you are looking for a vast variety of presets to samples, you might want to check out the free presets collection from Presetpro.

They have an extensive collection of preset files. They’re broken down into separate categories. And each allows one free preset download. 

It’s the best opportunity to sample before you spend money at it!

Don’t miss out their movie-inspired Instagram presets. They are some of the best tested by us.

2. Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby is one of the most well-known creators of presets and actions. It is specialised for portraits and weddings. 

They offer you a sample pack of 10 free presets for download.

Something unique is the free options that Greater than Gatsby offers to retain the skin tones. It means that you won’t get an unusual colour texture that makes the beautiful visage of the subject look anaemic.

3. FreeLightroomPresets.co

FreeLightroomPresets.co is the clone site of Lookfilter.com. The latter website sells Lightroom tool bundles whereas this one sells Instagram presets.

Their e-shop has a very limited item, but it has an extensive collection to choose from. Like many others, their presets are divided into categories.

You can subscribe to their mailing list to get updates on new preset downloads available.

4. Cole’s Classroom

Cole’s Classroom offers you a wide range of free presets bundle. It is filled with a mix of looks that can fit a variety of images.

With the stylized looks, though, they’re the best suitable for portraits.

Cole’s Classroom offers the best set of stylized presets perfectly suited for casual portraits along with a vintage flair.

5. Fix the Photo

Fix the Photo is a website which specifically does photo retouching services. But it also has a large collection of presets for several photo editing app like Lightroom including a variety of categories!

They also sell presets which they refer to as “Pro”. 

The presets that you get for free is also satisfactory for finding that Feed-worthy look.

6. Photonify

Photonify is one of the sites with photo-editing tools for sale. It has a section of freelancers. 

Essentially like some of the other ones, they offer one preset free from each of their bundles.

It’s a great way of sampling their presets before putting money on it.

7. Lightgram

Lightgram’s freebie bundle has some of the most exclusive looks which are great for Instagram feeds. It includes 15 presets specifically for Lightroom, and is also a great sample for their bundles for sale.

Lightgram’s general looks are moody and a bit modern, which makes them a great fit for Instagram.

8. No Man Before

If travel photos are your genre, then should take a look at these preset bundles created by this site. If you are a modern traveller, it is the best fit for you.

These Instagram presets gives you a warm look full of the innocence of sunshine. Make sure you take a look at their site’s images!

9. Trey Ratcliffe

This one is a 2-in-1 site as there are two Instagram preset bundles from world-renowned Trey Ratcliffe.

On his site, Stuck In Customs, he offers a sample pack of his Lightroom presets for download. It helps you to bring his signature look to your images.

If you are fond of vibrant images with strong contrast, then you’ll enjoy Trey’s presets. You will love the vignetting that adds a punch to the image.

His presets offer a lot of colourful punch, which makes them perfect for very bold imagery.

10. Helene in Between

Do you aspire to reach the influencer status? Perhaps to be a full-time travel blogger? Then, it perfectly makes sense to use Instagram presets from an influential travel blogger!

Helene sells some of her Lightroom presets in her online shop. 

The free bundle is a fantastic sample to looks that are tailored to Instagram. You may try them out!

Helene in Between’s presets makes your photos like a professional’s work. It invites soft colours and dark shadows. It’s a great place to start editing travel photos.

Make your Instagram feed shine like a star!

Instagram Photo Presets


I think it’s not very difficult to create your own presets, if you have some basic knowledge of these photo editing software. It always comes handy. 

These days, most online platforms which sell presets offer some for free download.

With so many options out there, go and create your perfect Instagram look!

Comment your opinion!

Happy Editing!

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